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Plant Pathology - 59 (3), 2010


Original Articles

Effects of resistance of Eremocitrus glauca and Microcitrus australis to viroid infection: replication, accumulation and long-distance movement of six citrus viroids (pages 413–421)

S. M. Bani Hashemian, C. J. Barbosa, P. Serra and N. Duran-Vila

An effective system for detecting Iris yellow spot virus transmission by Thrips tabaci (pages 422–428)

T. Inoue, T. Murai and T. Natsuaki

A generic RT-PCR assay for the detection of Luteoviridae (pages 429–442)

A. Chomič, M. N. Pearson, G. R. G. Clover, K. Farreyrol, D. Saul, J. G. Hampton and K. F. Armstrong

Spread and interaction of Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) and Pythium aphanidermatum in a closed nutrient solution recirculation system: effects on tomato growth and yield (pages 443–452)

D. Schwarz, U. Beuch, M. Bandte, A. Fakhro, C. Büttner and C. Obermeier

Detection of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primers based on the 16S–23S rDNA intertranscribed spacer region and comparison with PCR primers based on other gene regions (pages 453–464)

J. Rees-George, J. L. Vanneste, D. A. Cornish, I. P. S. Pushparajah, J. Yu, M. D. Templeton and K. R. Everett

Development and evaluation of a one-hour DNA extraction and loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of phytoplasmas (pages 465–471)

J. A. Tomlinson, N. Boonham and M. Dickinson

Survival, distribution and genetic variability of inoculum of the strawberry red core pathogen, Phytophthora fragariae var. fragariae, in soil (pages 472–479)

A. C. Newton, J. M. Duncan, N. H. Augustin, D. C. Guy and D. E. L. Cooke

Use of survival analysis to assess management options for ray blight in Australian pyrethrum fields (pages 480–491)

S. J. Pethybridge, H. K. Ngugi and F. S. Hay

A comparative study of Turkish and Israeli populations of Didymella rabiei, the ascochyta blight pathogen of chickpea (pages 492–503)

H. Ozkilinc, O. Frenkel, S. Abbo, R. Eshed, A. Sherman, D. Shtienberg, R. Ophir and C. Can

Population structure of South African and Australian Pyrenophora teres isolates (pages 504–515)

A. Lehmensiek, A. E. Bester-van der Merwe, M. W. Sutherland, G. Platz, W. M. Kriel, G. F. Potgieter and R. Prins

Interactions of four pathotypes of Diplocarpon rosae with species and hybrids of Rosa (pages 516–522)

J. F. Allum, D. H. Bringloe and A. V. Roberts

Potential of Eurasian poplar rust to overcome a major quantitative resistance factor (pages 523–534)

A. Dowkiw, E. Voisin and C. Bastien

Haplotype diversity of Tilletiopsis spp. causing white haze in apple orchards in Northern Italy (pages 535–541)

S. Baric, L. Lindner, K. Marschall and J. Dalla Via

Effects of fruit maturity and wetness on the infection of apple fruit by Neonectria galligena (pages 542–547)

X.-M. Xu and J. D. Robinson

A real-time (TaqMan) PCR assay to differentiate Monilinia fructicola from other brown rot fungi of fruit crops (pages 548–555)

I. R. Van Brouwershaven, M. L. Bruil, G. C. M. Van Leeuwen and L. F. F. Kox

Adaptation to pyrrolnitrin in Botrytis cinerea and cost of resistance (pages 556–566)

S. Ajouz, P. C. Nicot and M. Bardin

Spatiotemporal patterns of oxidative burst and micronecrosis in resistance of wheat to brown rust infection (pages 567–575)

W. Orczyk, M. Dmochowska-Boguta, H. J. Czembor and A. Nadolska-Orczyk

Differential colonization and defence responses of resistant and susceptible melon lines infected by Fusarium oxysporum race 1·2 (pages 576–585)

T. Zvirin, R. Herman, Y. Brotman, Y. Denisov, E. Belausov, S. Freeman and R. Perl-Treves

Biochemical responses of coffee resistance against Meloidogyne exigua mediated by silicon (pages 586–593)

R. V. Silva, R. D. L. Oliveira, K. J. T. Nascimento and F. A. Rodrigues

Book Reviews

Essential Plant Pathology (page 594)

Michael Shaw

Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials (page 594)

Richard Shattock


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