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Biology Bulletin - 37 (5), 2010

Contents [Volume 37, Number 5, 2010]:

Developmental Biology

Stem cells in human amniotic fluid
D. A. Davydova

In vitro development of the reconstructed bovine embryos activated at various time after electrofusion
G. P. Malenko, A. V. Komissarov and O. I. Stepanov

Muscle regeneration and the state of the thymus in adult rats under laser irradiation and alloplasty of newborn gastrocnemius muscle and diaphragm
N. V. Bulyakova and V. S. Azarova


Investigation of the interaction of repair DNA polymerase ß and autonomous 3' › 5'-exonucleases TREX1 and TREX2
N. V. Belyakova, O. K. Legina, N. L. Ronzhina, I. V. Shevelev and V. M. Krutiakov


Determination of polymorphism of the cytochrome b gene fragment of mitochondrial DNA of chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta (Walbaum) from the Ola River (northern Coast of the Sea of Okhotsk)
L. T. Bachevskaya and V. V. Pereverzeva


Microbial nitrogen fixation in the gastro-intestinal tract of Kalmykia gerbils (M. tamariscinus and Meriones meridianus)
T. A. Kuznetsova, N. V. Kostina, E. I. Naumova and M. M. Umarov


Interspecific hybridization in wild roses (Rosa L. sect. Caninae DC.)
I. A. Schanzer and N. A. Kutlunina

Freezing of dehydrated calli of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in liquid nitrogen and their morphogenetic potential
A. I. Solov’eva, O. N. Vysotskaya, A. S. Popov and Yu. I. Dolgikh

Conservation of endemic species from the Russian Far East using seed cryopreservation
N. M. Voronkova and A. B. Kholina


Structure of the mushroom bodies in Scarabaeoidea (Insecta: Coleoptera): 1. Basal families and coprophagous scarabaeidae
A. A. Panov

Animal and Human Physiology

Dynamics of development of autoimmune myocarditis in rats
S. A. Gavrilova, M. P. Morozova, A. K. Knyazhentseva, L. S. Pogodina and A. B. Postnikov, et al.


Dynamics of benthic communities in the Central Depression of the Barents Sea
O. S. Lyubina, D. R. Dikaeva, E. A. Frolova, A. A. Frolov and O. L. Zimina, et al.

Dynamics of colonies of the speckled ground squirrel (Spermophilus suslicus Guld., 1770) on the northern boundary of the habitat
S. A. Shilova, V. V. Neronov, O. N. Shekarova and L. E. Savinetskaya

Short Communications

A study of the antiviral activity of cyclopentene ß,ß'-triketone disodium salt in the leaves of two Nicotiana tabacum L. cultivars infected with tobacco mosaic virus
L. A. Lapshina, A. V. Reunov, V. P. Nagorskaya, O. P. Shestak and V. L. Novikov

Natural hybridization of two mussel species Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771) and Dreissena bugensis (Andrusov, 1897)
I. S. Voroshilova, V. S. Artamonova, A. A. Makhrov and Yu. V. Slynko



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