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Biology Bulletin - 37 (2), 2010

Contents [Volume 37, Number 2, 2010]

The conference “Scientific Heritage by Schmalhausen and Its Development” (Moscow, April 23–24, 2009)

Conference Proceedings

Correlation of ontogenetic and evolutionary processes in view of achievements of modern genetics: Role of gene duplication
N. D. Ozernyuk

Evo-devo and the I.I. Schmalhausen concept of the evolution of ontogeny
E. I. Vorob’eva

The wors of I.I. Schmalhousen on comparative morphology of vertebrates: Significance for paleontological reconstructions (Data on the seismo-sensory system of agnathans)
L. I. Novitskaya

The evolutionary reorganization of ontogeny and origin of multicellularity
I. V. Dovgal

Switching of early ontogeny type, its mechanism, and role in evolution of mollusca
V. V. Anistratenko

Theory of V.A. Dogiel on polymerization and oligomerization as a general integration concept
Yu. V. Mamkaev

Integrity principle of the evolution of associative centers in the vertebrate brain
S. V. Savel’ev

Recognition of adaptiveness and reconstruction of the adaptation process
F. Ya. Dzerzhinskii


Evolution rate nonuniformity in Drosophila virilis species group. II. Group of Drosophilas: Application of Tajima’s test
A. M. Kulikov, O. E. Lazebny, N. G. Gornostaev, A. I. Chekunova and V. G. Mitrofanov

Plant Physiology

Ability of winter wheat plants to become hardened against frost related to peculiarities of carbon dioxide exchange, biomass synthesis, and various forms of water-soluble carbohydrates
S. V. Klimov, E. A. Burakhanova, G. P. Alieva and T. A. Suvorova


Prospects of using the electrophoresis technique for identification of the taxonomic status of earthworms (Lumbricidae)
O. A. Shepeleva, O. P. Kodolova and B. R. Striganova

Direct and chemosignal-mediated effects of immune activation on behavior, glucocorticoid level, and body temperature in male mice during social conflict
I. E. Kolosova, D. V. Petrovski and M. P. Moshkin

Animal and Human Physiology

Influence of semax on the emotional state of white rats in the norm and against the background of cholecystokinin-tetrapeptide action
N. G. Levitskaya, D. A. Vilenskii, E. A. Sebentsova, L. A. Andreeva and A. A. Kamensky, et al.


Biological abilities and identification of the polyene antifungal antibiotic, perspective for protection from fungi biodeterioration
I. L. Kuzikova, V. I. Sukharevich, Yu. D. Shenin and N. G. Medvedeva


Work of the interdisciplinary seminar on developmental biology in 2008–2009
V. V. Terskikh, I. S. Zakharov, T. L. Marshak and N. K. Koltzov


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