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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 56 (3), 2010

Classical Problems of Linear Acoustics and Wave Theory

Waves Propagating along a Periodic Set of Point Inhomogeneities in a Thin Elastic Plate
I. V. Andronov

Attenuation of Flexural Vibrations in a Plate within a Finite-Size Region by Means of Resonators
N. G. Kanev

Nonlinear Acoustics

Distortion of Waves with Profile Discontinuities in the Medium with a Periodic Transverse Inhomogeneity Distribution
V. A. Gusev

Physical Acoustics

Estimation of Physical Parameters of Magnetic Nanoparticles
S. G. Emelyanov, G. V. Karpova, V. M. Paukov, V. M. Polunin, P. A. Ryapolov

Pulsed Ultrasonic Spectroscopy of Gas Bubbles
A. D. Mansfeld, G. P. Volkov, A. G. Sanin, and I. A. Vladimirov

Low-Frequency Surface Wave Propagation along Plane Boundaries in Fluid-Saturated Porous Media
M. G. Markov, I. A. Markova, and S. N. Sadovnichiy

Low Frequency Pressure Waves in a Vapor–Liquid Medium with a Fixed Layer of Spherical Particles
B. G. Pokusaev, E. A. Tairov, and S. A. Vasilyev

Ocean Acoustics. Underwater Acoustics

Distribution of Spectral Density for Underwater Noise in the Shelf Zone of the Pacific Ocean
V. I. Bardyshev

Estimation of Distortions in the Sound Field Propagating through Mesoscale Inhomogeneities
A. L. Virovlyansky, A. Yu. Kazarova, and L. Ya. Lyubavin

Effect of Random Hydrodynamic Inhomogeneities on Low Frequency Sound Propagation Loss in Shallow Water
A. A. Lunkov and V. G. Petnikov

Acoustic Ecology. Noises and Vibration

Optimization of Reactive Mufflers
A. I. Komkin

Room Acoustics. Musical Acoustics

Effect of Diffusive and Nondiffusive Surfaces Combinations on Sound Diffusion
Masoume Shafieian and Farokh Hodjat Kashani

Acoustic Signal Processing and Computer Simulation

The Influence of the Inter-Click Interval on Moving Sound Source Localization for Navigation Systems
Larisa Dunai, Guillermo Peris Fajarnes, Beatriz Defez Garcia, Victor Santiago Praderas, and Ion Dunai

Acoustics of Animate Systems. Bioacoustics

A Derating Method for Therapeutic Applications of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
O. V. Bessonova, V. A. Khokhlova, M. S. Canney, M. R. Bailey, and L. A. Crum

Acoustic Characteristics of the Low-Frequency Nest Call of Discomfort of the House Mouse (Mus musculus) Early Ontogenesis
M. A. Egorova and A. G. Akimov


New Books on Acoustics and Adjacent Disciplines Issued in 2008 in the Russian Language
V. G. Shamaev and N. V. Shamaev

The Jubilee Issue of the Yearbook of the Russian Acoustical Society Acoustics of Inhomogeneous Media
E. V. Yudina


Erratum: “Classical Problems of Nonlinear Acoustics and Wave Theory” [Acoustical Physics 56(1), 1–7 (2010)]
P. V. Artelny and P. I. Korotin



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