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Plant Pathology - 59 (2), 2010


Original Articles

A novel pair of universal primers for the detection of potyviruses (pages 211–220)

L. Zheng, B. C. Rodoni, M. J. Gibbs and A. J. Gibbs

Characterization of Passionfruit severe leaf distortion virus, a novel begomovirus infecting passionfruit in Brazil, reveals a close relationship with tomato-infecting begomoviruses (pages 221–230)

S. S. Ferreira, D. R. Barros, M. R. De Almeida and F. M. Zerbini

Ultrastructural aspects of tomato leaves infected by Tomato torrado virus (ToTV) and co-infected by other viruses (pages 231–239)

A. Alfaro-Fernández, V. Medina, M. C. Córdoba-Sellés, M. I. Font, J. Jornet, M. C. Cebrián and C. Jordá

Genetic diversity of Melon necrotic spot virus and Olpidium isolates from different origins (pages 240–251)

J. A. Herrera-Vásquez, M. C. Córdoba-Sellés, M. C. Cebrián, J. A. Rosselló, A. Alfaro-Fernández and C. Jordá

Enhanced colonization and pathogenicity of Erwinia amylovora strains transformed with the near-ubiquitous pEA29 plasmid on pear and apple (pages 252–261)

M. Mohammadi

Dissemination of Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi populations and subsequent appearance of olive knot disease (pages 262–269)

J. M. Quesada, R. Penyalver, J. Pérez-Panadés, C. I. Salcedo, E. A. Carbonell and M. M. López

New Zealand strains of plant pathogenic bacteria classified by multi-locus sequence analysis; proposal of Xanthomonas dyei sp. nov. (pages 270–281)

J. M. Young, J. P. Wilkie, D.-C. Park and D. R. W. Watson

Molecular phylogenetic relationships between Albugo candida collections on the Brassicaceae in Australia (pages 282–288)

J. E. Petkowski, J. H. Cunnington, E. J. Minchinton and D. M. Cahill

Diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of different methods used by two laboratories for the detection of Phytophthora ramorum on multiple natural hosts (pages 289–300)

A. M. Vettraino, S. Sukno, A. Vannini and M. Garbelotto

Effect of host factors on the susceptibility of Rhododendron to Phytophthora ramorum (pages 301–312)

I. De Dobbelaere, A. Vercauteren, N. Speybroeck, D. Berkvens, E. Van Bockstaele, M. Maes and K. Heungens

Survival of Pseudoperonospora cubensis sporangia exposed to solar radiation (pages 313–323)

L. Kanetis, G. J. Holmes and P. S. Ojiambo

Role of rainfall in the development of coffee berry disease in Coffea arabica caused by Colletotrichum kahawae, in Cameroon (pages 324–329)

J. A. Mouen Bedimo, D. Bieysse, S. Nyassé, J. L. Nottéghem and C. Cilas

The role of seeds and airborne inoculum in the initiation of leaf blotch (Rhynchosporium secalis) epidemics in winter barley (pages 330–337)

J. M. Fountaine, M. W. Shaw, E. Ward and B. A. Fraaije

Genotypic diversity in Fusarium pseudograminearum populations in Australian wheat fields (pages 338–347)

J. B. Scott and S. Chakraborty

A molecular diagnostic for tropical race 4 of the banana fusarium wilt pathogen (pages 348–357)

M. A. Dita, C. Waalwijk, I. W. Buddenhagen, M. T. Souza Jr and G. H. J. Kema

Epidemiology of dark leaf spot caused by Alternaria brassicicola and A. brassicae in organic seed production of cauliflower (pages 358–367)

J. Köhl, C. A. M. Van Tongeren, B. H. Groenenboom-de Haas, R. A. Van Hoof, R. Driessen and L. Van Der Heijden

Evaluation of different methods for the characterization of carrot resistance to the alternaria leaf blight pathogen (Alternaria dauci) revealed two qualitatively different resistances (pages 368–375)

C. Boedo, R. Berruyer, M. Lecomte, S. Bersihand, M. Briard, V. Le Clerc, P. Simoneau and P. Poupard

Relationship between the extent of colonization by Verticillium dahliae and symptom expression in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) genotypes resistant to verticillium wilt (pages 376–381)

