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Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research - 42 (1), 2010


Soil Organic Matter Characteristics in Sporadic Permafrost-affected Environment (Creux du Van, Switzerland)
Luisella Celi, Fulvia Rosso, Michele Freppaz, Alberto Agnelli, and Ermanno Zanini

An Analysis of Past and Future Changes in the Ice Cover of Two High-Arctic Lakes Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Landsat Imagery
Timothy L. Cook and Raymond S. Bradley

Alpine Peatlands of the Andes, Cajamarca, Peru
David J. Cooper, Evan C. Wolf, Christopher Colson, Walter Vering, Arturo Granda, and Michael Meyer

The Response of Taku and Lemon Creek Glaciers to Climate
Alison S. Criscitiello, Meredith A. Kelly, and Bruno Tremblay

Multi-scale Influences of Slope Aspect and Spatial Pattern on Ecotonal Dynamics at Upper Treeline in the Southern Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.
Grant P. Elliott and Kurt F. Kipfmueller

Sediment Melt-Migration Dynamics in Perennial Antarctic Lake Ice
Steven M. Jepsen, Edward E. Adams, and John C. Priscu

Micromorphology of an Early Holocene Loess-Paleosol Sequence, Central Alaska, U.S.A.
Richard L. Josephs

Distribution and Climatic Relationships of the American Pika (Ochotona princeps) in the Sierra Nevada and Western Great Basin, U.S.A.; Periglacial Landforms as Refugia in Warming Climates
Constance I. Millar and Robert D. Westfall

Twentieth Century Temperature Trends in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains
Imtiaz Rangwala and James R. Miller

The Influence of an Extensive Dust Event on Snow Chemistry in the Southern Rocky Mountains
C. Rhoades, K. Elder, and E. Greene

Living on the Edge: Can Eurasian Red Squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) Persist in Extreme High-elevation Habitats?
D. Rodrigues, L. A. Wauters, C. Romeo, V. Mari, D. Preatoni, M. da L. Mathias, G. Tosi, and A. Martinoli

Voles Are Attracted to Fertilizer in Field Experiments
Michael A. Treberg, Kate Edwards, and Roy Turkington

Alpine Soil Temperature Variability at Multiple Scales
Dirk Wundram, Roland Pape, and Jörg Löffler

In Memoriam - Mark Borisovitch Dyurgerov
Mark Meier

The Biology of Alpine Habitats, by Laszlo Nagy and Georg Grabherr
Joyce Gellhorn

Joseph-Elzear Bernier: Champion of Canadian Arctic Sovereignty 1852–1934, by Marjolaine Saint-Pierre, translated by William Barr
John Andrews

Smithsonian at the Poles: Contributions to International Polar Year Science, edited by Igor Krupnick, Michael A. Lang, and Scott E. Miller
James W. Collinson

A Field Guide to Ice, by James H. C. Fenton
Irina Overeem

Russia and the North, edited by Elana Wilson Rowe
John F. Hoffecker

Arctic Doom, Arctic Boom. The Geopolitics of Climate Change in the Arctic, by Barry S. Zellen
Roger G. Barry


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