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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 56 (5), 2010

Classical Problems of Linear Acoustics and Wave Theory

Standing Shear Waves in Rubberlike Layered Media
V. G. Andreev, T. B. Krit, and O. A. Sapozhnikov

The Contribution of a Lateral Wave in Simulating Low-Frequency Sound Fields in an Irregular Waveguide with a Liquid Bottom
O. É. Gulin

Nonlinear Acoustics

Exact Description of Nonlinear Three-Dimensional Acoustic Waves in Barotropic Gas
Yu. P. Bodunova and A. I. Potapov†

Spectral Representation of Solution of Cubically Nonlinear Equation for the Riemann Simple Wave
V. A. Gusev and Yu. N. Makov p. 626 abstract

Self-Action of Ultrasonic Pulses in a Marble Rod
V. E. Nazarov, A. B. Kolpakov, and A. V. Radostin

A Self-Silenced Sound Beam
C. M. Hedberg, K. C. E. Haller, and T. Kamakura

Physical Acoustics

Low-Frequency Shear Elasticity of Liquids
B. B. Badmaev, S. A. Balzhinov, B. B. Damdinov, and T. S. Dembelova

Effect of External Electrical Field on Characteristics of a Lamb Wave in a Piezoelectric Plate
S. I. Burkov, O. P. Zolotova, B. P. Sorokin, and K. S. Aleksandrov

Self-Organization of Particles in an Evaporating Meniscus of a Colloidal Solution
P. V. Lebedev-Stepanov, S. P. Molchanov, T. A. Karabut, and S. A. Rybak

The Absorption of Sound in Emulsions
V. A. Murga

Slow Variations of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Dielectrics and Nonlinear Phenomena at Ultrasonic Irradiation
K. C. E. Haller, C. M. Hedberg, and O. V. Rudenko

Focus Splitting Associated with Propagation of Focused Ultrasound through the Rib Cage
V. A. Khokhlova, S. M. Bobkova, and L. R. Gavrilov

Ocean Acousticics. Hydroacoustics

Estimation of Surface Roughness Effect on Spectral Characteristics of Tone Signals Propagating along Stationary Paths in a Shallow Sea
E. L. Borodina and B. M. Salin

Simulation of Low-Frequency Sound Propagation in an Irregular Shallow-Water Waveguide with a Fluid Bottom
O. É. Gulin

Use of a Complex Moving Weighted Averaging Method for Receiver Nonuniform Frequency Response Restoration
A. E. Isaev and A. N. Matveyev

Correlation Method of Measuring the Frequency Shifts of the Sound Field Maxima Caused by Perturbations of the Oceanic Medium
V. M. Kuzkin, A. A. Lunkov, and S. A. Pereselkov

The Influence of Internal Waves on Losses during Sound Propagation on a Shelf
A. N. Rutenko

Processing of Acoustic Signals: Computer Simulation

Restoration of a Diver’s Speech Signal by Digital Conversion of the Frequency Spectrum
V. S. Komyagin and M. A. Plotkin

Acoustics of Living Systems: Biological Acoustics

Model of a Neuron Trained to Extract Periodicity
D. Yu. Grigor’ev and N. G. Bibikov

Physical Foundations of Engineering Acoustics

Nonstationary Radiation Mode of a Thin-Walled Piezoceramic Sphere with a Correcting Electric Circuit
S. I. Konovalov and A. G. Kuzmenko

Effect of Ultrasonic Oscillations on the Fluidity of Heavy Oil Products at Low Temperatures
V. I. Korenbaum and A. A. Tagiltsev

Forced Flexural Vibrations of a Pipe with a Liquid Flow
M. A. Mironov, P. A. Pyatakov, and A. A. Andreev

Lateral Spatial Resolution of Widened Focused Transducer Array for Optoacoustic Tomography
V. A. Simonova, I. M. Pelivanov, V. Ya. Panchenko, and A. A. Karabutov

The Possibility of Constructing Nonbaffled Unidirectional Rod-Type Transducers with Phased Excitation of Sections
B. G. Stepanov


Vladimir Vladimirovich Borodin (February 12, 1947, to March 23, 2010)

Sergei Nikolaevich Gurbatov (On His 60th Birthday)

Aleksandr Grigoryevich Luchinin (On His 70th Birthday)

Andrei Vladimirovich Rimskii-Korsakov (On His 100th Birthday)


New Books on Acoustics and Related Disciplines Issued in 2009 in the Russian Language
V. G. Shamaev and N. V. Shamaev


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