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Biogeosciences - 9 (6), 2012


A molecular perspective on the ageing of marine dissolved organic matter
R. Flerus, O. J. Lechtenfeld, B. P. Koch, S. L. McCallister, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, R. Benner, K. Kaiser, and G. Kattner

Oxygen exchange and ice melt measured at the ice-water interface by eddy correlation
M. H. Long, D. Koopmans, P. Berg, S. Rysgaard, R. N. Glud, and D. H. Sogaard

Apparent oxygen utilization rates calculated from tritium and helium-3 profiles at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study site
R. H. R. Stanley, S. C. Doney, W. J. Jenkins, and D. E. Lott, III

Organic matter dynamics and stable isotope signature as tracers of the sources of suspended sediment
Y. Schindler Wildhaber, R. Liechti, and C. Alewell

Differential long-term effects of climate change and management on stocks and distribution of soil organic carbon in productive grasslands
A. M. G. De Bruijn, P. Calanca, C. Ammann, and J. Fuhrer

Interaction between hydrocarbon seepage, chemosynthetic communities, and bottom water redox at cold seeps of the Makran accretionary prism: insights from habitat-specific pore water sampling and modeling
D. Fischer, H. Sahling, K. Nöthen, G. Bohrmann, M. Zabel, and S. Kasten

Snowpack concentrations and estimated fluxes of volatile organic compounds in a boreal forest
H. Aaltonen, J. Pumpanen, H. Hakola, T. Vesala, S. Rasmus, and J. Bäck

Organic matter sources, fluxes and greenhouse gas exchange in the Oubangui River (Congo River basin)
S. Bouillon, A. Yambélé, R. G. M. Spencer, D. P. Gillikin, P. J. Hernes, J. Six, R. Merckx, and A. V. Borges

On the uncertainty of phenological responses to climate change, and implications for a terrestrial biosphere model
M. Migliavacca, O. Sonnentag, T. F. Keenan, A. Cescatti, J. O'Keefe, and A. D. Richardson

Changes in the Adriatic oceanographic properties induced by the Eastern Mediterranean Transient
I. Vilibić, S. Matijević, J. Šepić, and G. Kušpilić

Contributions of ectomycorrhizal fungal mats to forest soil respiration
C. L. Phillips, L. A. Kluber, J. P. Martin, B. A. Caldwell, and B. J. Bond

Towards a merged satellite and in situ fluorescence ocean chlorophyll product
H. Lavigne, F. D'Ortenzio, H. Claustre, and A. Poteau

Remote sensing of coccolithophore blooms in selected oceanic regions using the PhytoDOAS method applied to hyper-spectral satellite data
A. Sadeghi, T. Dinter, M. Vountas, B. Taylor, M. Altenburg-Soppa, and A. Bracher

Revisiting land cover observation to address the needs of the climate modeling community
S. Bontemps, M. Herold, L. Kooistra, A. van Groenestijn, A. Hartley, O. Arino, I. Moreau, and P. Defourny

Dissolved organic carbon dynamics in a UK podzolic moorland catchment: linking storm hydrochemistry, flow path analysis and sorption experiments
M. I. Stutter, S. M. Dunn, and D. G. Lumsdon

Bacterial assemblages of the eastern Atlantic Ocean reveal both vertical and latitudinal biogeographic signatures
C. J. Friedline, R. B. Franklin, S. L. McCallister, and M. C. Rivera

Technical Note: Calibration and validation of geophysical observation models
M. S. Salama, R. Van der Velde, H. J. van der Woerd, J. C. Kromkamp, C. J. M. Philippart, A. T. Joseph, P. E. O'Neill, R. H. Lang, T. Gish, P. J. Werdell, and Z. Su

Basin-wide variations in Amazon forest structure and function are mediated by both soils and climate
C. A. Quesada, O. L. Phillips, M. Schwarz, C. I. Czimczik, T. R. Baker, S. Patino, N. M. Fyllas, M. G. Hodnett, R. Herrera, S. Almeida, E. Alvarez Dávila, A. Arneth, L. Arroyo, K. J. Chao, N. Dezzeo, T. Erwin, A. di Fiore, N. Higuchi, E. Honorio Coronado, E. M. Jimenez, T. Killeen, A. T. Lezama, G. Lloyd, G. López-González, F. J. Luizao, Y. Malhi, A. Monteagudo, D. A. Neill, P. Núnez Vargas, R. Paiva, J. Peacock, M. C. Penuela, A. Pena Cruz, N. Pitman, N. Priante Filho, A. Prieto, H. Ramírez, A. Rudas, R. Salomao, A. J. B. Santos, J. Schmerler, N. Silva, M. Silveira, R. Vásquez, I. Vieira, J. Terborgh, and J. Lloyd

Effects of elevated CO2 and N fertilization on plant and soil carbon pools of managed grasslands: a meta-analysis
W. M. A. Sillen and W. I. J. Dieleman

Activity and diversity of methane-oxidizing bacteria in glacier forefields on siliceous and calcareous bedrock
P. A. Nauer, B. Dam, W. Liesack, J. Zeyer, and M. H. Schroth

Novel water source for endolithic life in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert
J. Wierzchos, A. F. Davila, I. M. Sánchez-Almazo, M. Hajnos, R. Swieboda, and C. Ascaso

Organic and inorganic carbon in the topsoil of the Mongolian and Tibetan grasslands: pattern, control and implications
Y. Shi, F. Baumann, Y. Ma, C. Song, P. Kühn, T. Scholten, and J.-S. He

Direct observations of diel biological CO2 fixation on the Scotian Shelf, northwestern Atlantic Ocean
H. Thomas, S. E. Craig, B. J. W. Greenan, W. Burt, G. J. Herndl, S. Higginson, L. Salt, E. H. Shadwick, and J. Urrego-Blanco

Does atmospheric CO2 seasonality play an important role in governing the air-sea flux of CO2?
P. R. Halloran

Soil organic carbon storage changes in coastal wetlands of the modern Yellow River Delta from 2000 to 2009
J. Yu, Y. Wang, Y. Li, H. Dong, D. Zhou, G. Han, H. Wu, G. Wang, P. Mao, and Y. Gao

A global compilation of dissolved iron measurements: focus on distributions and processes in the Southern Ocean
A. Tagliabue, T. Mtshali, O. Aumont, A. R. Bowie, M. B. Klunder, A. N. Roychoudhury, and S. Swart

Calcium carbonate production response to future ocean warming and acidification
A. J. Pinsonneault, H. D. Matthews, E. D. Galbraith, and A. Schmittner

Impact of rapid sea-ice reduction in the Arctic Ocean on the rate of ocean acidification
A. Yamamoto, M. Kawamiya, A. Ishida, Y. Yamanaka, and S. Watanabe


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