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Plant Biotechnology Journal - 6 (1), 2008


Editorial (page 1)

Keith Edwards

US regulatory system for genetically modified [genetically modified organism (GMO), rDNA or transgenic] crop cultivars (pages 2–12)

Alan McHughen and Stuart Smyth

Modifying lysine biosynthesis and catabolism in corn with a single bifunctional expression/silencing transgene cassette (pages 13–21)

Alessandra Frizzi, Shihshieh Huang, Larry A. Gilbertson, Toni A. Armstrong, Michael H. Luethy and Thomas M. Malvar

Metabolic engineering of morphinan alkaloids by over-expression and RNAi suppression of salutaridinol 7-O-acetyltransferase in opium poppy (pages 22–30)

Robert S. Allen, James A. C. Miller, Julie A. Chitty, Anthony J. Fist, Wayne L. Gerlach and Philip J. Larkin

Quantitative imaging of oil storage in developing crop seeds (pages 31–45)

Thomas Neuberger, Nese Sreenivasulu, Markus Rokitta, Hardy Rolletschek, Cornelia Göbel, Twan Rutten, Volodja Radchuk, Ivo Feussner, Ulrich Wobus, Peter Jakob, Andrew Webb and Ljudmilla Borisjuk

Both the stroma and thylakoid lumen of tobacco chloroplasts are competent for the formation of disulphide bonds in recombinant proteins (pages 46–61)

Julia Bally, Eric Paget, Michel Droux, Claudette Job, Dominique Job and Manuel Dubald

Ectopic expression of a wood-abundant expansin PttEXPA1 promotes cell expansion in primary and secondary tissues in aspen (pages 62–72)

Madoka Gray-Mitsumune, Kristina Blomquist, Simon McQueen-Mason, Tuula T. Teeri, Björn Sundberg and Ewa J. Mellerowicz

Expression of a harpin-encoding gene in rice confers durable nonspecific resistance to Magnaporthe grisea (pages 73–81)

Min Shao, Jinsheng Wang, Ralph A. Dean, Yongjun Lin, Xuewen Gao and Shuijin Hu

Expression of multiple proteins using full-length and deleted versions of cowpea mosaic virus RNA-2 (pages 82–92)

Frank Sainsbury, Pierre-Olivier Lavoie, Marc-André D’Aoust, Louis-Philippe Vézina and George P. Lomonossoff

Homologous recombination: a basis for targeted genome optimization in crop species such as maize (pages 93–102)

Kathleen D’Halluin, Chantal Vanderstraeten, Ellen Stals, Marc Cornelissen and Rene Ruiter

Erratum (page 103)

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