D. V. Shaw, T. R. Gordon, J. Hansen and S. C. Kirkpatrick

Biocontrol of sclerotinia stem rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) of soybean using novel Bacillus subtilis strain SB24 under control conditions (pages 382–391)

J. X. Zhang and A. G. Xue

New Disease Reports

Columnea latent viroid (CLVd) in tomato: the first report in the United Kingdom (page 392)

T. Nixon, R. Glover, S. Mathews-Berry, M. Daly, E. Hobden, C. Lambourne, V. Harju and A. Skelton

First report of Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) in Brugmansia spp., Solanum jasminoides, Solanum muricatum and Petunia spp. in the Czech Republic (page 392)

J. Mertelik, K. Kloudova, G. Cervena, J. Necekalova, H. Mikulkova, Z. Levkanicova, P. Dedic and J. Ptacek

First report of Hop stunt viroid infecting citrus orchards in Jamaica (page 393)

S. Bennett, P. Tennant and W. McLaughlin

Molecular evidence for Apple stem pitting virus infection in India (page 393)

S. Dhir, M. Tomar, P. D. Thakur, R. Ram, V. Hallan and A. A. Zaidi

First report of Carnation mottle virus in Turkey (page 394)

B. Cevik, T. Bakir and G. Koca

‘Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’ identified in blackberry (Rubus fruticosus agg.) in the United Kingdom (page 394)

R. Reeder, P. L. Kelly and Y. Arocha

First report of a 16SrIII, X-disease phytoplasma affecting tomato plants in Mexico (page 395)

R. Tapia-Tussell, A. Suaste-Dzul, A. Cortés-Velázquez, A. Quijano-Ramayo, R. Martín-Mex, A. Nexticapan-Garcez, I. Córdova-Lara, L. Sáenz-Carbonell and D. Pérez-Brito

First report of a 16SrIII phytoplasma (X-disease group) affecting bell pepper, strawberry (frutilla), Schinus molle and Arracacia xanthorrhiza in Cochabamba, Bolivia (page 395)

Y. Arocha, G. Plata, J. Franco, G. Maín, S. Veramendi, F. Lazcano, J. L. Crespo, V. Lino, C. Calderón, R. Llerena, R. Andrew, O. Antezana, A. Gutiérrez, M. Coca and E. Boa

Occurrence of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia’ (16SrII group) in Bolivia (page 396)

Y. Arocha, G. Plata, J. Franco, G Maín, S. Veramendi, F. Lazcano, J. L. Crespo, V. Lino, C. Calderón, R. Llerena, R. Andrew, O. Antezana, A. Gutiérrez, M. Coca and E. Boa

First identification of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia’ infecting Fallopia japonica in the United Kingdom (page 396)

R. Reeder, P. Kelly and Y. Arocha

First report of group 16SrI, ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’ associated with Mimosa pudica yellows in Indonesia (page 397)

E. Boa, Y. Arocha, R. Harling, C. Tobing, P. Kelly and R. Reeder

First report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’ associated with witches’ broom of Crotalaria tetragona in India (page 397)

P. Baiswar, Y. Arocha, S. Chandra and S. V. Ngachan

A phytoplasma associated with ‘amachamiento’ disease of dry common bean in Costa Rica (page 398)

L. Moreira, W. Villalobos, G. Saborío-R., L. Garita, S. Castro-Robleda, J. Romero-Cano, P. Ramírez and C. Rivera

Flavescence dorée phytoplasma affecting grapevine (Vitis vinifera) newly reported in Portugal (page 398)

E. De Sousa, P. Casati, F. Cardoso, C. Baltazar, G. Durante, F. Quaglino and P. A. Bianco

The phytoplasma disease ‘mung bean phyllody’ is now present in Pakistan (page 399)

K. P. Akhtar, M. Dickinson, J Hodgetts, G. Abbas, M. J. Asghar, T. M. Shah, B. M. Atta, M. Ahmad and M. A. Haq

First report of a 16SrVI ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii’ isolate infecting Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) in India (page 399)

M. K. Gupta, A. Samad, A. K. Shasany, P. V. Ajayakumar and M. Alam

First report of a phytoplasma associated with Periploca aphylla witches’ broom in Iran (page 400)

