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Biotropica - 44 (4), 2012


    Movement Patterns and Spatial Relationships Among African Forest Elephants (pages 445–448)

    Stephanie G. Schuttler, Stephen Blake and Lori S. Eggert

    Impact of Past Forest Fires on Bird Populations in Flooded Forests of the Cuini River in the Lowland Amazon (pages 449–453)

    Camila D. Ritter, Christian B. Andretti and Bruce W. Nelson

    Ecology and Hybridization Potential of Two Sympatric Metallophytes, the Narrow Endemic Crepidorhopalon perennis (Linderniaceae) and its More Widespread Congener C. tenuis (pages 454–462)

    Michel-Pierre Faucon, Benedict M. Tshilong, Fabienne Van Rossum, Pierre Meerts, Guillaume Decocq and Grégory Mahy

    Vegetation Recovery 16 Years after Feral Pig Removal from a Wet Hawaiian Forest (pages 463–471)

    Rebecca J. Cole, Creighton M. Litton, Michael J. Koontz and Rhonda K. Loh

    Effects of Treefall Gap Disturbances on Ant Assemblages in a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest (pages 472–478)

    Margaret Patrick, David Fowler, Robert R. Dunn and Nathan J. Sanders

    Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by Brown Lemurs in a Malagasy Tropical Dry Forest (pages 479–488)

    Hiroki Sato

    The Effect of Spatial Structure of Pasture Tree Cover on Avian Frugivores in Eastern Amazonia (pages 489–497)

    Jesse R. Lasky and Timothy H. Keitt

    Emergent Impacts of Ant and Spider Interactions: Herbivory Reduction in a Tropical Savanna Tree (pages 498–505)

    Larissa Nahas, Marcelo O. Gonzaga and Kleber Del-Claro

    The ‘Island Rule’ Acting on Anuran Populations (Bufonidae: Rhinella ornata) of the Southern Hemisphere (pages 506–511)

    Rachel Montesinos, Hélio Ricardo da Silva and André Luiz Gomes de Carvalho

    Air-breathing Behavior of the Jeju Fish Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus in Amazonian Streams (pages 512–520)

    Joao Alves de Lima Filho, Jhany Martins, Rafael Arruda and Lucélia Nobre Carvalho

    Hydrologic Connectivity Affects Fish Assemblage Structure, Diversity, and Ecological Traits in the Unregulated Gambia River, West Africa (pages 521–530)

    Seth M. White, Markéta Ondračková and Martin Reichard

    Studying Large Mammals With Imperfect Detection: Status and Habitat Preferences of Wild Cattle and Large Carnivores in Eastern Cambodia (pages 531–536)

    Thomas N. E. Gray

    The Influence of Habitat, Season, and Detectability on Abundance Estimates across an Amazonian Parrot Assemblage (pages 537–544)

    Alan T. K. Lee and Stuart J. Marsden

    Avian Composition Co-varies with Floristic Composition and Soil Nutrient Concentration in Amazonian Upland Forests (pages 545–553)

    Lars Y. Pomara, Kalle Ruokolainen, Hanna Tuomisto and Kenneth R. Young

    Moving Day and Night: Highly Labile Diel Activity Patterns in a Tropical Snake (pages 554–559)

    Rickard Abom, Kris Bell, Lauren Hodgson and Lin Schwarzkopf

    The Impact of Forest Disturbance on the Seasonal Foraging Ecology of a Critically Endangered African Primate (pages 560–568)

    Claire E. Bracebridge, Tim R. Davenport and Stuart J. Marsden

    Conservation Implications of Rapid Shifts in the Trade of Wild African and Asian Pythons (pages 569–573)

    Luca Luiselli, Xavier Bonnet, Massimiliano Rocco and Giovanni Amori


American Journal of Botany 99 (2), 2012


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