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Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 48 (2), 2010



Plastid genome sequencing, comparative genomics, and phylogenomics: Current status and prospects (pages 77–93)
Lei GAO, Ying-Juan SU and Ting WANG

Functional evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) of morphological novelties in plants (pages 94–101)
Jisi ZHANG, Ying TIAN, Li WANG and Chaoying HE


A floral organ moving like a caterpillar for pollinating (pages 102–108)
Zhong-Jian LIU, Li-Jun CHEN, Ke-Wei LIU, Li-Qiang LI and Wen-Hui RAO

Comparative study of pollination biology of two closely related alpine Primula species, namely Primula beesiana and P. bulleyana (Primulaceae) (pages 109–117)
Zhi-Kun WU and Chang-Qin ZHANG

Distribution of tanshinones in the genus Salvia (family Lamiaceae) from China and its systematic significance (pages 118–122)
Min-Hui LI, Yong PENG and Pei-Gen XIAO

Circumscription of Primula subgenus Auganthus (Primulaceae) based on chloroplast DNA sequences (pages 123–132)
Hai-Fei YAN, Chong-Hua HE, Ching-I PENG, Chi-Ming HU and Gang HAO

Primary identifications and palynological observations of Perilla in China (pages 133–145)
Yan HU, Li-Wei SUN, , Yan-Xia ZHANG, Chun-Xiu WEN, Xiao-Liang XIE and Yu-Jun LIU

Hedychium menghaiense (Zingiberaceae), a new species from Yunnan, China (pages 146–151)
Xiu HU and Nian LIU


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