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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 56 (4), 2010

Classical Problems of Linear Acoustics and Wave Theory

The Use of the Boundary Element Method in Solving the Problems of Sound Scattering by an Elastic Noncircular Cylinder
I. S. Avdeev

Propagation Characteristics of Guided Waves in a Rod Surrounded by an Infinite Solid Medium
Hanyin Cui, Bixing Zhang, and Shunxin Ji

The Effect of a Surface Impedance Load on the Behavior of Quasi-Rayleigh Waves near a Cylindrical Cavity
V. V. Tyutekin, D. E. Syresin, and T. V. Zharnikov

Nonlinear and Linear Wave Phenomena in Narrow Pipes
O. V. Rudenko and A. B. Shvartsburg

Nonlinear Acoustics

Pulse Signal Detection in a Focal Area of a Convergent Wave Front
M. S. Deryabin, D. A. Kasyanov, and V. V. Kurin

Combined Manifestations of Sonoluminescence and Subharmonics in an Acoustic Field
V. A. Kanakov and D. A. Selivanovskii

Characteristic Features of Elastic Wave Propagation in a One-Dimensional Model of an Unconsolidated Medium
A. I. Korobov, Yu. A. Brazhkin, and E. S. Sovetskaya

Propagation of Weak Ultrasonic Pulses in an Intense Low-Frequency Wave Field in a Granite Resonator
V. E. Nazarov, A. B. Kolpakov, and A. V. Radostin

The 40th Anniversary of the Khokhlov-Zabolotskaya Equation
O. V. Rudenko

Distortion of the Focused Finite Amplitude Ultrasound Beam behind the Random Phase Layer
P. V. Yuldashev, L. M. Krutyansky, V. A. Khokhlova, A. P. Brysev, and F. V. Bunkin

Physical Acoustics

Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Quasi-Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators
V. F. Dmitriev and A. N. Noskov

Angular Distribution of Acoustic Radiation Created in Water by a Beam of Accelerated Protons
V. B. Bychkov, V. S. Demidov, E. V. Demidova, B. S. Ishkhanov, N. K. Krasnov, and V. E. Lukyashin

Experimental Analysis of Flexural Waves in River Ice
Yu. M. Zaslavskii and V. Yu. Zaslavskii

Generalization of Biot’s Equations with Allowance for Shear Relaxation of a Fluid
G. A. Maximov

Transmission Incoherent Ultrasonic Imaging of Planar Objects
D. Ya. Sukhanov and K. V. Barysheva

Resonance Dispersion of the Longitudinal Waves in Disperse Composites
V. S. Fedotovskii and T. N. Vereschagina

Ocean Acoustics and Underwater Sound

Methods of Measuring Frequency Shifts in the Interference Structure of the Sound Field in Oceanic Waveguides
V. M. Kuzkin and S. A. Pereselkov

Room Acoustics. Musical Acoustics

High-Frequency Modes in a Two-Dimensional Rectangular Room with Windows
E. D. Shabalina, N. V. Shirgina, and A. V. Shanin

Acoustic Signal Processing and Computer Simulation

Reflectivity Function Reconstruction Using Adaptive Lattice Deconvolution Technique
M. G. S. Ali

Modeling of the Exact Solution of the Inverse Scattering Problem by Functional Methods
V. A. Burov, S. N. Vecherin, S. A. Morozov, and O. D. Rumyantseva

On the Use of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Solving Integral Equations of Acoustic Scattering
M. Hesham and M. Hassanein

Acoustics of Living Systems. Biological Acoustics

Investigation into Transmission of Complex Sound Signals in the Human Respiratory System
V. I. Korenbaum, A. V. Nuzhdenko, A. A. Tagiltsev, and A. E. Kostiv

The Role of Spectral Components of the Head-Related Transfer Functions in Evaluation of the Virtual Sound Source Motion in the Vertical Plane
E. S. Malinina and I. G. Andreeva

Physical Foundations of Engineering Acoustics

The Self-Consistent Dynamic Problem of Estimating the Damage of a Material by an Acoustic Method
V. I. Erofeev and E. A. Nikitina

Identification of Nanocrystalline Media by Acoustic Spectroscopy Methods
A. I. Potapov†, I. S. Pavlov, and S. A. Lisina


Dmitrii Valerianovich Bazhenov (February 10, 1927–December 9, 2009)

Aleksandr Ivanovich Potapov (September 27, 1949–February 9, 2010)

Igor Alekseevich Urusovskii (On His 80th Birthday)



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