M. M. Faghihi, M. Siampour, M. Zaeifi, A. N. Bagheri, M. Salehi and S. Samavi

First report of Bacillus pumilus on Phaseolus vulgaris in Spain (page 400)

M. I. Font, D. D. M. Bassimba, M. C. Cebrián, L. M. Molina and C. Jordá

The first record of Dickeya zeae in the UK (page 401)

D. E. Stead, N. Parkinson, J. Bew, J. Hennessy, J. K. Wilson and J. G. Elphinstone

Bacterial speck caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato race 0: first report in Nepal (page 401)

J. R. Lamichhane, M. B. Kshetri, A. Mazzaglia, L. Varvaro and G. M. Balestra

Occurrence of tomato pith necrosis caused by Pseudomonas marginalis in Italy (page 402)

P. Bella and V. Catara

Occurrence of bacterial leaf spot disease on lettuce caused by Pseudomonas viridiflava in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (page 402)

Y. Ibrahim and Y. Molan

Identification of Xanthomonas vasicola (formerly X. campestris pv. musacearum), causative organism of banana xanthomonas wilt, in Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi (page 403)

B. A. Carter, R. Reeder, S. R. Mgenzi, Z. M. Kinyua, J. N. Mbaka, K. Doyle, V. Nakato, M. Mwangi, F. Beed, V. Aritua, M. L. Lewis Ivey, S. A. Miller and J. J. Smith

First report of Xanthomonas hortorum v. pelargonii causing bacterial blight of geranium in Turkey (pages 403–404)

M. Mirik, S. Unlu and Y. Aysan

First report of the quarantine pathogen Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni on apricot and plum in Switzerland (page 404)

J. F. Pothier, C. Pelludat, M. Bünter, M. Genini, J. Vogelsanger and B. Duffy

First report of Streptomyces acidiscabies causing potato scab in China (page 405)

W. Q. Zhao, X. M. Yu and D. Q. Liu

Downy mildew caused by Peronospora farinosa f. sp. betae newly reported on Swiss chard in Korea (page 405)

J. Y. Kim, Y. J. Choi and H. D. Shin

A further threat to UK heathland bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) by Phytophthora pseudosyringae (page 406)

P. A. Beales, P. M. Giltrap, K. M. Webb and A. Ozolina

Occurrence of leaf rust of canna in Singapore caused by Puccinia thaliae (page 406)

N. W. Neo and F. Y. Tham

Phragmidium violaceum newly reported to infect wild blackberries in Turkey (page 407)

S. Dervis, F. M. Tok and K. Gunduz

First finding of Frommeëlla mexicana var. indicae causing rust disease of Duchesnea indica in Poland (page 407)

A. Wołczańska and M. Piątek

Powdery mildew on Rudbeckia hirta in India (page 408)

P. Baiswar, S. Chandra, R. Kumar and S. V. Ngachan

First Korean report of rosemary powdery mildew caused by Golovinomyces biocellatus (page 408)

M. J. Park, J. G. Han and H. D. Shin

First confirmed report of tomato powdery mildew caused by Oidium neolycopersici in Korea (page 409)

M. J. Park, H. J. Jee, J. H. Kim and H. D. Shin

First report of Holocryphia eucalypti on Eucalyptus grandis in Uganda (page 409)

J. Roux and G. Nakabonge

Lasiodiplodia theobromae causes a damaging dieback of cocoa in India (page 410)

C. Kannan, M. Karthik and K. Priya

First reports of Sphaeronema alni parasitizing downy birch and Hemicycliophora aquatica in the UK (page 410)

T. Prior, S. Hockland and R. Lawson

Chalara fraxinea associated with dieback of narrow-leafed ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) (page 411)

T. Kirisits, M. Matlakova, S. Mottinger-Kroupa, E. Halmschlager and F. Lakatos

Dischloridium gloeosporioides on Annona muricata: a new pathogen in Brazil (page 411)

B. A. Halfeld-Vieira and K. L. Nechet

First report of Rhizoctonia oryzae isolated from bordered sheath spot of rice in Myanmar (page 412)

S. S. Aye, Y. Y. Myint, T. Lwin and M. Matsumoto

First report of a potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis, on potato, in Iran (page 412)

M. Gitty and Z. Tanha Maafi


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