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Nordic Journal of Botany - 28 (1), 2010

Contents [Volume 28, Issue 1, 2010]:

Boreal Vascular Plant Taxonomy

On the distinction of Dactylorhiza baltica and D. pardalina (Orchidaceae) and the systematic affinities of geographically intermediate populations
Henrik A. Pedersen and Mikael Hedrén

African Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Three new or little-known Chassalia (Rubiaceae) species from west and central Africa
Olivier Lachenaud and Carel Jongkind

Asiatic Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Taxonomic studies in the genus Peristylus (Orchidaceae) in Thailand
Hubert Kurzweil

Helictotrichon uniyalii sp. nov. from Uttarakhand (India)
Manish K. Kandwal and B. K. Gupta

Sageretiasantapaui sp. nov. and S. devendrae sp. nov. (Rhamnaceae) from western Himalaya, India
Prashant K. Pusalkar and D. K. Singh

Pellionia ronganensis sp. nov. (Urticaceae) from Guangxi, China
Yi-Gang Wei and Wen-Tsai Wang

Orophea narasimhanii sp. nov. (Annonaceae) from Andaman Islands, India
K. Karthigeyan, R. Sumathi and J. Jayanthi

Mediterranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Dicoma chatanensis sp. nov. (Compositae) from Yemen, and notes on the other species of Dicomeae on the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra
Norbert Kilian

Morphological and anatomical characteristics and taxonomical significance of achene micromorphology of Achillea phrygia and A. gypsicola (Asteraceae), endemic to Turkey
Tulay Aytas Akcin and Adnan Akcin

Tanacetum joharchii sp. nov. (Asteraceae–Anthemideae) from Iran, and its taxonomic position based on molecular data
Ali Sonboli, Shahrokh Kazempour Osaloo, Hossein Riahi and Valiollah Mozaffarian

Neotropical Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Four new species and new records of Symplocos (Symplocaceae) from Peru and Bolivia, and a key to all species of Symplocos known to occur in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Bertil Stahl

Anatomy and Palynology

Germination of foliar viviparous buds in Bolbitis semicordata (Lomariopsidaceae); its ontogeny, vasculature and ecological significance
Abraham Mathew, Tensy Issac, A. G. Molly, Benoj Mathew and Abi N. Eldo

Morphology, anatomy, palynology and nutlet micromorphology of the rediscovered Turkish endemic Salvia ballsiana (Lamiaceae) and their taxonomic implications
Ahmet Kahraman, Musa Dogan, Ferhat Celep, Galip Akaydin and Mehmet Koyuncu

Conservation Biology

Distribution of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria (Nostocaceae) during rice cultivation in fertilized and unfertilized paddy fields
Kaushal Kishore Choudhary and Raageeva Bimal

Global Change

Low moisture availability reduces the positive effect of increased soil temperature on biomass production of white birch (Betula papyrifera) seedlings in ambient and elevated carbon dioxide concentration
Titus Fondo Ambebe and Qing-Lai Dang

Plant–Soil Interactions

Ecological distribution of terrestrial orchids in a south Brazilian Atlantic region
Fernando Souza Rocha and Jorge Luiz Waechter

Reproduction Biology

Male and female reproductive phenology and annual production of male cones in two natural populations of Cedrus deodara
V. P. Khanduri and C. M. Sharma

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