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Forest Pathology - 41 (1-6), 2011

Forest Pathology - 41 (1), 2011



Cedrus libani: the most susceptible Turkish conifer species to local Heterobasidion isolates in spring inoculations (pages 1–6)

A. Lehtijärvi, A. G. Aday and H. T. Dogmuş-Lehtijärvi

Phenotypic differences among three clonal lineages of Phytophthora ramorum (pages 7–14)

M. Elliott, G. Sumampong, A. Varga, S. F. Shamoun, D. James, S. Masri and N. J. Grünwald

Rapid and accurate detection of Ceratocystis fagacearum from stained wood and soil by nested and real-time PCR (pages 15–21)

C. P. Wu, G. Y. Chen, B. Li, H. Su, Y. L. An, S. Z. Zhen and J. R. Ye

Effect of galls induced by Endocronartium harknessii on stem hydraulic conductivity and growth of lodgepole pine (pages 22–30)

J. M. Wolken and P. V. Blenis

Epidemiology of Armillaria root disease in Douglas-fir plantations in the cedar-hemlock zone of the southern interior of British Columbia (pages 31–40)

D. J. Morrison

Biological activity of soils under rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) affected by trunk phloem necrosis (pages 41–47)

A. Wongcharoen, A. Pando, D. Nandris, Y. Hanboonsoon, C. Hartmann and C. Rouland-Lefevre

Occurrence and pathogenicity of Neofusicoccum parvum and N. mangiferae on ornamental Tibouchina species (pages 48–51)

R. N. Heath, J. Roux, B. Slippers, A. Drenth, S. R. Pennycook, B. D. Wingfield and M. J. Wingfield

Differential effects of nutrient availability on the secondary metabolism of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) phloem and resistance to Diplodia pinea (pages 52–58)

C. Wallis, A. Eyles, R. A. Chorbadjian, K. Riedl, S. Schwartz, R. Hansen, D. Cipollini, D. A. Herms and P. Bonello

Variation in virulence of Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 in Macedonia (pages 59–65)

K. Sotirovski, D. Rigling, U. Heiniger and M. G. Milgroom

A multiplex one-step PCR method for the simultaneous identification of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, B. mucronatus and B. doui– three species within the xylophilus group (pages 66–69)

K. Zhuo, M. Luo, R. Q. Cui and J. L. Liao

Testing the effect of routine fungicide application on ectomycorrhiza formation on Pinus halepensis seedlings in a nursery (pages 70–74)

C. Carrillo, G. Diaz and M. Honrubia

Response of somatic embryos of Scots pine to fungal cell wall elicitors (pages 75–82)

J. Lu, T. Aronen, A. Pappinen and F. O. Asiegbu


Peter Schütt, 1926–2010 (pages 83–84)

O. Holdenrieder


Forest Pathology - 41 (2), 2011



Phytotoxins produced by the oak pathogen Discula quercina (pages 85–89)

L. Maddau, C. Perrone, A. Andolfi, E. Spanu, B. T. Linaldeddu and A. Evidente

Spatial distribution of Hevea brasiliensis trunk phloem necrosis within a plot: aggregation but no evidence of constraint on cumulated growth (pages 90–100)

F. C. Do, A. Pierret, P. Couteron, G. Lesturgez, L. Boithias, S. Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, J. Junjittakarn, S. Gonkhamdee, J. L. Maeght, C. Hartmann and D. Nandris

A Eucalyptus bacterial wilt isolate from South Africa is pathogenic on Arabidopsis and manipulates host defences (pages 101–113)

S. Naidoo, J. Fouché-Weich, P. Law, K. J. Denby, Y. Marco and D. K. Berger

Dormouse injuries predispose beech to infection by Neonectria ditissima (pages 114–119)

L. Montecchio, L. Scattolin and R. De Battisti

Ecology and distribution of Armillaria species in Norway (pages 120–132)

N. Keča and H. Solheim

Cryptic speciation in Hymenoscyphus albidus (pages 133–142)

V. Queloz, C. R. Grünig, R. Berndt, T. Kowalski, T. N. Sieber and O. Holdenrieder

Comparison of the gene expression profiles of resistant and non-resistant Japanese black pine inoculated with pine wood nematode using a modified LongSAGE technique (pages 143–155)

M. Nose and S. Shiraishi

Colonization and lignin decomposition of pine needle litter by Lophodermium pinastri (pages 156–162)

T. Osono and D. Hirose


Basidiocarp formation by Inonotus obliquus on a living paper birch tree (pages 163–164)

J. Y. Cha, S. Y. Lee, S. Y. Lee and K. W. Chun

Direct PCR-based method for detecting Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, the pine wood nematode in wood tissue of Pinus massoniana (pages 165–168)

