sobota, 15 września 2012

Biology Bulletin - 39 (2)


    Conference Materials

    Processes of scale formation in fish and Agnatha

    E. I. Vorob’eva

    Conference Materials

    Self-organization in biological systems

    V. V. Isaeva

    Conference Materials

    Mechano-geometric generative rules of morphogenesis

    L. V. Beloussov

    Conference Materials

    The origin of elementary units of multicellularity and development of a spatial organization of cell layers

    G. A. Savost’yanov

    Conference Materials

    Morphogenetic study of brachiopods

    G. A. Afanas’eva

    Conference Materials

    The morphogenesis of mammalian cutaneous glands in evolutionary perspective

    O. F. Chernova

    Conference Materials

    The anteroposterior axis in echinoderms and displacement of the mouth in their phylogeny and ontogeny

    S. V. Rozhnov

    Conference Materials

    Morphogenetic foundations for increased evolutionary complexity in the organization of thecate hydroids shoots (Cnidaria, Hydroidomedusa, Leptomedusae)

    I. A. Kosevich

    Conference Materials

    Gene expression modulation is an evolutionary resource of adaptive alterations in the morphogenesis of insect limbs

    Yu. E. Vorontsova, R. O. Cherezov, O. G. Zatsepina, M. S. Slezinger and B. A. Kuzin, et al.

    Conference Materials

    Ontophylogenetic studies of Paleozoic ammonoides

    T. B. Leonova

    Conference Materials

    Regulatory evolution, Hox genes, and larvae of bilateral animals

    N. I. Bakalenko, E. L. Novikova and M. A. Kulakova


American Journal of Botany 99 (2), 2012

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