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Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 50 (1), 2012



Single-seeded InDel fingerprints in rice: An effective tool for indica–japonica rice classification and evolutionary studies (pages 1–11)

Ping LIU, Xing-Xing CAI and Bao-Rong LU

Molecular data do not support the current division of Orthotrichum (Bryophyta) species with immersed stomata (pages 12–24)

Jakub SAWICKI, Vítězslav PLÁŠEK and Monika SZCZECIŃSKA

Coexistence and geographical distribution of Leguminosae in an area of Atlantic forest in the semi-arid region of Brazil (pages 25–35)

Jacira R. LIMA, Vidal F. MANSANO and Francisca S. ARAÚJO

Deceit pollination and the effect of deforestation on reproduction in dioecious Schisandra sphenanthera (Schisandraceae) in central China (pages 36–44)

Wei DU, Lan-Jie HUANG and Xiao-Fan WANG

Population differentiation and phylogeographic pattern of a relict species, Conandron ramondioides (Gesneriaceae), revealed from sequence polymorphism and haplotypes of the CYCLOIDEA gene (pages 45–57)

Li-Hong XIAO, Zhi LI, Rui WANG and Yin-Zheng WANG

Karyomorphology of six taxa in Chrysanthemum sensu lato (Anthemideae) in Egypt and their genetic relationships by Giemsa C-banding (pages 58–63)

Magdy Hussein ABD EL-TWAB, Ahmad Mohammad M. MEKAWY and Mohammad Saad EL-KATATNY

Nujiangia (Orchidaceae: Orchideae): A new genus from the Himalayas (pages 64–71)

Xiao-Hua JIN, De-Zhu LI, Xiao-Guo XIANG, Yang-Jun LAI and Xiao-Chun SHI

A new species of the extinct genus Austrohamia (Cupressaceae s.l.) in the Daohugou Jurassic flora of China and its phytogeographical implications (pages 72–82)

Jian-Wei ZHANG, Ashalata D'ROZARIO, Li-Jun WANG, Ya LI and Jian-Xin YAO


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