Y. Q. Hu, X. C. Kong, X. R. Wang, T. K. Zhong, X. W. Zhu, M. M. Mota, L. L. Ren, S. Liu and C. Ma


Forest Pathology - 41 (3), 2011



First record of Chalara fraxinea in Finland and genetic variation among isolates sampled from Aland, mainland Finland, Estonia and Latvia (pages 169–174)

A. Rytkönen, A. Lilja, R. Drenkhan, T. Gaitnieks and J. Hantula

Diplodia scrobiculata found in the southern hemisphere (pages 175–181)

W. Bihon, B. Slippers, T. Burgess, M. J. Wingfield and B. D. Wingfield

Dutch elm disease has currently a low incidence on wych elm in Norway (pages 182–188)

H. Solheim, R. Eriksen and A. M. Hietala

Stimulatory effect of ammonium lignosulfonate on germination and growth of Phlebiopsis gigantea spores (pages 189–192)

M. T. Dumas

Variation of endophytic cork oak-associated fungal communities in relation to plant health and water stress (pages 193–201)

B. T. Linaldeddu, C. Sirca, D. Spano and A. Franceschini

Histological, physiological and molecular investigations of Fagus sylvatica seedlings infected with Phytophthora citricola (pages 202–211)

R. L. Portz, F. Fleischmann, J. Koehl, J. Fromm, D. Ernst, S. F. Pascholati and W. F. Osswald

Effect of planting Scots pine around Norway spruce stumps on the spread of Heterobasidion coll. (pages 212–220)

T. Möykkynen and T. Pukkala

Screening resistance of Dalbergia sissoo clones against Ganoderma lucidum root rot disease in field conditions (pages 221–226)

N. S. K. Harsh, S. Chandra and K. Uniyal

Evidence for the occurrence of induced resistance to pitch canker, caused by Gibberella circinata (anamorph Fusarium circinatum), in populations of Pinus radiata (pages 227–232)

T. R. Gordon, S. C. Kirkpatrick, B. J. Aegerter, A. J. Fisher, A. J. Storer and D. L. Wood

Molecular identification and characterization of a new phytoplasma strain associated with Chinese chestnut yellow crinkle disease in China (pages 233–236)

C. L. Lin, H. F. Li, G. Z. Zhang, W. Wei, X. Q. Zhu, Z. P. Li, H. Wang, Q. C. Xu, T. Zhou and G. Z. Tian

Susceptibility of Pedicularis spp. to Cronartium ribicola and C. flaccidum in Finland (pages 237–242)

J. Kaitera and R. Hiltunen

Gene flow and inter-sterility between allopatric and sympatric populations of Heterobasidion abietinum and H. parviporum in Europe (pages 243–252)

J. Oliva, P. Gonthier and J. Stenlid


Forest Pathology - 41 (4), 2011



Armillaria solidipes is not a replacement name for A. ostoyae (pages 253–254)

Richard S. Hunt, Duncan J. Morrison and Jean Bérubé


Cerato-platanin elicits transcription of defence-related genes earlier than Ceratocystis platani on Platanus acerifolia (pages 255–261)

R. Bernardi, I. Baccelli, L. Carresi, C. Comparini, L. Pazzagli and A. Scala

Effects of ectomycorrhizal fungi on damping-off and induction of pathogenesis-related proteins in Pinus tabulaeformis seedlings inoculated with Amanita vaginata (pages 262–269)

R.-Q. Zhang, M. Tang, H. Chen and Z.-Q. Tian

Genetic variation of Heterobasidion abietinum in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin (pages 270–280)

N. Luchi, D. Paffetti, K. Korhonen, J. Hantula and P. Capretti

The pathogenic potential of endophytic Botryosphaeriaceous fungi on Terminalia species in Cameroon (pages 281–292)

B.A.D. Begoude, B. Slippers, M.J. Wingfield and J. Roux

Spatial distribution of Raffaelea quercivora hyphae in transverse sections of seedlings of two Japanese oak species (pages 293–298)

M. Torii, Y. Matsuda, M. Murata and S. Ito

Biocontrol of Cytospora canker of poplar in north-east China with Trichoderma longibrachiatum (pages 299–307)

H. W. Yi and Y. J. Chi

Incidence and distribution of white pine blister rust in the high-elevation forests of California (pages 308–316)

P. E. Maloney

Fungal colonization of coastal Douglas-fir following mechanical commercial thinning damage (pages 317–324)

J. Kiser, J. J. Morrell and G. Filip

Fungal symbionts of siricid woodwasps: isolation techniques and identification (pages 325–333)

I. M. Thomsen and S. Harding

Fungal endophytes associated with Sonneratia (Sonneratiaceae) mangrove plants on the south coast of China (pages 334–340)

X.K. Xing, J. Chen, M.J. Xu, W.H. Lin and S.X. Guo


Forest Pathology - 41 (5), 2011



Use of fungal biosystematics and molecular genetics in detection and identification of wood-decay fungi for improved forest management (pages 341–348)

