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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 56 (1), 2010

Classical Problems of Linear Acoustics and Wave Theory

Classical Problems of Nonlinear Acoustics and Wave Theory
P. V. Artelny and P. I. Korotin

Method of Separating the Total Sound Field Surrounding a Body into External and Radiated Components on the Basis of the Helmholtz–Huygens Integral
P. R. Gromov, Yu. A. Kobelev, and A. N. Fokin

Physical Acoustics

Brownian Motion in a Solitary Potential Well in a Bounded Solid Structure
S. A. Guz, M. G. Nikulin, and M. V. Sviridov

Acoustic Streaming in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Layer under Binary Action of Sound Waves and Viscous Waves
E. N. Kozhevnikov

Sound-Absorbing Media with Two Types of Acoustic Losses
V. V. Tyutekin and Yu. V. Tyutekin

Propagation of Surface Acoustic Waves in a Piezoelectric Medium with a Periodic Groove Structure
V. I. Cherednik and M. Yu. Dvoesherstov

Ocean Acoustics and Underwater Sound

Experimental Evaluation of the Influence of the Vertical Sound Velocity Profile at the Source Site in Shallow Water on the Formation of the Pulse Response Characteristics in the Deep Sea
V. A. Akulichev, V. V. Bezotvetnykh, A. V. Burenin, E. A. Voitenko, and Yu. N. Morgunov

Underwater Sounds of the Pacific Ocean in the Shelf Zone of Shikotan Island
V. I. Bardyshev

Formation of a Narrow Sound Beam in the Underwater Sound Channel by a Vertical Array
A. L. Virovlyansky and D. V. Nefedova

Emission of a Single Normal Wave by a Vertical Discrete Linear Array in the Pekeris Waveguide
E. V. Golubeva and V. A Eliseevnin

Monitoring of Anthropogenic Acoustic Noise in the Shelf of Sakhalin Island
A. N. Rutenko and V. A. Gritsenko

Acoustics of Structurally Inhomogeneous Solid Media. Geological Acoustics

Self-Action of a Low-Frequency Acoustic Wave and Generation of the Second Harmonic in Dry and Water-Saturated River Sand
V. E. Nazarov, A. B. Kolpakov, and A. V. Radostin

Acoustic Ecology: Noises and Vibrations

The Way to Decrease Efficiently the Noises Generated by the Jets of Passenger Aircrafts
V. M. Kuznetsov

Acoustic Signal Processing and Computer Simulation

Application of the Maximum Entropy Method in Ultrasound Nondestructive Testing for Scatterer Imaging with Allowance for Multiple Scattering
E. G. Bazulin

Acoustics of Animate Systems. Bioacoustics

On the Theory of Acoustothermometry of Waterlike Media: Effects of the Quasi-Static Field, Strong Absorption, and Radiation Pattern
A. N. Reznik and P. V. Subochev

Physical Basis of Engineering Acoustics

Resonance Method of Measuring Shear Viscoelastic Properties of Liquid Media Based on Excitation of Torsional Oscillations in Tubes
I. B. Esipov, O. M. Zozulya, and A. V. Fokin


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