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Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research - 41 (2), 2009


The Structure and Development of Polar Research (1981–2007): a Publication-Based Approach
Dag W. Aksnes and Dag O. Hessen

Seasonal Variation in Gross Ecosystem Production, Plant Biomass, and Carbon and Nitrogen Pools in Five High Arctic Vegetation Types
M. F. Arndal, L. Illeris, A. Michelsen, K. Albert, M. Tamstorf, and B. U. Hansen

Satellite-Derived Equilibrium Lines in Northern Patagonia Icefield, Chile, and Their Implications to Glacier Variations
Gonzalo Barcaza, Masamu Aniya, Takane Matsumoto, and Tatsuto Aoki

Intra- and Interspecific Variation in Mycorrhizal Associations across a Heterogeneous Habitat Gradient in Alpine Plant Communities
Katie M. Becklin and Candace Galen

Response of the Phytoplankton Community in an Alpine Lake to Drought Conditions: Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range, U.S.A.
Colleen M. Flanagan, Diane M. McKnight, Daniel Liptzin, Mark W. Williams, and Matthew P. Miller

Traditional Hunting of Tibetan Antelope, Its Relation to Antelope Migration, and Its Rapid Transformation in the Western Chang Tang Nature Reserve
Joseph L. Fox and Tsechoe Dorji

The Decline of Snowpatches in the Snowy Mountains of Australia: Importance of Climate Warming, Variable Snow, and Wind
Ken Green and Catherine Marina Pickering

Primary Succession of Soil Mites (Acari) in a Norwegian Glacier Foreland, with Emphasis on Oribatid Species
Sigmund Hagvar, Torstein Solhoy, and Christian E. Mong

Effects of Contemporary Winter Seismic Exploration on Low Arctic Plant Communities and Permafrost
J. Todd Kemper and S. Ellen Macdonald

Backcountry Huts as Introduction Points for Invasion by Non-native Species into Subalpine Vegetation
John W. Morgan and Vanessa Carnegie

Modeling Ablation on Place Glacier, British Columbia, from Glacier and Off-glacier Data Sets
D. Scott Munro and Marzena Marosz-Wantuch

Intra-annual Variability in Benthic Foraminiferal Abundance in Sediments of Disenchantment Bay, an Alaskan Glacial Fjord
Alexander D. Ullrich, Ellen A. Cowan, Sarah D. Zellers, John M. Jaeger, and Ross D. Powell

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal and Dark Septate Endophyte Colonization along Altitudinal Gradients in the Tatra Mountain
Szymon Zubek, Janusz Błaszkowski, Anna Delimat, and Katarzyna Turnau

Applied Geophysics in Periglacial Environments, edited by Christian Hauck and Cristof Kneisel reviewed work
Nel Caine

Arctic Spectacles: the Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818–1875, by Russell A. Potter reviewed work
Astrid E. J. Ogilvie


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