J. A. Glaeser and D. L. Lindner


Diplanetism and microcyclic sporulation in Phytophthora ramorum (pages 349–354)

E. Moralejo and E. Descals

Molecular identification of a phytoplasma associated with Elm witches’-broom in China (pages 355–360)

R. Gao, J. Wang, Y.-H. Shao, X.-D. Li, B.-H. Yang, W.-C. Chang, W.-J. Zhao and S.-F. Zhu

Needle blight of pine caused by two species of Dothistroma in Hungary (pages 361–369)

I. Barnes, T. Kirisits, M. J. Wingfield and B. D. Wingfield

Sources of Diplodia pinea endophytic infections in Pinus patula and P. radiata seedlings in South Africa (pages 370–375)

W. Bihon, B. Slippers, T. Burgess, M. J. Wingfield and B. D. Wingfield

A SCAR molecular marker to distinguish Bursaphelenchus mucronatus from the pinewood nematode, B. xylophilus (pages 376–381)

F.-M. Chen, S. Negi and J.-R. Ye

The role of yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus) in the decline affecting oak agroforestry ecosystems (pages 382–386)

M. S. Serrano, P. Fernández-Rebollo, P. De Vita, M. D. Carbonero and M. E. Sánchez

Detection of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus from old discs of dead Pinus armandii var. amamiana trees using a new detection kit (pages 387–391)

S. Kanetani, T. Kikuchi, M. Akiba, K. Nakamura, H. Ikegame and K. Tetsuka

A new species of Melampsora rust on Salix elbursensis from Iran (pages 392–397)

S. M. Damadi, M. H. Pei, J. A. Smith and M. Abbasi

Defence responses in plantation-grown Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens after artificial fungal inoculation (pages 398–406)

G. Deflorio, E. Franz, C. Beadle and C. Mohammed

Dothistromin biosynthesis genes allow inter- and intraspecific differentiation between Dothistroma pine needle blight fungi (pages 407–416)

R. L. Mcdougal, A. Schwelm and R. E. Bradshaw


Root and aerial infections of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana by Phytophthora lateralis: a new threat for European countries (pages 417–424)

C. Robin, D. Piou, N. Feau, G. Douzon, N. Schenck and E. M. Hansen

Yield reduction in spruce infected with Armillaria solidipes in the southern interior of British Columbia (pages 425–428)

M. G. Cruickshank


Forest Pathology - 41 (6), 2011



Ecology of Armillaria species on conifers in Japan (pages 429–437)

E. Hasegawa, Y. Ota, T. Hattori, N. Sahashi and T. Kikuchi

Pathogenic fungi associated with pre- and post-emergence seedling blight of pine and cypress in Fars Province, Iran (pages 438–443)

A. Zakeri, H. Hamzeharghani, Z. Banihashemi and S. H. Saadati

Assessment of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides as a biological control agent for management of hemlock dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium tsugense) (pages 444–452)

S. E. Askew, S. F. Shamoun and B. J. van der Kamp

Castilleja and Pedicularis confirmed as telial hosts for Cronartium ribicola in whitebark pine ecosystems of Oregon and Washington (pages 453–463)

R. L. Mulvey and E. M. Hansen

Relationship between field resistance to Phytophthora ramorum and constitutive phenolic chemistry of coast live oak (pages 464–469)

A. M. Nagle, B. A. Mcpherson, D. L. Wood, M. Garbelotto and P. Bonello

The efficacy of selected biological and chemical control agents against Heterobasidion abietinum on Abies cilicica (pages 470–476)

A. Lehtijärvi, H. T. Dogmuş-Lehtijärvi, A. G. Aday and F. Oskay

Inoculation of several Bursaphelenchus xylophilus group nematodes into adult trees of Pinus thunbergii and their survival in the trees (pages 477–481)

N. Maehara, T. Aikawa and N. Kanzaki

The distribution of closely related large genets of Heterobasidion parviporum in a Todo fir (Abies sachalinensis) stand in Hokkaido, Japan (pages 482–492)

S. Tokuda, Y. Ota, T. Hattori, E. Shoda-Kagaya and K. Sotome

A twig blight of understorey European beech (Fagus sylvatica) caused by soilborne Phytophthora spp. (pages 493–500)

J. Nechwatal, J. Hahn, A. Schönborn and G. Schmitz

Blue-stain infections in roots, stems and branches of declining Pinus sylvestris trees in a dry inner alpine valley in Switzerland (pages 501–509)

U. Heiniger, F. Theile, A. Rigling and D. Rigling

Phytophthora root and collar rot of mature Fraxinus excelsior in forest stands in Poland and Denmark (pages 510–519)

L. B. Orlikowski, M. Ptaszek, A. Rodziewicz, J. Nechwatal, K. Thinggaard and T. Jung


Nematology Monographs and Perspectives (page 520)

Michael Wilson

Nematology Monographs and Perspectives (page 521)

Michael Wilson


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