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BMC Plant Biology - 12 (April) , 2012


Phylogeographic analysis reveals significant spatial genetic structure of Incarvillea sinensis as a product of mountain building

Shaotian Chen, Yaowu Xing, Tao Su, Zhekun Zhou, Emeritus David L. Dilcher, Douglas E. Soltis

Chloroplastic Hsp100 chaperones ClpC2 and ClpD interact in vitro with a transit peptide only when it is located at the N-terminus of a protein

Eduardo M. Bruch, Germán L. Rosano, Eduardo A. Ceccarelli

Genome-wide association mapping of flowering time and northern corn leaf blight (Setosphaeria turcica) resistance in a vast commercial maize germplasm set

Delphine Van Inghelandt, Albrecht E. Melchinger, Jean-Pierre Martinant, Benjamin Stich

Experimental evidence for the ancestry of allotetraploid Trifolium repens and creation of synthetic forms with value for plant breeding

Warren M. Williams, Nicholas W. Ellison, Helal A. Ansari, Isabelle M. Verry, S. Hussain

Arabidopsis senescence-associated protein DMP1 is involved in membrane remodeling of the ER and tonoplast

Alexis Kasaras, Michael Melzer, Reinhard Kunze 

Transcriptome analysis of stem development in the tumourous stem mustard Brassica juncea var. tumida Tsen et Lee by RNA sequencing

Quan Sun, Guanfan Zhou, Yingfan Cai, Yonghong Fan, Xiaoyan Zhu, Yihua Liu, Xiaohong He, Jinjuan Shen, Huaizhong Jiang, Daiwen Hu, Zheng Pan, Liuxin Xiang, Guanghua He, Daiwen Dong, Jianping Yang

The family of Deg/HtrA proteases in plants

Holger Schuhmann, Pitter F. Huesgen, Iwona Adamska

Atypical DNA methylation of genes encoding cysteine-rich peptides in Arabidopsis thaliana

Wanhui You, Agata Tyczewska, Matthew Spencer, Lucia Daxinger, Marc W. Schmid, Ueli Grossniklaus, Stacey A. Simon, Blake C. Meyers, Antonius J.M. Matzke, Marjori Matzke

A quadruple mutant of Arabidopsis reveals a ß-carotene hydroxylation activity for LUT1/CYP97C1 and a regulatory role of xanthophylls on determination of the PSI/PSII ratio

Alessia Fiore, Luca Dall'Osto, Stefano Cazzaniga, Gianfranco Diretto, Giovanni Giuliano, Roberto Bassi

Loss of genetic diversity as a signature of apricot domestication and diffusion into the Mediterranean Basin

Hedia Bourguiba, Jean-Marc Audergon, Lamia Krichen, Neila Trifi-Farah, Ali Mamouni, Samia Trabelsi, Claudio D'Onofrio, Bayram M. Asma, Sylvain Santoni, Bouchaib Khadari

Changes in DNA methylation and transgenerational mobilization of a transposable element (mPing) by the topoisomerase II inhibitor, etoposide, in rice

Xuejiao Yang, Yingjie Yu, Lily Jiang, Xiuyun Lin, Chunyu Zhang, Xiufang Ou, Kenji Osabe, Bao Liu

Phenotypic plasticity, QTL mapping and genomic characterization of bud set in black popular

Francesco Fabbrini, Muriel Gaudet, Catherine Bastien, Giusi Zaina, Antoine Harfouche, Isacco Beritognolo, Nicolas Marron, Michele Morgante, Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza, Maurizio Sabatti

Generation and analysis of blueberry transcriptome sequences from leaves, developing fruit, and flower buds from cold acclimation through deacclimation

Lisa J. Rowland, Nadim Alkharouf, Omar Darwish, Elizabeth L. Ogden, James J. Polashock, Nahla V. Bassil, Dorrie Main

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