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Biotropica - 42 (6), 2010


How Neutral is Ecology? (pages 631–633)
Hans Ter Steege


Insights into Strata Use of Forest Animals Using the ‘Canopy Effect’ (pages 634–637)
Christian C. Voigt


Tropical Biology

Tree Diversity Explains Variation in Ecosystem Function in a Neotropical Forest in Panama (pages 638–646)
Maria C. Ruiz-Jaen and Catherine Potvin

Interactions of Fire and Nonnative Species Across an Elevation/Plant Community Gradient in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (pages 647–655)
Alison Ainsworth and J. Boone Kauffman

Nutritional Dimorphism in New Guinea Dioecious Figs (pages 656–663)
George D. Weiblen, Silvia B. Lomascolo, Ryoko Oono and Elizabeth R. Dumont

Effects of Plot Size and Census Interval on Descriptors of Forest Structure and Dynamics (pages 664–671)
Fabien Wagner, Ervan Rutishauser, Lilian Blanc and Bruno Herault

Bushmeat Hunting Alters Recruitment of Large-seeded Plant Species in Central Africa (pages 672–679)
Hadrien Vanthomme, Boris Bellé and Pierre-Michel Forget

Ecological Responses of Frugivorous Bats to Seasonal Fluctuation in Fruit Availability in Amazonian Forests (pages 680–687)
Maria Joao Ramos Pereira, Joao Tiago Marques and Jorge M. Palmeirim

Habitat Complexity and Invasive Species: The Impacts of Gamba Grass (Andropogon gayanus) on Invertebrates in an Australian Tropical Savanna (pages 688–696)
Catherine L. Parr, Ben J. Ryan and Samantha A. Setterfield

Long-distance Dispersal of Invasive Grasses by Logging Vehicles in a Tropical Dry Forest (pages 697–703)
Joseph W. Veldman and Francis E. Putz

The Canopy Starts at 0.5 m: Predatory Mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) Differ between Rain Forest Floor Soil and Suspended Soil at any Height (pages 704–709)
Frédéric Beaulieu, David E. Walter, Heather C. Proctor and Roger L. Kitching

Temporal Diversity Patterns and Phenology in Fruit-feeding Butterflies in the Atlantic Forest (pages 710–716)
Danilo Bandini Ribeiro, Paulo I. Prado, Keith S. Brown Jr. and André V. L. Freitas

Biological Invasions in the Amazonian Tropical Rain Forest: The Case of Drosophilidae (Insecta, Diptera) in Ecuador, South America (pages 717–723)
Andrea Acurio, Violeta Rafael and Olivier Dangles

Habitat Use by Sympatric Jaguars and Pumas Across a Gradient of Human Disturbance in Belize (pages 724–731)
Rebecca J. Foster, Bart J. Harmsen and C. Patrick Doncaster

Tropical Conservation

Invasive Temperate Species are a Threat to Tropical Island Biodiversity (pages 732–738)
Wallace M. Meyer III and Robert H. Cowie

Are We Losing the Best Parts of Our Protected Areas in Tropical Mountains? (pages 739–747)
Shauna-Lee Chai and Edmund Tanner

Estimating Orangutan Densities Using the Standing Crop and Marked Nest Count Methods: Lessons Learned for Conservation (pages 748–757)
Stephanie N. Spehar, Paul D. Mathewson, , Serge A. Wich, Andrew J. Marshall, Hjalmar Kühl and and Erik Meijaard


The Enigma of Soil (page 758)

In the Face of Fire (page 759)

Agroforestry Implications (page 760)

The Past, Present, and Future of Tropical Rain Forests (page 761)


2010 Alwyn Gentry Awards and ATBC Honorary Fellows (page 762)



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