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Biology Bulletin - 38 (10)


    Adaptation of the flora to anthropogenic impact in the southern Volga Upland

    M. A. Berezutsky

    Role of herbaceous plant communities in biogenic cycles of chemical elements

    V. S. Bezel’ and T. V. Zhuikova

    Distribution and survival of the social vole in a clayey semidesert of the Trans-Volga region

    A. V. Bykov, N. P. Shabanova and O. A. Bukhareva

    Biphasic dependence of some ecomorphological and biochemical parameters of the birch leaf plate on the level of motor traffic pollution

    E. A. Erofeeva, V. S. Sukhov and M. M. Naumova

    Biological features of xylotrophic basidiomycete species from the right-bank Volga forest-steppe in nature and in culture

    G. V. Il’ina and Yu. S. Lykov

    Changes in resilience to fire disturbance in lowland pine forest ecosystems

    A. V. Konstantinov

    The current state of the Demoiselle crane population in the Transural steppe

    V. A. Korovin

    Plankton and ecological status of watercourses in territories of various types (an example of Voronezh oblast)

    A. V. Krylov, A. V. Romanenko, D. V. Trankvilevsky, M. I. Chubirko and J. I. Stepkin

    Elements of nitrogen cycle in landscapes of the Northern Caspian Lowland

    N. Yu. Kulakova and B. D. Abaturov

    The diet composition of the social vole at the beginning stage of colonization of a zonal plain in a clayey semidesert of the Trans-Volga region

    K. O. Larionov, A. V. Bykov, A. A. Vyshivkin and M. B. Shadrina

    Analysis of the microfabrics of reclaimed solonetzes at the Dzhanybek Research Station for evaluation of their ecological status

    M. P. Lebedeva and M. L. Sizemskaya

    Testate amoebae community structure in the moss biotopes of streams

    Yu. A. Mazei and O. I. Belyakova

    Dynamics of the mammal fauna in steppes of the Volga-Ural interfluve over the past century

    M. L. Oparin, O. S. Oparina, A. N. Matrosov and A. A. Kuznetsov

    Characteristics of plant communities containing St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) in the Saratov Region

    V. M. Parkhomenko and A. S. Kashin

    Climate-dependent changes in herbaceous vegetation on solonchakous solonetzes of the Northern Caspian Lowland

    M. K. Sapanov and M. L. Sizemskaya

    Industrial wetlands as refuges for bird biodiversity conservation in the forest-steppe zone

    S. N. Spiridonov, V. S. Sarychev, A. Yu. Okolelov, G. N. Isakov and E. A. Sukharev

    Landscape-ecological assessment of bird communities in the middle Aldan valley

    L. G. Vartapetov, N. N. Egorov and V. V. Okoneshnikov

    Changes in the species composition and trophic structure of soil macrofauna upon establishment of forest plantations in the Caspian semidesert

    T. S. Vsevolodova-Perel, M. L. Sizemskaya and A. V. Kolesnikov

    Diversity and structure of macrozoobenthic communities in the highly mineralized Khara River (territory adjacent to Lake Elton)

    T. D. Zinchenko, L. V. Golovatjuk, L. A. Vykhristjuk and V. K. Shitikov


American Journal of Botany 99 (5), 2012

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