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Systematic Botany - 36 (3), 2011


New Records of Chara (Chlorophyta, Characeae) for Subtropical Southern Brazil
Bueno, Norma Catarina; Prado, Joao Fernando; Meurer, Thamis; de Mattos Bicudo, Carlos Eduardo

Phylogeographic Patterns in Two Southern Hemisphere Species of Calyptrochaeta (Daltoniaceae, Bryophyta)
Pokorny, Lisa; Oliván, Gisela; Shaw, A.J.

Species Relationships and Farina Evolution in the Cheilanthoid Fern Genus Argyrochosma (Pteridaceae)
Sigel, Erin M.; Windham, Michael D.; Huiet, Layne; Yatskievych, George; Pryer, Kathleen M.

Revision of Adiantopsis radiata (Pteridaceae) with Descriptions of New Taxa with Palmately Compound Laminae
Link-Pérez, Melanie A.; Hickey, R. James

Open Access Pinus nelsonii and a Cladistic Analysis of Pinaceae Ovulate Cone Characters
Gernandt, David S.; León-Gómez, Calixto; Hernández-León, Sergio; Olson, Mark E.

Schisandra macrocarpa (Schisandraceae), a New Species from Yunnan Province, China
Lin, Qi; Shui, Yu-Min; Yang, Zhi-Rong

A New Species Of Caryota (Arecaceae, Coryphoideae) From Central And North Sulawesi
Jeanson, Marc L.; Yusuf, Zumaidar; Labat, Jean-Noel

Two New Species of Eriocaulon from the Tocantins-Araguaia River Basin, Brazil
de Oliveira, Adriana Luiza Ribeiro; Bove, Claudia Petean

Five New and Narrowly Distributed Species of Paepalanthus Section Diphyomene (Eriocaulaceae) from Central Brazil
Trovó, Marcelo; Sano, Paulo Takeo

Two New Species of Urochloa (Paniceae; Panicoideae; Poaceae) from Western Mexico and the Updated Checklist with a Key to Species of the Genus in Mexico
Sánchez-Ken, J. Gabriel

A Taxonomic Revision of Podalyria (Fabaceae)
Schutte-Vlok, Anne Lise; van Wyk, Ben-Erik

Evolution of Pollen/Ovule Ratios and Breeding System in Erodium (Geraniaceae)
Alarcón, María Luisa; Roquet, Cristina; Aldasoro, Juan José

Studies of Malagasy Eugenia (Myrtaceae) - II: Four New Species, Including One Eaten by Black Lemurs on Nosy Be
Snow, Neil

Phylogenetic Analyses of Eriotheca and Related Genera (Bombacoideae, Malvaceae)
Duarte, Marília C.; Esteves, Gerleni L.; Salatino, Maria Luiza F.; Walsh, Karen C.; Baum, David A.

Phylogenetic Relationships of Triplaris and Ruprechtia: Re-delimitation of the Recognized Genera and Two New Genera for Tribe Triplarideae (Polygonaceae)
Sanchez, Adriana; Kron, Kathleen A.

Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Mentzelia Section Bartonia (Loasaceae)
Schenk, John J.; Hufford, Larry

Impatiens shimianensis sp. nov. (Balsaminaceae): A New Species from Sichuan, China, based on Morphological and Molecular Evidence
Zhang, Jason Gechen; Zhang, Li-Bing

Matelea s. l. (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae) in the West Indies
Krings, Alexander

Independent Origin of Radial Floral Symmetry in the Gloxinieae (Gesnerioideae: Gesneriaceae) is Supported by the Rediscovery of Phinaea pulchella in Cuba
Clark, John L.; Roalson, Eric H.; Pritchard, Ross A.; Coleman, Cassandra L.; Teoh, View-Hune; Matos, Jesús

New Endemic Species of Capsicum (Solanaceae) from the Brazilian Caatinga: Comparison with the Re-circumscribed C. parvifolium
Barboza, Gloria E.; Agra, María F.; Romero, María V.; Scaldaferro, Marisel A.; Moscone, Eduardo A.

New Species of Chevreulia (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) from Brazil
Schneider, Angelo Alberto; Trevisan, Rafael; Boldrini, Ilsi Iob

Allocephalus gamolepis a New Genus and Species of Dipterocypselinae (Vernonieae, Asteraceae) from Central Brazil
de Azevedo Bringel, Joao Bernardo; Nakajima, Jimi Naoki; Robinson, Harold

A Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Study of the Genus Lilaeopsis (Apiaceae tribe Oenantheae)
Bone, Tiffany S.; Downie, Stephen R.; Affolter, James M.; Spalik, Krzysztof

Monophyly and Phylogenetic Relationships of Neotropical Schefflera (Araliaceae) based on Plastid and Nuclear Markers
Fiaschi, Pedro; Plunkett, Gregory M.

Book Reviews

Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia with Local Names and Uses
James, Shelley A.

Mapping Species Distributions: Spatial Inference and Prediction
Keating, Philip L.

A Natural History of the New World: The Ecology and Evolution of Plants in the Americas
Burney, David A.


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