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Australasian Plant Disease Notes - 6, 2011


First report of Alternaria alternata causing discoloration on Amaranthus seeds in Argentina

María Cristina Noelting, Marina Noemí Sisterna, Gladys Lori, María Cristina Sandoval and María del Cármen Molina, et al.

Cladosporium oxysporum on Prunus nepalensis in India

P. Baiswar, S. Chandra, T. K. Bag, R. K. Patel and S. V. Ngachan, et al.

Gossypium robinsonii, an Australian wild cotton species is an asymptomatic host of the cotton leaf curl disease pathogen complex

M. T. Azhar, I. Amin, Z. I. Anjum and S. Mansoor

First report of a newly detected potyvirus, Commelina mild mosaic virus, infecting Commelina spp. in Australia

Linda Zheng, Mark Gibbs, Adrian Gibbs and Brendan Rodoni

First report of Panicum mosaic virus in buffalo grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) from Australia

John E. Thomas and Visnja Steele

First report of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides causing anthracnose on Blepharocalyx salicifolius in Argentina

Silvina Larran, José Vera Bahima and Gustavo Dal Bello

Detection of Cucumber mosaic virus on Clematis paniculata in lowland forest in New Zealand

Paul Leslie Guy

Elucidation of the taxonomy and pathological status of Pyricularia associated with banana blast in Australia

Mike F. Male, Yu Pei Tan, Lynton L. Vawdrey and Roger G. Shivas

First report of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ associated with Citrus decumana (Beejapuraka) in South India

Charith Raj Adkar-Purushothama, P. K. Maheshwar and G. R. Janardhana

A bacterial disease of hellebore caused by Pseudomonas viridiflava in New Zealand

Robert K. Taylor, Megan K. Romberg and Brett J. R. Alexander

First report of Groundnut Bud Necrosis Virus infecting Taro (Colocasia esculenta)

Y. Sivaprasad, B. V. Bhaskara Reddy, C. V. M. Naresh Kumar, K. Raja Reddy and D. V. R. Sai Gopal

First report of Alternaria sp. causing blight on Incarvillea emodi

V. Shanmugam, D. Dhyani and D. Ananthapadmanaban

First record of powdery mildew of castor- oil plant (Ricinus communis) caused by the anamorphic stage of Leveillula taurica in Iran

M. R. Mirzaee, S. A. Khodaparast, M. Mohseni, S. H. R. Ramazani and M. Soltani-Najafabadi

First report of Nectria haematococca causing root rot disease of physic nut (Jatropha curcas) in China

Yue-kai Wu, Guo-teng Ou and Jin-yong Yu

Meloidogyne paranaensis attacking coffee trees in Espirito Santo State, Brazil

A. F. Barros, R. D. L. Oliveira, L. Zambolim, A. O. Ferreira and R. R. Coutinho

First record of Pyricularia grisea causing leaf blight of Costus spiralis in Brazil

Eduardo A. Santana, Eduardo Guatimosim, Cicero A. G. Fuga, Chirlei Glienke and Robert Weingart Barreto

Powdery mildews observed on Onobrychis spp. in Turkey

Arzu Çelik, Aziz Karakaya, Süleyman Avci, Cengiz Sancak and Sebahattin Özcan

First report of Strawberry necrotic shock virus infecting strawberry (Fragaria vesca) from Australia

Murray Sharman, Fiona Constable, Ruvinda Perera and John E. Thomas

First report of Neofusicoccum parvum causing canker and die-back of Eucalyptus in Spain

Eugenia Iturritxa, Bernard Slippers, Nebai Mesanza and Michael J. Wingfield

First record of Colletotrichum sansevieriae on Sansevieria sp. (mother-in-law’s tongue) in Australia

R. Aldaoud, S. DeAlwis, S. Salib, J. H. Cunnington and S. Doughty

New races of Bremia lactucae on lettuce in Australia

D. S. Trimboli and Jacqueline Nieuwenhuis

Alternaria alternata causes pre-harvest discolouration in Backhousia myrtifolia leaf

Sarana Sommano, Daryl C. Joyce, Son Quang Dinh and Bruce D’Arcy

First report of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae causing kiwifruit bacterial canker in New Zealand

Kerry R. Everett, Robert K. Taylor, Megan K. Romberg, Jonathan Rees-George and Robert A. Fullerton, et al.

First report of algal leaf spot associated with Cephaleuros virescens on greenhouse-grown Ficus benghalensis in Korea

Kyung-Sook Han, Mi-Jeong Park, Ji-Hyun Park and Hyeon-Dong Shin

Plant-hyphomycete interactions in lowland central Burma

M. M. Thaung

First report of the mycoparasite Verticillium epiphytum on Uromyces mucunae in India

P. Baiswar, S. Chandra, P. Chandra, K. P. Mohapatra and K. Bemkaireima, et al.

First report of Hemileia wrightiae on Wrightia spp. in Australia

J. R. Liberato and R. G. Shivas

Convolvulus arvensis, a new host for Alternaria solani causing early blight of Solanum lycopersicum in Pakistan

K. P. Akhtar, N. Sarwar, M. Y. Saleem and M. Asghar

First report of Phoma clematidina the cause of leaf spot-wilt disease of Clematis pubescens in Australia

H. Golzar, C. Wang and D. Willyams


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