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Biotropica - 42 (2), 2010



Macronutrient Regulation in the Tropical Terrestrial Ant Ectatomma ruidum (Formicidae): A Field Study in Costa Rica (pages 135–139)
Steven C. Cook and Spencer T. Behmer


Tropical Biology

Tree Diversity, Forest Structure and Productivity along Altitudinal and Topographical Gradients in a Species-Rich Ecuadorian Montane Rain Forest (pages 140–148)
Jürgen Homeier, Siegmar-W. Breckle, Sven Günter, Rütger T. Rollenbeck and Christoph Leuschner

Hurricane Disturbance Alters Secondary Forest Recovery in Puerto Rico (pages 149–157)
Dan F.B. Flynn, María Uriarte, Tanja Crk, John B. Pascarella, Jess K. Zimmerman, T. Mitchell Aide and Marcos A. Caraballo Ortiz

Edge Effects and Seedling Bank Depletion: The Role Played by the Early Successional Palm Attalea oleifera (Arecaceae) in the Atlantic Forest (pages 158–166)
Antônio Venceslau Aguiar and Marcelo Tabarelli

Palms Use a Bluffing Strategy to Avoid Seed Predation by Rats in Brazil (pages 167–173)
Constança De Sampaio e Paiva Camilo-Alves and Guilherme De Miranda Mourao

Seedling Mortality and Herbivory Damage in Subtropical and Temperate Populations: Testing the Hypothesis of Higher Herbivore Pressure Toward the Tropics (pages 174–179)
Ek Del-Val and Juan J. Armesto

Spatial Variation in the Strength of a Trophic Cascade Involving Ruellia nudiflora (Acanthaceae), an Insect Seed Predator and Associated Parasitoid Fauna in Mexico (pages 180–187)
Luis Abdala-Roberts, Víctor Parra-Tabla, Luis Salinas-Peba, Cecilia Díaz-Castelazo and Hugo Delfín-González

Resistance to Plant Invasion? A Native Specialist Herbivore Shows Preference for and Higher Fitness on an Introduced Host (pages 188–193)
Rodrigo Cogni

Arthropod Abundance and Diversity in a Lowland Tropical Forest Floor in Panama: The Role of Habitat Space vs. Nutrient Concentrations (pages 194–200)
Emma J. Sayer, Laura M. E. Sutcliffe, Rebecca I. C. Ross and Edmund V. J. Tanner

Male Body Size and Mating Success and Their Relation to Larval Host Plant History in the Moth Rothschildia lebeau in Costa Rican Dry Forest (pages 201–207)
Salvatore J. Agosta

Giant Tortoises as Ecological Engineers: A Long-term Quasi-experiment in the Galápagos Islands (pages 208–214)
James P. Gibbs, Eleanor J. Sterling and F. Javier Zabala

Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by the Lowland Tapir Tapirus terrestris in the Peruvian Amazon (pages 215–222)
Mathias W. Tobler, John P. Janovec and Fernando Cornejo

Spatial Patterns of Seed Dispersal by White-Faced Capuchins in Costa Rica: Evaluating Distant-Dependent Seed Mortality (pages 223–228)
Kim Valenta and Linda M. Fedigan

Bird Assemblage and Visitation Pattern at Fruiting Elmerrillia tsiampaca (Magnoliaceae) Trees in Papua New Guinea (pages 229–235)
Steffen Oppel and Andrew L. Mack

Bird Community Composition in a Shaded Coffee Agro-ecological Matrix in Puebla, Mexico: The Effects of Landscape Heterogeneity at Multiple Spatial Scales (pages 236–245)
Eurídice Leyequién, W.F. De Boer and Víctor M. Toledo

Flying Foxes Prefer to Forage in Farmland in a Tropical Dry Forest Landscape Mosaic in Fiji (pages 246–250)
Matthew Scott Luskin

Game Vertebrate Densities in Hunted and Nonhunted Forest Sites in Manu National Park, Peru (pages 251–261)
Whaldener Endo, Carlos A. Peres, Edith Salas, Sandra Mori, Jose-Luis Sanchez-Vega, Glenn H. Shepard, Victor Pacheco and Douglas W. Yu

Tropical Conservation

Plant Community Structure and Conservation of a Northern Peru Sclerophyllous Forest (pages 262–270)
Susan Aragón and Deborah W. Woodcock



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