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Biology Bulletin - 37 (4), 2010

Contents [Volume 37, Number 4, 2010]

Biology of the Cell

In vitro organotypic cultivation of adult newt and rat retinas
Yu. P. Novikova, K. S. Aleynikova, M. S. Krasnov, V. A. Poplinskaya and E. N. Grygoryan

Developmental Biology

Wound healing potential of chitosan and N-sulfosuccinoyl chitosan derivatives
T. P. Alekseeva, A. A. Rakhmetova, O. A. Bogoslovskaya, I. P. Olkhovskaya and A. N. Levov, et al.


The drug hypoxen: A new inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration and dehydrogenases
E. A. Kosenko, M. B. Abramova, N. I. Venediktova, I. I. Popova and Yu. G. Kaminskii


Chromosomal mutations in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) growing in a hydromorphic environment: First case of a giant chromosome detection
T. S. Sedelnikova and A. V. Pimenov


Testate amoebae inhabiting middle taiga bogs in Western Siberia
I. V. Kur’ina, Yu. I. Preis and A. A. Bobrov

Temporal dynamics of genetic diversity of Japanese scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis (Jay, 1856)
O. Yu. Pravdukhina and O. P. Kodolova

Termites (Isoptera) in forest ecosystems of Cat Tien National Park (Southern Vietnam)
N. V. Belyaeva and A. V. Tiunov

Human and Animal Physiology

Mechanisms of hypothalamic-pituitary and immune system regulation: The role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and immune mediators
M. S. Izvolskaya, V. S. Sharova and L. A. Zakharova

Protective antithrombotic effects of proline-containing peptides under the influence of stress on the animal organism
L. A. Lyapina, M. E. Grigor’eva, L. A. Andreeva and N. F. Myasoedov


Influence of ionizing radiation on the formation of adult antennae in large fruit-tree tortrix Archips podana Scop. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)
T. A. Triselyova

Effect of nanoparticles on aquatic organisms
E. Yu. Krysanov, D. S. Pavlov, T. B. Demidova and Yu. Yu. Dgebuadze

Intraspecific variability of life strategies in boreal fishes inhabiting wide ranges
M. I. Shatunovskiy and G. I. Ruban

Organic substances in the artificial forest ecosystems created on overburden dumps of open-cut coal mines in Middle Siberia
L. S. Shugalei


Book review of Koryakov, D.E., and Zhimulev, I.F., Chromosomes: Structure and Functions, Editor-in-chief L.V. Visotskaya, Novosibirsk: Publishing House of the Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2009.
N. Sh. Bulatova and R. S. Nadzhafova

In memory of Il’ya Sergeevich Darevskii (1924–2009)
N. B. Ananeva


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