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African Journal of Ecology - 50 (1), 2012


Original articles

    Estimating demographics of the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus Laurenti) in the panhandle region of the Okavango Delta, Botswana (pages 1–8)

    Sven L. Bourquin and Alison J. Leslie

    African elephant age determination from teeth: validation from known individuals (pages 9–20)

    Phyllis C. Lee, Soila Sayialel, W. Keith Lindsay and Cynthia J. Moss

    The effect of frugivory on postdispersal seed removal and germination in the pantropical forest tree Antiaris toxicaria Leschenault (pages 21–28)

    Bright O. Kankam and William Oduro

    Comparative effects of four herbicides on physiological aspects in Triticum sativum L. (pages 29–42)

    Fayza A. Faheed

    Spatial variations of microinvertebrates across different microhabitats of temporary floodplains of lower Okavango Delta, Botswana (pages 43–52)

    Nqobizitha Siziba, Moses J. Chimbari, Hillary Masundire and Ketlhatlogile Mosepele

    Morphomeristic study of sympatric Barbus species from a man-made reservoir in upland Kenya (pages 53–59)

    Kennedy E. Osuka and Chrisestom M. Mlewa

    Anti-helminth-induced changes in the prevalence of entodiniomorphid ciliates in semi-captive chimpanzees (pages 60–65)

    Obanda Vincent, Chege Stephen and Chiyo Patrick

    Protected area gap analysis of important bird areas in Tanzania (pages 66–76)

    Shakthi Sritharan and Neil D. Burgess

    Assessment of indicator species of butterfly assemblages in coffee–banana farming system in central Uganda (pages 77–89)

    Théodore Munyuli

    Fruiting phenology of fig trees in Kalinzu Forest, Uganda (pages 90–101)

    Hosea D. R. Muhanguzi and Perpetua Ipulet

    Species diversity and abundance of small mammals in Nechisar National Park, Ethiopia (pages 102–108)

    Sintayehu Workeneh, Afework Bekele and Mundanthra Balakrishnan

    Effects of forest fragmentation on pollination of Mesogyne insignis (Moraceae) in Amani Nature Reserve forests, Tanzania (pages 109–116)

    Moses I. Olotu, Henry J. Ndangalasi and Bruno A. Nyundo

Notes and records

    Using the past to manage for the future: contributions of early travel literature, free online, to African historical ecology (pages 117–119)

    Paul Scholte

    The resilience of the medicinal plant community of rehabilitating coastal dune forests, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (pages 120–123)

    Matthew Grainger and Rudi van Aarde

Book review

    Soils of South Africa (page 124)

    Mateete Bekunda


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