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Biogeosciences - 9 (4), 2012


Experimental assessment of the effect of UVB radiation on plankton community metabolism along the Southeastern Pacific off Chile
N. Godoy, A. Canepa, S. Lasternas, E. Mayol, S. Ruíz-Halpern, S. Agustí, J. C. Castilla, and C. M. Duarte

Indirect drivers of plant diversity-productivity relationship in semiarid sandy grasslands
X. A. Zuo, J. M. H. Knops, X. Y. Zhao, H. L. Zhao, T. H. Zhang, Y. Q. Li, and Y. R. Guo

Is forest management a significant source of monoterpenes into the boreal atmosphere?
S. Haapanala, H. Hakola, H. Hellén, M. Vestenius, J. Levula, and J. Rinne

Size distribution of particles and zooplankton across the shelf-basin system in southeast Beaufort Sea: combined results from an Underwater Vision Profiler and vertical net tows
A. Forest, L. Stemmann, M. Picheral, L. Burdorf, D. Robert, L. Fortier, and M. Babin

Simulation of anthropogenic CO2 uptake in the CCSM3.1 ocean circulation-biogeochemical model: comparison with data-based estimates
S. Wang, J. K. Moore, F. W. Primeau, and S. Khatiwala

Nitrous oxide fluxes from tropical peat with different disturbance history and management
J. Jauhiainen, H. Silvennoinen, R. Hämäläinen, K. Kusin, S. Limin, R. J. Raison, and H. Vasander

Multifactor controls on terrestrial N2O flux over North America from 1979 through 2010
X. F. Xu, H. Q. Tian, G. S. Chen, M. L. Liu, W. Ren, C. Q. Lu, and C. Zhang

Temporal variability of live (stained) benthic foraminiferal faunas in a river-dominated shelf – Faunal response to rapid changes of the river influence (Rhône prodelta, NW Mediterranean)
A. Goineau, C. Fontanier, F. Jorissen, R. Buscail, P. Kerhervé, C. Cathalot, A. M. Pruski, F. Lantoine, S. Bourgeois, E. Metzger, E. Legrand, and C. Rabouille

Inferring Amazon leaf demography from satellite observations of leaf area index
S. Caldararu, P. I. Palmer, and D. W. Purves

Factors promoting larch dominance in central Siberia: fire versus growth performance and implications for carbon dynamics at the boundary of evergreen and deciduous conifers
E.-D. Schulze, C. Wirth, D. Mollicone, N. von Lüpke, W. Ziegler, F. Achard, M. Mund, A. Prokushkin, and S. Scherbina

Soil moisture control over autumn season methane flux, Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska
C. S. Sturtevant, W. C. Oechel, D. Zona, Y. Kim, and C. E. Emerson

Threshold of carbonate saturation state determined by CO2 control experiment
S. Yamamoto, H. Kayanne, M. Terai, A. Watanabe, K. Kato, A. Negishi, and K. Nozaki

Spatial variations of nitrogen trace gas emissions from tropical mountain forests in Nyungwe, Rwanda
N. Gharahi Ghehi, C. Werner, L. Cizungu Ntaboba, J. J. Mbonigaba Muhinda, E. Van Ranst, K. Butterbach-Bahl, R. Kiese, and P. Boeckx

Increasing iron concentrations in surface waters – a factor behind brownification?
E. S. Kritzberg and S. M. Ekström

Peat decomposition records in three pristine ombrotrophic bogs in southern Patagonia
T. Broder, C. Blodau, H. Biester, and K. H. Knorr

Greenhouse gas emissions from the grassy outdoor run of organic broilers
B. Meda, C. R. Flechard, K. Germain, P. Robin, C. Walter, and M. Hassouna

Interactions between uptake of amino acids and inorganic nitrogen in wheat plants
E. Gioseffi, A. de Neergaard, and J. K. Schjoerring

Dynamics of phytoplankton community structure in the South China Sea in response to the East Asian aerosol input
C. Guo, J. Yu, T.-Y. Ho, L. Wang, S. Song, L. Kong, and H. Liu

Investigating the stomatal, cuticular and soil ammonia fluxes over a growing tritical crop under high acidic loads
B. Loubet, C. Decuq, E. Personne, R. S. Massad, C. Flechard, O. Fanucci, N. Mascher, J.-C. Gueudet, S. Masson, B. Durand, S. Genermont, Y. Fauvel, and P. Cellier

The effect of meter-scale lateral oxygen gradients at the sediment-water interface on selected organic matter based alteration, productivity and temperature proxies
K. A. Bogus, K. A. F. Zonneveld, D. Fischer, S. Kasten, G. Bohrmann, and G. J. M. Versteegh

Dissolved organic matter in sea spray: a transfer study from marine surface water to aerosols
P. Schmitt-Kopplin, G. Liger-Belair, B. P. Koch, R. Flerus, G. Kattner, M. Harir, B. Kanawati, M. Lucio, D. Tziotis, N. Hertkorn, and I. Gebefügi


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