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Plant Breeding - 129 (6), 2010



Arrangement of check plots in augmented block designs when spatial analysis is used (pages 581–589)

B. U. Müller, A. Schützenmeister and H.-P. Piepho

Model selection and its consequences for different split-plot designs with spatial covariance and trend (pages 590–598)

J. Spilke, C. Richter and H.P. Piepho

Multi-trait BLUP in half-sib selection of annual crops (pages 599–604)

J. M. S. Viana, F. M. Sobreira, M. D. V. De Resende and V. R. Faria

QTLs for the vascular bundle system of the uppermost internode using a doubled haploid population of two elite Chinese wheat cultivars (pages 605–610)

Y. Sang, Z. Y. Deng, L. Zhao, K. P. Zhang, J. C. Tian and B. X. Ye

Accumulation of WCS120 protein in wheat cultivars grown at 9°C or 17°C in relation to their winter survival (pages 611–616)

P. Vítámvás, K. Kosová, P. Prášilová and I. T. Prášil

Marker-assisted selection for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance and leaf rust resistance in bread wheat (pages 617–621)

J. Kumar, R. R. Mir, N. Kumar, A. Kumar, A. Mohan, K. V. Prabhu, H. S. Balyan and P. K. Gupta

Molecular cloning, function prediction and phylogenetic analysis of LMW glutenin subunit genes in Triticum timopheevii (Zhuk.) (pages 622–629)

M. Y. Zhang, K. Wang, S. L. Wang, X. H. Li, F. J. Zeller, S. L. K. Hsam and Y. M. Yan

Drought tolerance of barley varieties in relation to their root system size (pages 630–636)

O. Chloupek, V. Dostál, T. Středa, V. Psota and O. Dvořáčková

Mapping resistance to the bird cherry-oat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi) in barley (pages 637–646)

W. Y. Cheung, L. Di Giorgio and I. Ahman

Transgenic rice plants carrying RNA interference constructs of AOS (allene oxide synthase) genes show severe male sterility (pages 647–651)

H. K. Bae, H.-G. Kang, G.-J. Kim, H.-J. Eu, S.-A. Oh, J. T. Song, I.-K. Chung, M.-Y. Eun and S. K. Park

Mapping QTLs for nitrogen-deficiency tolerance at seedling stage in rice (Oryza sativa L.) (pages 652–656)

Y. Feng, L. Y. Cao, W. M. Wu, X. H. Shen, X. D. Zhan, R. R. Zhai, R. C. Wang, D. B. Chen and S. H. Cheng

Comparative mapping of QTLs determining glume, pistil and stamen sizes in cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.) (pages 657–669)

Y. Uga, M. Siangliw, T. Nagamine, R. Ohsawa, T. Fujimura and Y. Fukuta

Development of pyramided lines with two resistance genes, Pish and Pib, for blast disease (Magnaporthe oryzae B. Couch) in rice (Oryza sativa L.) (pages 670–675)

Y. Koide, A. Kawasaki, M. J. Telebanco-Yanoria, A. Hairmansis, N. T. M. Nguyet, J. Bigirimana, D. Fujita, N. Kobayashi and Y. Fukuta

QTL analysis for heading date and yield traits using recombinant inbred lines of indica rice grown in different cropping seasons (pages 676–682)

L.-Y. Cao, J.-L. Wu, Y.-Y. Fan, S.-H. Cheng and J.-Y. Zhuang

Genetics of flowering time in chickpea in a semi-arid environment (pages 683–687)

V. S. Hegde

Inheritance pattern of aluminum tolerance in pea (pages 688–692)

D. Singh and A. K. Choudhary

Associations between physiological traits for drought tolerance and aflatoxin contamination in peanut genotypes under terminal drought (pages 693–699)

T. Girdthai, S. Jogloy, N. Vorasoot, C. Akkasaeng, S. Wongkaew, C. C. Holbrook and A. Patanothai

Water use efficiency and associated physiological traits of nine naturalized white clover populations in Chile (pages 700–706)

L. Inostroza and H. Acuna

Isolation of a gibberellin 20-oxidase cDNA from and characterization of its expression in chrysanthemum (pages 707–714)

H. Miao, B. Jiang, S. Chen, S. Zhang, F. Chen, W. Fang, N. Teng and Z. Guan


Development and characterization of EST-derived SSRs from a ‘totipotent’ cDNA library of durum wheat (pages 715–717)

A. Gadaleta, A. M. Mastrangelo, M. A. Russo, S. L. Giove, O. D’onofrio, T. Mango, F. Cellini, A. Blanco, L. Cattivelli and R. A. Cifarelli

Identification of a null allele at the Wx-A1 locus in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum Desf.) (pages 718–720)

L.S. Vanzetti, L. Pflüger, C.T. Bainotti, C. Jensen and M. Helguera

Mapping of quantitative trait loci/locus conferring resistance to foxtail mosaic virus in maize using the intermated B73 × Mo17 population (pages 721–723)

Q. Ji, B. Yang, M. Lee, Y. Chen and T. Lübberstedt

Identification of novel brown midrib genes in maize by tests of allelism (pages 724–726)

F. Ali, P. Scott, J. Bakht, Y. Chen and T. Lübberstedt

Outcrossing rate in sweet passion fruit based on molecular markers (pages 727–730)

T. G. T. Ferreira, H. A. Penha, M. I. Zucchi, A. A. Santos, L. R. Hanai, N. Junqueira, M. F. Braga, R. Vencovsky and M. L. C. Vieira

TSWV resistance in DH lines of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) obtained from a hybrid between ‘Polalta’ and ‘Wiślica’ (pages 731–733)

D. Laskowska and A. Berbeć

Identification of a molecular marker linked to apomixis in Brachiaria humidicola (Poaceae) (pages 734–736)

C. Zorzatto, L. Chiari, G. De Araújo Bitencourt, C. B. Do Valle, G. O. De Campos Leguizamón, I. Schuster and M. S. Pagliarini

Identification and application of a DNA-based marker that is diagnostic for the pepper (Capsicum annuum) bacterial spot resistance gene Bs3 (pages 737–740)

P. Römer, T. Jordan and T. Lahaye


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