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The Plant Journal - 64 (1), 2010



AtTPS1-mediated trehalose 6-phosphate synthesis is essential for embryogenic and vegetative growth and responsiveness to ABA in germinating seeds and stomatal guard cells (pages 1–13)

Leonardo D. Gómez, Alison Gilday, Regina Feil, John E. Lunn and Ian A. Graham

Interaction of the pentatricopeptide-repeat protein DELAYED GREENING 1 with sigma factor SIG6 in the regulation of chloroplast gene expression in Arabidopsis cotyledons (pages 14–25)

Wei Chi, Juan Mao, Qiannan Li, Daili Ji, Meijuan Zou, Congming Lu and Lixin Zhang

Cyclin-dependent kinase activity maintains the shoot apical meristem cells in an undifferentiated state (pages 26–37)

Tarik Gaamouche, Carmem-Lara de O. Manes, Dorota Kwiatkowska, Barbara Berckmans, Rachel Koumproglou, Sara Maes, Tom Beeckman, Teva Vernoux, John H. Doonan, Jan Traas, Dirk Inzé and Lieven De Veylder

A bimodular oxidoreductase mediates the specific reduction of phylloquinone (vitamin K1) in chloroplasts (pages 38–46)

Fabienne Furt, Chloë van Oostende, Joshua R. Widhalm, Matthew A. Dale, Julie Wertz and Gilles J. C. Basset

An extracellular hydrophilic carboxy-terminal domain regulates the activity of TaALMT1, the aluminum-activated malate transport protein of wheat (pages 47–55)

Takuya Furuichi, Takayuki Sasaki, Yoshiyuki Tsuchiya, Peter R. Ryan, Emmanuel Delhaize and Yoko Yamamoto

The rice dynamin-related protein DRP2B mediates membrane trafficking, and thereby plays a critical role in secondary cell wall cellulose biosynthesis (pages 56–70)

Guangyan Xiong, Rui Li, Qian Qian, Xueqin Song, Xiangling Liu, Yanchun Yu, Dali Zeng, Jianmin Wan, Jiayang Li and Yihua Zhou

The AAA-type ATPase AtSKD1 contributes to vacuolar maintenance of Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 71–85)

Mojgan Shahriari, Channa Keshavaiah, David Scheuring, Aneta Sabovljevic, Peter Pimpl, Rainer E. Häusler, Martin Hülskamp and Swen Schellmann

Opposite functions of a rice mitogen-activated protein kinase during the process of resistance against Xanthomonas oryzae (pages 86–99)

Xiangling Shen, Bin Yuan, Hongbo Liu, Xianghua Li, Caiguo Xu and Shiping Wang

The C-terminal domain of FUSCA3 negatively regulates mRNA and protein levels, and mediates sensitivity to the hormones abscisic acid and gibberellic acid in Arabidopsis (pages 100–113)

Qing Shi Lu, Joelle Dela Paz, Aathi Pathmanathan, Rex Shun Chiu, Allen Yi-Lun Tsai and Sonia Gazzarrini

Mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 and 6 regulate Botrytis cinerea-induced ethylene production in Arabidopsis (pages 114–127)

Ling Han, Guo-Jing Li, Kwang-Yeol Yang, Guohong Mao, Ruigang Wang, Yidong Liu and Shuqun Zhang

The plastidial glucose-6-phosphate/phosphate antiporter GPT1 is essential for morphogenesis in Arabidopsis embryos (pages 128–139)

Vasilios M. E. Andriotis, Marilyn J. Pike, Susan Bunnewell, Matthew J. Hills and Alison M. Smith

Turnover of LeACS2, a wound-inducible 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase in tomato, is regulated by phosphorylation/dephosphorylation (pages 140–150)

Yusuke Kamiyoshihara, Mineko Iwata, Tomoko Fukaya, Miho Tatsuki and Hitoshi Mori

The Rab GTPase RabG3b functions in autophagy and contributes to tracheary element differentiation in Arabidopsis (pages 151–164)

Soon Il Kwon, Hong Joo Cho, Jin Hee Jung, Kohki Yoshimoto, Ken Shirasu and Ohkmae K. Park


Evolutionary analysis of regulatory sequences (EARS) in plants (pages 165–176)

Emma Picot, Peter Krusche, Alexander Tiskin, Isabelle Carré and Sascha Ott

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