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Biogeosciences - 9 (2), 2012


Carbon dioxide emissions from an Acacia plantation on peatland in Sumatra, Indonesia
J. Jauhiainen, A. Hooijer, and S. E. Page

Sensitivity analysis of the GEMS soil organic carbon model to land cover land use classification uncertainties under different climate scenarios in senegal
A. M. Dieye, D. P. Roy, N. P. Hanan, S. Liu, M. Hansen, and A. Touré

Estimating the near-surface permafrost-carbon feedback on global warming
T. Schneider von Deimling, M. Meinshausen, A. Levermann, V. Huber, K. Frieler, D. M. Lawrence, and V. Brovkin

A comparison of biogenic iron quotas during a diatom spring bloom using multiple approaches
A. L. King, S. A. Sanudo-Wilhelmy, P. W. Boyd, B. S. Twining, S. W. Wilhelm, C. Breene, M. J. Ellwood, and D. A. Hutchins

Chemodiversity of a Scots pine stand and implications for terpene air concentrations
J. Bäck, J. Aalto, M. Henriksson, H. Hakola, Q. He, and M. Boy

Detection of open water dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of land surface modelling at high latitudes
A. Bartsch, A. M. Trofaier, G. Hayman, D. Sabel, S. Schlaffer, D. B. Clark, and E. Blyth

Corrigendum to "Effects of climate variability and functional changes on the interannual variation of the carbon balance in a temperate deciduous forest" published in Biogeosciences, 9, 13–28, 2012
J. Wu, L. van der Linden, G. Lasslop, N. Carvalhais, K. Pilegaard, C. Beier, and A. Ibrom

Latitudinal differences in the amplitude of the OAE-2 carbon isotopic excursion: pCO2 and paleo productivity
E. C. van Bentum, G.-J. Reichart, A. Forster, and J. S. Sinninghe Damsté

Analyzing precipitationsheds to understand the vulnerability of rainfall dependent regions
P. W. Keys, R. J. van der Ent, L. J. Gordon, H. Hoff, R. Nikoli, and H. H. G. Savenije

The metabolic response of pteropods to acidification reflects natural CO2-exposure in oxygen minimum zones
A. E. Maas, K. F. Wishner, and B. A. Seibel

Use of a process-based model for assessing the methane budgets of global terrestrial ecosystems and evaluation of uncertainty
A. Ito and M. Inatomi

Coordination of physiological and structural traits in Amazon forest trees
S. Patino, N. M. Fyllas, T. R. Baker, R. Paiva, C. A. Quesada, A. J. B. Santos, M. Schwarz, H. ter Steege, O. L. Phillips, and J. Lloyd

Coupling of fog and marine microbial content in the near-shore coastal environment
M. E. Dueker, G. D. O'Mullan, K. C. Weathers, A. R. Juhl, and M. Uriarte

Increases in the abundance of microbial genes encoding halotolerance and photosynthesis along a sediment salinity gradient
T. C. Jeffries, J. R. Seymour, K. Newton, R. J. Smith, L. Seuront, and J. G. Mitchell

Gas properties of winter lake ice in Northern Sweden: implication for carbon gas release
T. Boereboom, M. Depoorter, S. Coppens, and J.-L. Tison

Responses of N2O and CH4 fluxes to fertilizer nitrogen addition rates in an irrigated wheat-maize cropping system in northern China
C. Liu, K. Wang, and X. Zheng

Corrigendum to "Responses of N2O and CH4 fluxes to fertilizer nitrogen addition rates in an irrigated wheat-maize cropping system in northern China" published in Biogeosciences, 9, 839–850, 2012
C. Liu, K. Wang, and X. Zheng

Free and protected soil organic carbon dynamics respond differently to abandonment of mountain grassland
S. Meyer, J. Leifeld, M. Bahn, and J. Fuhrer

Species-specific trajectories of nitrogen isotopes in Indiana hardwood forests, USA
K. K. McLauchlan and J. M. Craine


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