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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 56 (2), 2010

Classical Problems of Linear Acoustics and Wave Theory

A Periodic Surface Structure with Extreme Acoustic Properties
Yu. I. Bobrovnitskii, K. D. Morozov, and T. M. Tomilina

Scattering of Sound in a Moving Viscous Microinhomogeneous Medium at Large Reynolds Numbers
A. G. Semenov

Helical Normal Waves near a Cylindrical Cavity in an Elastic Medium
V. V. Tyutekin and A. I. Boiko

The Possibility of Efficient Calculation of the Scattering Amplitude Caused by an Inclusion in a Complicated Incident Field
B. P. Sharfarets

Nonlinear Acoustics

Nonlinearity of Solids with Micro- and Nanodefects and Characteristic Features of Its Macroscopic Manifestations
O. V. Rudenko, A. I. Korobov, and M. Yu. Izosimova

Statistical Properties of Nonlinear Diffracting N-Wave behind a Random Phase Screen
P. V. Yuldashev, N. A. Bryseva, M. V. Averiyanov, Ph. Blanc-Benon, and V. A. Khokhlova

Physical Acoustics

Standing Waves in an Elastic Layer Loaded with a Finite Mass
V. G. Andreev, T. B. Krit, and O. A. Sapozhnikov

An Oscillatory System with a Magnetic-Fluid Viscoinertial Element
G. V. Karpova, A. N. Kutuev, V. M. Polunin, and P. A. Ryapolov

Ultrasonic Absorption in Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
A. D. Mansfeld, A. G. Sanin, O. A. Sanina, B. S. Kaverin, A. M. Obedkov, and V. A. Egorov

Time Reversal in Ultrasound Focusing Transmitters and Receivers
Y. D. Sinel’nikov, A. M. Sutin, and A. P. Sarvazyan

Ocean Acoustics. Underwater Acoustics

Experimental Studies of Seasonal Variation for Temperature Fields on the Sea of Japan Shelf by Acoustical Methods
V. A. Akulichev, Yu. N. Morgunov, and D. S. Strobykin

Correlation Characteristics of Variations of the Ambient Noise Level in the Shelf Zone of the Pacific Ocean
V. I. Bardyshev

The Use of Receiving Arrays for Measuring Underwater Noise Levels of Moving Sources
Yu. I. Zakonov, P. I. Korotin, D. A. Orlov, S. P. Sazonov, A. B. Slizhov, V. I. Turchin, G. E. Fiks, and I. Sh. Fiks

Measurement of the Parameters of the Natural Waveguide Mode
V. A. Zverev, P. I. Korotin, A. L. Matveev, and A. A. Stromkov

Digital Acoustic Communication in Shallow-Water Sea for Oceanological Applications
B. F. Kuryanov and M. M. Penkin

Focusing of Low-Frequency Sound Fields in Shallow Water
A. A. Lunkov, V. G. Petnikov, and A. A. Stromkov

Atmospheric and Air Acoustics

Turbulent Pressure Fluctuations in a Long Cylinder’s Boundary Layer in the Longitudinal Flow around It
V. M. Tkachenko, A. V. Smol’yakov, V. A. Kolyshnitsyn, and V. P. Marshov

Acoustic Signal Processing and Computer Simulation

A Spatial Correlation Method for Reconstructing Blood Flow Velocity Vector in the Nonlinear Tomography
V. A. Burov, O. V. Matveev, and O. D. Rumyantseva

Physical Fundamentals of Engineering Acoustics

Increasing the Frequency Resolution in the Processing of Acoustic Signals by Sliding Complex Weighted Averaging
A. E. Isaev and A. N. Matveev

Reduction of the Duration of Pulses Emitted by a Thin-Walled Piezoceramic Cylinder with the Use of a Correcting Electric Circuit
S. I. Konovalov and A. G. Kuz’menko



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