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Nordic Journal of Botany - 28 (2), 2010

Contents [Volume 28, Issue 2, 2010]

Boreal Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Lectotypification of two Linnaean names for Flora Nordica Vol. 6
Bengt Jonsell and Thomas Karlsson

African Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Psychotria monensis sp. nov (Rubiaceae), a tree species from Cameroon
Olivier Séné and Martin Cheek

Coffeatoshii sp. nov. (Rubiaceae) from Madagascar
Aaron P. Davis, Franck Rakotonasolo and Petra De Block

Mediterranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Taxonomic revision of the Dianthus sylvestris group (Caryophyllaceae) in central–southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia
Gianluigi Bacchetta, Salvatore Brullo, Mauro Casti and Gian Pietro Giusso del Galdo

Melhania steudneri (Sterculiaceae) new record for Egypt, and a synopsis of the Sterculiaceae in Egypt
Eman Shamso and Rim Hamdy

Onobrychis dushanbensis sp. nov. endemic to Tajikistan
M. Ranjbar, R. Karamian and E. Vitek

Crocus antalyensis subsp. striatus subsp. nov. (Iridaceae) from southwest Anatolia
Osman Erol, Mine Kocyigit, Levent Şik, Neriman Özhatay and Orhan Kucuker

Asiatic Vascular Plant Taxonomy

A revision of Malesian Austrobuxus (Picrodendraceae/Euphorbiaceae s.l. subfam. Oldfieldioideae)
Peter C. Van Welzen and Paul I. Forster

Ainsliaea asaroides sp. nov. (Asteraceae) from Guangdong, China
Jun Wang, Yu-Shi Ye and Hua-Gu Ye

Tremacron aurantiacum var. weiningense (Gesneriaceae) var. nov. from Guizhou, China
Shun-Zhi He, Qing-Wen Sun and Yun-Chao Li

Lindernia ciliata subsp. sivarajanii subsp. nov. (Scrophulariaceae) from India
Dhruvan Tandyekkal and N. Mohanan

Cytology and Embryology

Genome constitutions of Roegneriaalashanica, R. elytrigioides, R. magnicaespes and R. grandis (Poaceae: Triticeae) via genomic in-situ hybridization
Hai-Qing Yu, Chun Zhang, Chun-Bang Ding, Hai-Qin Zhang and Yong-Hong Zhou

Anatomy and Palynology

Chromosome cytology, leaf epidermal morphology and palynology of Curcuma rubrobracteata (Zingiberaceae)
Juan Chen and Nian-He Xia

Foliar micro-morphology of Carex sect. Phacocystis in northern Europe
Esther Nakamatte and Kare Arnstein Lye

Conservation Biology

The effect of high temperatures on seed germination of one native and two introduced conifers in Patagonia
Pelle Boberg, Estela Raffaele, Eugenia E. Chaia, Johanna Eneström, Lars B. Pettersson and Tina D'Hertefeldt

Vegetation Changes and Conservation

Arabia's tallest trees: ecology, distribution and conservation status of the regionally endangered tree species Mimusops laurifolia
M. Hall, S. Neale, T. M. Al-Abbasi and A. G. Miller

Molecular Phylogenetics and Systematics

Genetic analysis shows that Rubus vikensis is a distinct species with a disjunct distribution
Ulf Ryde

Differentiation and phylogenetic relationship among different cultivars of asparagus bean (Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis) assessed using ISSR markers
C. Y. Chen and H. Peng


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