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Behavioral Ecology and Socjobiology - 66 (6), 2012


Female philopatry and its social benefits among Bornean orangutans

Maria A. van Noordwijk, Natasha Arora, Erik P. Willems, Lynda P. Dunkel and Rahmalia N. Amda, et al.

Leading from the front? Social networks in navigating groups

Nikolai W. F. Bode, Daniel W. Franks and A. Jamie Wood

Cooperative web sharing against predators promotes group living in spider mites

Shuichi Yano

Adoption and cuckoldry lead to alloparental care in the tessellated darter (Etheostoma olmstedi), a non-group-living species with no evidence of nest site limitation

Kelly A. Stiver, Stephen H. Wolff and Suzanne H. Alonzo

Behavioral responses of territorial red squirrels to natural and experimental variation in population density

Ben Dantzer, Stan Boutin, Murray M. Humphries and Andrew G. McAdam

Vortex formation and foraging in polyphenic spadefoot toad tadpoles

Sepideh Bazazi, Karin S. Pfennig, Nils Olav Handegard and Iain D. Couzin

Do female zebrafish withhold reproductive resources for future mating opportunities?

Joseph B. T. Vaughan and Michael D. F. Thom

Racial mixing in South African honeybees: the effects of genotype mixing on reproductive traits of workers

Madeleine Beekman, Michael H. Allsopp, Michael J. Holmes, Julianne Lim and Lee-Ann Noach-Pienaar, et al.

"Cryptic" direct benefits of mate choice: choosy females experience reduced predation risk while in precopula

Rickey D. Cothran, Kristopher Chapman, Andy R. Stiff and Rick A. Relyea

Tracking migration routes and the annual cycle of a trans-Sahara songbird migrant

Heiko Schmaljohann, Martin Buchmann, James W. Fox and Franz Bairlein

Individual-level patterns of division of labor in honeybees highlight flexibility in colony-level developmental mechanisms

Brian R. Johnson and Elizabeth Frost

Look before you leap - individual variation in social vigilance shapes socio-spatial group properties in an agent-based model

Ellen Evers, Han de Vries, Berry M. Spruijt and Elisabeth H. M. Sterck

Evolution of self-organized division of labor in a response threshold model

Ana Duarte, Ido Pen, Laurent Keller and Franz J. Weissing

The anxious vole: the impact of group and gender on collective behavior under life-threat

David Eilam, Pazit Zadicario, Tom Genossar and Joel Mort

Giant pandas attend to androgen-related variation in male bleats

Benjamin D. Charlton, Ronald R. Swaisgood, Zhang Zhihe and Rebecca J. Snyder

Singing activity stimulates partner reproductive investment rather than increasing paternity success in zebra finches

Elisabeth Bolund, Holger Schielzeth and Wolfgang Forstmeier

A case for quantile regression in behavioral ecology: getting more out of flight initiation distance data

Simon Chamaillé-Jammes and Daniel T. Blumstein

Erratum to: How habitat affects the benefits of communication in collectively foraging honey bees

Matina C. Donaldson-Matasci and Anna Dornhaus



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