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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 59 (1-2), 2012

Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 59 (1), 2012


Higher Plant Tetrapyrrols: Their Biosynthesis and Its Regulation, Tetrapyrrol Role in Transmission of Retrograde Signals

N. P. Yurina, O. V. Osipenkova, and M. S. Odintsova

CLE Peptides Are Universal Regulators of Meristem Development

I. E. Dodueva, E. V. Yurlova, M. A. Osipova, and L. A. Lutova

Expression of Plastid Genome and Development of Arabidopsis thaliana with Disturbed Synthesis of Brassinosteroids

M. V. Efimova, V. V. Kusnetsov, A. K. Kravtsov, D. A. Bartashevich, R. A. Karnachuk, I. S. Kovtun, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Effect of Cytoplasmic Streaming on Photosynthetic Activity of Chloroplasts in Internodes of Chara corallina

S. O. Dodonova and A. A. Bulychev

Responses of Photosynthetic Apparatus of the Halotolerant Microalga Dunalliella maritima to Hyperosmotic Salt Shock

I. G. Zakhozhii, D. A. Matalin, L. G. Popova, and Yu. V. Balnokin

Scots Pine as a Model Plant for Studying the Mechanisms of Conifers Adaptation to Heavy Metal Action: 2. Functioning of Antioxidant Enzymes in Pine Seedlings under Chronic Zinc Action

Yu. V. Ivanov, Yu. V. Savochkin, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Effect of the Synthetic Growth Regulator Cytodef and Heavy Metals on Oxidative Status in Cucumber Plants

D. I. Bashmakov, N. A. Pynenkova, K. A. Sazanova, and A. S. Lukatkin

Barley Plant Response to Cadmium Action as Dependent on Plant Age

N. M. Kaznina, A. F. Titov, L. V. Topchieva, G. F. Laidinen, and Yu. V. Batova

The Involvement of Low-Molecular Antioxidants in Cross-Adaptation of Medicine Plants to Successive Action of UV-B Radiation and Salinity

N. L. Radyukina, V. I. M. Toaima, and N. R. Zaripova

Effects of Associative Pseudomonads and Methylobacteria on Plant Growth and Resistance to Phytopathogens and Xenobiotics

N. S. Zakharchenko, S. V. Pigoleva, V. V. Kochetkov, M. A. Chepurnova, O. V. D’yachenko, A. A. Lebedeva, A. V. Zakharchenko, I. F. Puntus, A. M. Boronin, and Ya. I. Bur’yanov

Partial Suppression of Gene Encoding Proline Dehydrogenase Enhances Plant Tolerance to Various Abiotic Stresses

S. S. Ibragimova, Ya. S. Kolodyazhnaya, S. V. Gerasimova, and A. V. Kochetov

Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Transgenic Tobacco Plants Expressing Expansin Genes: AtEXP10 from Arabidopsis and PnEXPA1 from Poplar

B. R. Kuluev, A. B. Knyazev, Ya. P. Lebedev, and A. V. Chemeris

Response of Transgenic Rape Plants Bearing the Osmyb4 Gene from Rice Encoding a Trans-Factor to Low Above-Zero Temperature

A. M. Gomaa, G. N. Raldugina, N. A. Burmistrova, N. V. Radionov, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

The Role of Rhizobacteria in Salinity Effects on Biochemical Constituents of the Halophyte Sesuvium portulacastrum

R. Anburaj, M. A. Nabeel, T. Sivakumar, and K. Kathiresan

Biophysical Parameters as Informative Tools for Elucidating the Causes of Root Growth Retardation under Stressful Conditions

I. N. Ktitorova, O. V. Skobeleva, and K. G. Agaltsov

An Efficient Method for Total RNA Extraction from Peanut Seeds

C. Huang, J. F. Picimbon, H. Q. Li, Z. Li, Q. Liu, and W. Liu

Involvement of Phytohormones in the Development of Interaction between Wheat Seedlings and Endophytic Bacillus subtilis Strain 11BM

A. A. Egorshina, R. M. Khairullin, A. R. Sakhabutdinova, and M. A. Luk’yantsev


Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 59 (2), 2012


Signaling Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants under Stress

V. D. Kreslavski, D. A. Los, S. I. Allakhverdiev, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Mechanism of Action and Activity Regulation of COP1, a Constitutive Repressor of Photomorphogenesis

O. G. Smirnova, I. L. Stepanenko, and V. K. Shumny

Physiological Role of Neutral Lipid Accumulation in Eukaryotic Microalgae under Stresses

A. E. Solovchenko

Changes in the Content and Composition of Lipid Fatty Acids in Tobacco Leaves and Roots at Low-Temperature Hardening

V. N. Popov, O. V. Antipina, V. P. Pchelkin, and V. D. Tsydendambaev

Change in Antioxidant Responses against Oxidative Damage in Black Chickpea Following Cold Acclimation

M. Nazari, R. Maali Amiri, F. H. Mehraban, and H. Z. Khaneghah

Effect of Heavy Metals on Photosynthetic Apparatus and Antioxidant Status of Elodea

M. G. Maleva, G. F. Nekrasova, G. G. Borisova, N. V. Chukina, and O. S. Ushakova

Antioxidant Responses of Pea Genotypes to Zinc Deficiency

N. Pandey, B. Gupta, and G. C. Pathak

Physiological and Antioxidant Responses of Germinating Cicer arietinum Seeds to Salt Stress

S. Keshavkant, J. Padhan, S. Parkhey, and S. C. Naithani

Effect of Anthropogenic Pollution with Dust Containing Heavy Metals on Seed Progeny of Spear Saltbush

I. A. Prokopiev, F. V. Filippova, and A. A. Shein

Functional Properties of Photosynthetic Apparatus in Three Fucus Species Inhabiting the White Sea: Effect of Dehydration

V. P. Andreev, Yu. I. Maslov, and E. F. Sorokoletova

Canopy and Leaf Photosynthetic Characteristics and Water Use Efficiency of Sweet Sorghum under Drought Stress

T. Xie and P. Su

Respiration Metabolism in Mitochondria of Pea Seedlings of Different Age under Water Deficit and Rewatering

I. P. Generozova and A. G. Shugaev

Galactosidase of Plant Fibers with Gelatinous Cell Wall: Identification and Localization

N. E. Mokshina, N. N. Ibragimova, V. V. Salnikov, S. I. Amenitskii, and T. A. Gorshkova

Sequence Analysis and Expression Profiling of 14-3-3 Genes from the Extremophile Thelungiella salsuginea, Ecotype Yakutsk

D. A. Vysotskii, M. B. Kostina, T. Roslyakova, T. Leonova, E. Souer, A. V. Babakov and A. H. de Boer

Sonication-Assisted Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of the ACC Gene to Interfere the Production of Ethylene in Spring Dendrobium cv. ‘Sanya’

Q. Zheng, Y. P. Zheng, G. D. Wang, W. M. Guo, W. F. Fan, and C. Wang

Expression of the Synthetic Phytochelatin Gene in Tobacco

B. N. Postrigan, A. B. Knyazev, B. R. Kuluev, O. I. Yakhin, and A. V. Chemeris

Stomatal Control of Photosynthesis in Detached Leaves of Woody and Herbaceous Plants

P. Yu. Voronin and G. P. Fedoseeva

Analysis of Frost Resistance of Winter Barley Cultivars by Comparing Freezing Survival of Whole Plants and the Hygroscopicity of Mature Grain

V. K. Plotnikov, Ya. Yu. Evtushenko, and N. V. Serkin


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