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Plant Breeding - 129 (3), 2010



Editor in Chief of Plant Breeding (former Zeitschrift für Pflanzenzüchtung) from 1984 to 1990 Professor em. Dr. agr. Dr. sc. agr. h.c. Günter Wricke 1928–2009 (pages 233–234)

P. Wehling


Discovery and transmission of functional QTL in the pedigree of an elite soybean cultivar Suinong14 (pages 235–242)

J. Qin, R. Q. Yang, C. X. Jiang, W. B. Li, Y. H. Li, R. X. Guan, R. Z. Chang and L. J. Qiu

Quantitative trait loci associated with soybean tolerance to low phosphorus stress based on flower and pod abscission (pages 243–249)

D. Zhang, C. Liu, H. Cheng, G. Kan, S. Cui, Q. Meng, J. Gai and D. Yu

Genetic diversity and association analysis of protein and oil content in food-grade soybeans from Asia and the United States (pages 250–256)

A. Shi, P. Chen, B. Zhang and A. Hou

Genetic diversity in wild soybean (Glycine soja Sieb. and Zucc.) accessions from southern islands of Korean peninsula (pages 257–263)

J.-D. Lee, J. G. Shannon, T. D. Vuong, H. Moon, H. T. Nguyen, C. Tsukamoto and G. Chung

Allelic diversity and geographical pattern at soybean Kunitz trypsin inhibitor single locus in Chinese wild soybean (Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc.) (pages 264–270)

K. J. Wang, X. H. Li, Y. Takahata and T. Yamashita

Population structure and phenotypic variation of a spring barley world collection set up for association studies (pages 271–279)

G. Haseneyer, S. Stracke, C. Paul, C. Einfeldt, A. Broda, H.-P. Piepho, A. Graner and H. H. Geiger

A model of the genetic differences in malting quality between European and North American barley cultivars based on a QTL study of the cross Triumph × Morex (pages 280–290)

M. Elía, J. S. Swanston, M. Moralejo, A. Casas, A.-M. Pérez-Vendrell, F. J. Ciudad, W. T. B. Thomas, P. L. Smith, S. E. Ullrich and J.-L. Molina-Cano

Construction of a barley bacterial artificial chromosome library suitable for cloning genes for boron tolerance, sodium exclusion and high grain zinc content (pages 291–296)

B. J. Shi, T. Sutton, N. C. Collins, M. Pallotta and P. Langridge

Race specific resistance to powdery mildew in Scandinavian wheat cultivars, breeding lines and introduced genotypes with partial resistance (pages 297–303)

M. Lillemo, H. Skinnes and J. K. M. Brown

Genetic diversity and relatedness of rice cultivars resistant to straighthead disorder (pages 304–312)

Hesham A. Agrama and WenGui Yan

Genetic analysis and gene mapping of a rice recessive male sterile mutant (pages 313–317)

J. B. Chen, F. He, P. Qin, Y. P. Wang, J. Xu, Y. Y. Li, J. Zheng, J. T. Hu and S. G. Li

Genetic analysis and QTL mapping of stalk digestibility and kernel composition in a high-oil maize mutant (Zea mays L.) (pages 318–326)

H.-W. Wang, J. Han, W.-T. Sun and S.-J. Chen

Recurrent selection for physiological resistance to white mould in dry bean (pages 327–333)

H. Terán and S. P. Singh

Amplification of chickpea-specific SSR primers in Cajanus species and their validity in diversity analysis (pages 334–340)

S. Datta, M. Kaashyap and S. Kumar

Screening citrus genotypes for resistance to canker disease (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri) (pages 341–345)

Z. N. Deng, L. Xu, D. Z. Li, G. Y. Long, L. P. Liu, F. Fang and G. P. Shu


Mapping of resistance against Barley mild mosaic virus-Teik (BaMMV) – an rym5 resistance breaking strain of BaMMV – in the Taiwanese barley (Hordeum vulgare) cultivar ‘Taihoku A’ (pages 346–348)

K. Humbroich, H. Jaiser, A. Schiemann, P. Devaux, A. Jacobi, L. Cselenyi, A. Habekuss, W. Friedt and F. Ordon


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