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GardenWise (Singapore Botanic Gardens)- 36-37 2011 (and article "Hoya: the beauty of the rain forest in our gardens")

GardenWise - 36, 2011


Botanising in a peat swamp forest in East Kalimantan
Golden Chicken, vegetable lamb: between fact and fancy
Elmer's Trichosanthes
National Kandawgyi
Gardens - Myanmar's botanical garden

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Message from Director
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A curtain of roots
Volunteer outing to Pulau Ubin
Ginger and it's allies
From the Economic Garden
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Orchid Species Collection
What's Blooming
A titanic event: Amorphophallus titanum flowers at the Gardens
Staff Publications
Beyond Gardens
The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation


GardenWise - 37, 2011



The lady's slipper of Gurang Jerai
The National Orchid Garden
Gardens' hybrid of Dendrobium sutiknoi
Collaborative research on Myanmar's orchids
Unveiled by a storm: Bromheadia alticola
Applying forensic science to botany
Hoya: the beauty of the rain forest in our gardens
By the flowing waters:Rheophytes, the fascinating plant life adapted to the flood zones of swift-flowing streams
Re-discovery of a rare green gem Planchonia grandis
Golden glories: the genus Merremia and allies in Southeast Asia

Regular Features

Message from the Director
Around the Gardens of art and friendship
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Ginger and its Allies
Neither bird nor palm
From Education Outreach
Environmental education 2011 initiatives
Research Fellows
Botanical research fellows in the Gardens 2010 - 2011
What's Blooming
Where butter grows on trees
Golden cascades of an old beauty
A revised flora Malaya: Volume 1, Orchids

GardenWise 37, 2011

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