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Plant Breeding - 129 (2), 2010



Male-sterility systems in pigeonpea and their role in enhancing yield (pages 125–134)

K. B. Saxena, R. Sultana, N. Mallikarjuna, R. K. Saxena, R. V. Kumar, S. L. Sawargaonkar and R. K. Varshney


Simple sequence repeat-based diversity in elite pigeonpea genotypes for developing mapping populations to map resistance to Fusarium wilt and sterility mosaic disease (pages 135–141)

R. K. Saxena, K. B. Saxena, R. V. Kumar, D. A. Hoisington and R. K. Varshney

Novel SSR Markers for Polymorphism Detection in Pigeonpea (Cajanus spp.) (pages 142–148)

R. K. Saxena, C. Prathima, K.B. Saxena, D. A. Hoisington, N. K. Singh and R. K. Varshney

The inheritance of anther extrusion in hexaploid wheat and its relationship to Fusarium head blight resistance and deoxynivalenol content (pages 149–155)

H. Skinnes, K. Semagn, Y. Tarkegne, A. G. Maroy and A. Bjornstad

Efficiency of farmers' selection in a participatory barley breeding programme in Jordan (pages 156–161)

F. Fufa, S. Grando, O. Kafawin, Y. Shakhatreh and S. Ceccarelli

Genetic analysis of adult plant resistance to Puccinia hordei in barley (pages 162–166)

P. G. Golegaonkar, R. F. Park and D. Singh

Yield performances of japonica introgression lines selected for drought tolerance in a BC breeding programme (pages 167–175)

Y. X. He, T. Q. Zheng, X. B. Hao, L. F. Wang, Y. M. Gao, Z. T. Hua, H. Q. Zhai, J. L. Xu, Z. J. Xu, L. H. Zhu and Z. K. Li

Development of elite indica rice lines with wide spectrum of resistance to Thai blast isolates by pyramiding multiple resistance QTLs (pages 176–180)

T. Sreewongchai, T. Toojinda, N. Thanintorn, C. Kosawang, A. Vanavichit, D. Tharreau and P. Sirithunya

Testcross performance of doubled-haploid lines developed from European flint maize landraces (pages 181–185)

K. Wilde, H. Burger, V. Prigge, T. Presterl, W. Schmidt, M. Ouzunova and H. H. Geiger

Meiotic behaviour in the first interspecific hybrids between Brachiaria brizantha and Brachiaria decumbens (pages 186–191)

A. M. De Souza-Kaneshima, C. Simioni, M. F. Felismino, A. B. Mendes-Bonato, C. Risso-Pascotto, C. Pessim, M. S. Pagliarini and C. B. Do Valle

Selection and characterization of a novel glyphosate-tolerant upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) mutant (R1098) (pages 192–196)

X. H. Tong, M. K. Daud and S. J. Zhu

Foliar and tuber late blight resistance in a Solanum tuberosum breeding population (pages 197–201)

H. Mayton, H. Griffiths, I. Simko, S. Cheng, J. Lorenzen, W. De Jong and W. E. Fry

Micropropagation of self-rooting juvenile clones by secondary somatic embryogenesis in Hevea brasiliensis (pages 202–207)

Y. W. Hua, T. D. Huang and H. S. Huang

Evaluation of apple genotypes and Malus species for resistance to Alternaria blotch caused by Alternaria alternata apple pathotype using detached-leaf method (pages 208–218)

K. Abe, H. Iwanami, N. Kotoda, S. Moriya and S. Takahashi (Sumiyoshi)

Relationships of PpACS1 and PpACS2 genotypes, internal ethylene concentration and fruit softening in European (Pyrus communis) and Japanese (Pyrus pyrifolia) pears during cold air storage (pages 219–226)

N. C. Oraguzie, C. J. Whitworth, L. Brewer, A. Hall, R. K. Volz, H. Bassett and S. E. Gardiner

S-genotyping of Eastern European almond cultivars: identification and characterization of new (S36–S39) self-incompatibility ribonuclease alleles (pages 227–232)

J. Halász, Á. Fodor, A. Pedryc and A. Hegedűs


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