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Aroideana - 30, 2007


K. Alpinar
The Araceae of Turkey (Buy)

T. B. Croat, J. José Castillo Mont, J. Vannini
A new endemic species of Anthurium sect. Pachyneurium (Araceae) for Guatemala (Buy)

T. B. Croat, J. Whitehall, E. D. Yates
A new subsection of Anthurium section Calomystrium (Araceae) and five new species from Columbia and Ecuador (Buy)

G. Gusman, Van Du Nguyen, D. Scherberich, Jin-Yin Tao
Geographic distributions of Arisaema barbatum Buchet and Arisaema ramulosum Alderw. (Araceae) (Buy)

Li Heng
A disjunct new population of Arisaema smiinandii S. Y. Hu (Araceae) from China (Buy)

J. Bogner
An additional note on Alloschemone occidentalis (Poepp.) Engl. & Krause (Buy)

E. C. Morgan, J. A. Sperling
New species of Dracontium from Iquitos

P. C. Boyce, Wong Sin Yeng
Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo IV: Preliminary observations of spathe senescence mechanics in Schismatoglottis Zoll. & Moritzi in Sarawak (Buy)

Wong Sin Yeng, P. C. Boyce
Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo V: Preliminary ecological observations of Schismatoglottis (Araceae: Schismatoglottideae) on Matang Massif (Buy)

J. Bogner, G. Petersen
The chromosome numbers of the aroid genera (Buy)

J. Hernandez
In Hawaiian rainforests: Exotic aroid ecologies (Buy)

K. M. Aravinthan, R. Kamalakanna, V. Narmatha Bai
Callus induction and high frequency shoot regeneration in Amorphophallus smithsonianus Sivadasan -- an aroid endemic to India (Buy)

A. M. A. Sakpere, O. Adedeji
Micropropagation of two Caladium species (Buy)

A. M. A. Sakpere, O. Adedeji
Somaclonal variation and its effect on foliar epidermal characters of Caladium humboldtii Schott (Buy)

Tony Avent
Propagation of Amorphophallus by leaf petiole cuttings (Buy)

J. Banta
Growing aroids from seed: Little packages; big surprises

J. O. Boos
Growing aroids from seed: Urospatha and other Lasieae

B. Fuerstein
Growing aroids from seed: Seed growing

M. Mattlage
Growing aroids from seed: Raising aroid seedlings at home

D. Rotalante
Growing aroids from seed: A grower's viewpoint

R. Wachtl
Growing aroids from seed: Last rites -- or many happy returns

J. Wright
Growing aroids from seed: Plant husbandry -- growing from seeds

P. C. Boyce
Germinating aroid seeds - some observations (Buy)

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