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Plant Breeding - 129 (5), 2010



Origin of powdery mildew resistance factors in RE714, a wheat breeding line obtained from two interspecific crosses (pages 465–471)

H. Muranty, M.-T. Pavoine, G. Doussinault and D. Barloy

Molecular mapping of greenbug resistance genes Gb2 and Gb6 in T1AL.1RS wheat-rye translocations (pages 472–476)

H. Lu, J. C. Rudd, J. D. Burd and Y. Weng

Monosomic analysis of tan spot resistance gene in the winter wheat cultivar ‘Arina’ (pages 477–479)

W. Tadesse, H. J. Reents, S. L. K. Hsam and F. J. Zeller

Post-sexual cycle regrowth and grain yield in Thinopyrum elongatum × Triticum aestivum amphiploids (pages 480–483)

K. M. Murphy, S. R. Lyon, K. A. Balow and S. S. Jones

Increasing impact of plant breeding on barley yields in central Norway from 1946 to 2008 (pages 484–490)

M. Lillemo, L. Reitan and A. Bjornstad

Characterization of Pi-ta blast resistance gene in an international rice core collection (pages 491–501)

X. Wang, R. Fjellstrom, Y. Jia, W. G. Yan, M. H. Jia, B. E. Scheffler, D. Wu, Q. Shu and A. McClung

Allele-specific SNP markers for the new low linolenic mutant genotype of winter oilseed rape (pages 502–507)

K. Mikolajczyk, M. Dabert, W. M. Karlowski, S. Spasibionek, J. Nowakowska, T. Cegielska-Taras and I. Bartkowiak-Broda

Molecular variation among Chinese and global germplasm in spring faba bean areas (pages 508–513)

X. Zong, J. Ren, J. Guan, S. Wang, Q. Liu, J. G. Paull and R. Redden

Cross-genera legume SSR markers for analysis of genetic diversity in Lens species (pages 514–518)

M. R. K. Reddy, R. Rathour, N. Kumar, P. Katoch and T. R. Sharma

Isolation and analysis of resistance gene homologues in sweetpotato (pages 519–525)

Y. Wang, B. Rosen, J. Scoffield, M. Egnin, D. Mortley, S. Steiner, D. R. Cook and G. He

Breeding potential of introgressions into upland cotton: genetic effects and heterosis (pages 526–532)

J. Wu, J. C. McCarty, J. N. Jenkins and W. R. Meredith

Molecular mapping of quantitative trait loci controlling chlorophyll content at different developmental stages in tetraploid cotton (pages 533–540)

X.-L. Song and T.-Z. Zhang

Gene action analysis by inheritance and quantitative trait loci mapping of resistance to root-knot nematodes in cotton (pages 541–550)

M. Ulloa, C. Wang and P. A. Roberts

Microsatellite analysis of Iranian Damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) germplasm (pages 551–557)

M. Kiani, Z. Zamani, A. Khalighi, R. Fatahi and D. H. Byrne

Pigment composition patterns and expression analysis of flavonoid biosynthesis genes in the petals of evergreen azalea ‘Oomurasaki’ and its red flower sport (pages 558–562)

D. Mizuta, A. Nakatsuka, I. Miyajima, T. Ban and N. Kobayashi


Resistance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum) to Fusarium wilt race ‘0’ (pages 563–566)

I. Halila, J. Rubio, T. Millán, J. Gil, M. Kharrat and M. Marrakchi

Association of high-frequency origin of late leaf spot resistant mutants with AhMITE1 transposition in peanut (pages 567–569)

M. V. C. Gowda, R. S. Bhat, B. N. Motagi, V. Sujay, V. Kumari and B. Sujatha

Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for turmeric (Curcuma longa) (pages 570–573)

M. S. Sigrist, J. B. Pinheiro, J. A. Azevedo-Filho, C. A. Colombo, M. M. Bajay, P. F. Lima, F. R. Camilo, S. Sandhu, A. P. Souza and M. I. Zucchi

Low-molecular-weight glutenins in durum wheat: analysis of Glu-A3 alleles using PCR markers (pages 574–577)

G. Igrejas, A. Juhász, M. C. Gianibelli, K. R. Gale and S. Rahman

Seed germination time as a criterion for the early selection of late-flowering almonds (pages 578–580)

M. García-Gusano, P. J. Martínez-García and F. Dicenta


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