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Plant Biotechnology Journal - 9 (1), 2011


Editorial (page 1)

Keith Edwards

The role of transgenic crops in sustainable development (pages 2–21)

Julian Raymond Park, Ian McFarlane, Richard Hartley Phipps and Graziano Ceddia

ELPylated anti-human TNF therapeutic single-domain antibodies for prevention of lethal septic shock (pages 22–31)

Udo Conrad, Ingo Plagmann, Sven Malchow, Markus Sack, Doreen M. Floss, Andrei A. Kruglov, Sergei A. Nedospasov, Stefan Rose-John and Jürgen Scheller

Transgenic expression of trehalulose synthase results in high concentrations of the sucrose isomer trehalulose in mature stems of field-grown sugarcane (pages 32–37)

Dénes Hamerli and Robert G. Birch

Risk-managed production of bioactive recombinant proteins using a novel plant virus vector with a helper plant to complement viral systemic movement (pages 38–49)

Noriho Fukuzawa, Takeaki Ishihara, Noriko Itchoda, Noriko Tabayashi, Chiwa Kataoka, Chikara Masuta and Takeshi Matsumura

Two EguCBF1 genes overexpressed in Eucalyptus display a different impact on stress tolerance and plant development (pages 50–63)

Marie Navarro, Céline Ayax, Yves Martinez, Joan Laur, Walid El Kayal, Christiane Marque and Chantal Teulieres

Expression of the P1B-type ATPase AtHMA4 in tobacco modifies Zn and Cd root to shoot partitioning and metal tolerance (pages 64–74)

Oskar Siemianowski, Rebecca Fay Mills, Lorraine Elizabeth Williams and Danuta Maria Antosiewicz

Deficiency in the amino aldehyde dehydrogenase encoded by GmAMADH2, the homologue of rice Os2AP, enhances 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline biosynthesis in soybeans (Glycine max L.) (pages 75–87)

Siwaret Arikit, Tadashi Yoshihashi, Samart Wanchana, Tran T. Uyen, Nguyen T. T. Huong, Sugunya Wongpornchai and Apichart Vanavichit

Expression of an Arabidopsis vacuolar H+-pyrophosphatase gene (AVP1) in cotton improves drought- and salt tolerance and increases fibre yield in the field conditions (pages 88–99)

Vijaya Pasapula, Guoxin Shen, Sundaram Kuppu, Julio Paez-Valencia, Marisol Mendoza, Pei Hou, Jian Chen, Xiaoyun Qiu, Longfu Zhu, Xianlong Zhang, Dick Auld, Eduardo Blumwald, Hong Zhang, Roberto Gaxiola and Paxton Payton

Expression and characterization of antimicrobial peptides Retrocyclin-101 and Protegrin-1 in chloroplasts to control viral and bacterial infections (pages 100–115)

Seung-Bum Lee, Baichuan Li, Shuangxia Jin and Henry Daniell

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