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Biology Bulletin - 37 (3), 2010

Contents [Volume 37, Number 3, 2010]:

Theoretical Biology

Oscillatory character of carbon metabolism in photosynthesis: Arguments and facts
A. A. Ivlev

Cell Biology

The retinal pigment epithelial cells of the adult newt and rat under conditions of in vitro organotypic culture
Yu. P. Novikova, K. S. Aleinikova, V. A. Poplinskaya and E. N. Grigoryan

Developmental Biology

Transcriptional factor Pitx2: Localization during triton retina regeneration
P. P. Avdonin, E. N. Grigoryan and Yu. V. Markitantova


The correlation between fish growth and several biochemical characteristics with reference to the steelhead Parasalmo mykiss Walb.
M. V. Churova, O. V. Meshcheryakova, N. N. Nemova and M. I. Shatunovskii


Variability of the antioxidant effect on survival: Modeling in drosophila lines with different lifespan and lgl-tumor suppressor dosage
N. Ya. Weisman, M. D. Golubovsky, N. K. Zenkov, E. B. Menshchikova and V. N. Pashin


Fungal to bacterial biomass ratio in the forests soil profile
N. D. Ananyeva, L. M. Polyanskaya, E. V. Stolnikova and D. G. Zvyagintzev

Transition of entheropathogenic and saprotrophic bacteria in the niche cycle: Animals-excrement-soil-plants-animals
A. A. Kupriyanov, A. M. Semenov and A. H. C. Van Bruggen

Plant Physiology

Role of differential expression of sdh1-1 and sdh1-2 genes in alteration of isoenzyme composition of succinate dehydrogenase in germinating maize seeds
A. T. Eprintsev, D. N. Fedorin, N. V. Selivanova, G. A. Akhmad and V. N. Popov


Structure of the glial cells in the nervous system of parasitic and free-living flatworms
N. M. Biserova, I. I. Gordeev, J. V. Korneva and M. M. Salnikova

The spatial organization of winter bird communities in the East European and West Siberian plains
L. G. Vartapetov and E. S. Preobrazhenskaya

Animal and Human Physiology

Coordination between locomotor and respiratory rhythms in the great ramshorn snail Planorbarius corneus: Transmitter-dependent modifications
V. V. Tsyganov

Influence of rabbit cold adaptation on the depressor muscarinic cholinergic reaction of the arterial pressure of the hind limb vessels and the small intestine in situ and the systemic arterial pressure
B. N. Manukhin, V. N. Anan’ev and O. V. Anan’eva

Short Communications

Influence of derivatives of arachidonic and docosohexaenic acids on AMPA receptors in Purkinje neurons and cognitive functions in mice
V. V. Grigoriev, I. V. Serkov, B. K. Beznosko, T. A. Ivanova and N. M. Gretskaya, et al.

Fibrinolytic and hypoglycemic effects of the Pro-Gly-Pro-Leu peptide during development of insulin-dependent diabetes in rats
L. A. Lyapina, N. F. Myasoedov, L. A. Andreeva, A. M. Ul’yanov and T. Yu. Obergan, et al.

Spatial distribution of Marmota baibacina and M. sibirica (Marmota, Sciuridae, Rodentia) in a zone of sympatry in Mongolian Altai: Bioacoustic analysis
O. V. Brandler, A. A. Nikol’sky and V. V. Kolesnikov



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