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The Plant Journal - 64 (5), 2010



Abscisic acid deficiency of developing pea embryos achieved by immunomodulation attenuates developmental phase transition and storage metabolism (pages 715–730)

Ruslana Radchuk, Udo Conrad, Isolde Saalbach, Martin Giersberg, R. J. Neil Emery, Helge Küster, Adriano Nunes-Nesi, Alisdair R. Fernie, Winfriede Weschke and Hans Weber

Role of the stomatal development regulators FLP/MYB88 in abiotic stress responses (pages 731–739)

Zidian Xie, Dongmei Li, Lijun Wang, Fred D. Sack and Erich Grotewold

Auxin-induced inhibition of lateral root initiation contributes to root system shaping in Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 740–752)

Maria G. Ivanchenko, Selene Napsucialy-Mendivil and Joseph G. Dubrovsky

Type-B response regulators ARR1 and ARR12 regulate expression of AtHKT1;1 and accumulation of sodium in Arabidopsis shoots (pages 753–763)

Michael G. Mason, Deepa Jha, David E. Salt, Mark Tester, Kristine Hill, Joseph J. Kieber and G. Eric Schaller

ABA promotes quiescence of the quiescent centre and suppresses stem cell differentiation in the Arabidopsis primary root meristem (pages 764–774)

Hanma Zhang, Woong Han, Ive De Smet, Peter Talboys, Rakesh Loya, Amaar Hassan, Honglin Rong, Gerd Jürgens, J. Paul Knox and Myeong-Hyeon Wang

Dissection of local and systemic transcriptional responses to phosphate starvation in Arabidopsis (pages 775–789)

Marie-Christine Thibaud, Jean-François Arrighi, Vincent Bayle, Serge Chiarenza, Audrey Creff, Regla Bustos, Javier Paz-Ares, Yves Poirier and Laurent Nussaume

AGD5 is a GTPase-activating protein at the trans-Golgi network (pages 790–799)

Giovanni Stefano, Luciana Renna, Marika Rossi, Elisa Azzarello, Susanna Pollastri, Federica Brandizzi, Frantisek Baluska and Stefano Mancuso

Antibiosis against the green peach aphid requires the Arabidopsis thaliana MYZUS PERSICAE-INDUCED LIPASE1 gene (pages 800–811)

Joe Louis, Katarzyna Lorenc-Kukula, Vijay Singh, John Reese, Georg Jander and Jyoti Shah

OsRab5a regulates endomembrane organization and storage protein trafficking in rice endosperm cells (pages 812–824)

Yihua Wang, Yulong Ren, Xi Liu, Ling Jiang, Liangming Chen, Xiaohua Han, Mingna Jin, Shijia Liu, Feng Liu, Jia Lv, Kunneng Zhou, Ning Su, Yiqun Bao and Jianmin Wan

Recruitment of glutathione into the nucleus during cell proliferation adjusts whole-cell redox homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana and lowers the oxidative defence shield (pages 825–838)

Pedro Diaz Vivancos, Yingping Dong, Kerstin Ziegler, Jelena Markovic, Federico V. Pallardó, Till K. Pellny, Paul J. Verrier and Christine H. Foyer

The SIDECAR POLLEN gene encodes a microspore-specific LOB/AS2 domain protein required for the correct timing and orientation of asymmetric cell division (pages 839–850)

Sung Aeong Oh, Keun Sang Park, David Twell and Soon Ki Park

Knockout of the plastid RNase E leads to defective RNA processing and chloroplast ribosome deficiency (pages 851–863)

Michael Walter, Katrin Piepenburg, Mark Aurel Schöttler, Kerstin Petersen, Sabine Kahlau, Nadine Tiller, Oliver Drechsel, Magdalena Weingartner, Jörg Kudla and Ralph Bock

Vacuolar/pre-vacuolar compartment Qa-SNAREs VAM3/SYP22 and PEP12/SYP21 have interchangeable functions in Arabidopsis (pages 864–873)

Tomohiro Uemura, Miyo Terao Morita, Kazuo Ebine, Yusuke Okatani, Daisuke Yano, Chieko Saito, Takashi Ueda and Akihiko Nakano

Ethylene directs auxin to control root cell expansion (pages 874–884)

Lucia C. Strader, Grace L. Chen and Bonnie Bartel

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