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Plant Biotechnology Journal - 7 (7), 2009


Haploid technology allows for the efficient and rapid generation of homozygous antibody-accumulating transgenic tobacco plants (pages 593–601)

Doreen M. Floss, Jochen Kumlehn, Udo Conrad and Isolde Saalbach

A 10-kDa acyl-CoA-binding protein (ACBP) from Brassica napus enhances acyl exchange between acyl-CoA and phosphatidylcholine (pages 602–610)

Olga P. Yurchenko, Cory L. Nykiforuk, Maurice M. Moloney, Ulf Stahl, Antoni Banaś, Sten Stymne and Randall J. Weselake

Over-expression of the rice LRK1 gene improves quantitative yield components (pages 611–620)

Xiaojun Zha, Xiaojin Luo, Xiaoyin Qian, Guangming He, Mengfei Yang, Yu Li and Jinshui Yang

A novel real-time polymerase chain reaction method for high throughput quantification of small regulatory RNAs (pages 621–630)

Heping Yang, Jon J. Schmuke, Lisa M. Flagg, James K. Roberts, Ed M. Allen, Sergey Ivashuta, Larry A. Gilbertson, Toni A. Armstrong and Allen T. Christian

Rice endosperm iron biofortification by targeted and synergistic action of nicotianamine synthase and ferritin (pages 631–644)

Judith Wirth, Susanna Poletti, Beat Aeschlimann, Nandadeva Yakandawala, Benedikt Drosse, Sonia Osorio, Takayuki Tohge, Alisdair R. Fernie, Detlef Günther, Wilhelm Gruissem and Christof Sautter

The web-building spider Theridion impressum (Araneae: Theridiidae) is not adversely affected by Bt maize resistant to corn rootworms (pages 645–656)

Michael Meissle and Jörg Romeis

Production of a recombinant full-length collagen type I ?-1 and of a 45-kDa collagen type I ?-1 fragment in barley seeds (pages 657–672)

Katri Eskelin, Anneli Ritala, Taina Suntio, Susan Blumer, Heidi Holkeri, Eva H. Wahlström, Julio Baez, Kristiina Mäkinen and Nuutila Anna Maria

Enhancement of vitamin B6 levels in seeds through metabolic engineering (pages 673–681)

Hao Chen and Liming Xiong

pEAQ: versatile expression vectors for easy and quick transient expression of heterologous proteins in plants (pages 682–693)

Frank Sainsbury, Eva C. Thuenemann and George P. Lomonossoff

Oil accumulation in leaves directed by modification of fatty acid breakdown and lipid synthesis pathways (pages 694–703)

Steve P. Slocombe, Jo Cornah, Helen Pinfield-Wells, Kelly Soady, QianYi Zhang, Alison Gilday, John M. Dyer and Ian A. Graham

The synthesis and accumulation of stearidonic acid in transgenic plants: a novel source of ‘heart-healthy’ omega-3 fatty acids (pages 704–716)

Noemí Ruiz-López, Richard P. Haslam, Mónica Venegas-Calerón, Tony R. Larson, Ian A. Graham, Johnathan A. Napier and Olga Sayanova

Corrigendum (page 717)

Corrigendum (page 718)

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