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Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (1-6), 2011


Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (1), 2011



Early evolution of life cycles in embryophytes: A focus on the fossil evidence of gametophyte/sporophyte size and morphological complexity (pages 1–16)

Philippe GERRIENNE and Paul GONEZ

Evolutionary and ecological genomics of non-model plants (pages 17–24)



Integrating fossils in a molecular-based phylogeny and testing them as calibration points for divergence time estimates in Menispermaceae (pages 25–49)

Frédéric M.B. JACQUES, Wei WANG, Rosa Del C. ORTIZ, Hong-Lei LI, Zhe-Kun ZHOU and Zhi-Duan CHEN

Phylogenetic reconstruction of Chirita and allies (Gesneriaceae) with taxonomic treatments (pages 50–64)

Yin-Zheng WANG, Ru-Bing MAO, Yan LIU, Jia-Mei LI, Yang DONG, Zhen-Yu LI and James F. SMITH

Phylogenetic relationships among Hystrix species and related species based on expressed sequence tag-polymerase chain reaction (pages 65–71)

Rui-Wu YANG, Hisashi TSUJIMOTO, Chun-Bang DING, Li ZHANG, Xiao-Li WANG and Yong-Hong ZHOU

Genetic structure and phylogeography of a relict tree fern, Sphaeropteris brunoniana (Cyatheaceae) from China and Laos inferred from cpDNA sequence variations: Implications for conservation (pages 72–79)

Zi-Juan WANG and Kai-Yun GUAN


Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (2), 2011 (w numerze o Hoya ledongensis)



Features and distribution patterns of Chinese endemic seed plant species (pages 81–94)

Ji-Hong HUANG, Jian-Hua CHEN, Jun-Sheng YING and Ke-Ping MA

Relative importance of water, energy, and heterogeneity in determining regional pteridophyte and seed plant richness in China (pages 95–107)

Sheng-Bin CHEN, Gao-Ming JIANG, Zhi-Yun OUYANG, Wei-Hua XU and Yi XIAO

Chloroplast DNA variation and phylogeography of Ligularia tongolensis (Asteraceae), a species endemic to the Hengduan Mountains region of China (pages 108–119)

Jin-Feng WANG, Yue-Zhi PAN, Xun GONG, Yu-Chung CHIANG and Chiaki KURODA

Genetic structure and diversity of Shorea obtusa (Dipterocarpaceae) in Thailand (pages 120–125)

Chadaporn SENAKUN, Suchitra CHANGTRAGOON, Pairot PRAMUAL and Preecha PRATHEPHA

Diversity, distribution, and new phylogenetic information of calcareous dinoflagellates from the China Sea (pages 126–137)

Hai-Feng GU, Zhao-He LUO, Yan WANG and Dong-Zhao LAN

Molecular identification of species in Prunus sect. Persica (Rosaceae), with emphasis on evaluation of candidate barcodes for plants (pages 138–145)

Xu QUAN and Shi-Liang ZHOU

A taxonomic synopsis of the genus Campeiostachys Drobov (pages 146–159)

Bernard R. BAUM, Jun-Liang YANG, Chi YEN and Alex V. AGAFONOV


New species and nomenclatural action in Saussurea DC. (Asteraceae) (pages 160–161)

You-Sheng CHEN and Qi-Liang GAN

A new species of Apocynaceae from Hainan, China (page 161)

Shao-Yun HE, Ren-Chao ZHOU, Ping-Tao LI, Jia-Yi LIN and Wei WU

A new species of Tylophora from coral reef areas in Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan, China (page 162)

Yen-Hsueh TSENG, Chien-Ti CHAO and Hui-Wen LIN

Notes on Elatostema section Androsyce Wedd. (Urticaceae) (page 163)

Qi LIN, Lin-Dong DUAN, Zhi-Rong YANG and Yu-Min SHUI

Taxonomic circumscription of Sinojackia xylocarpa (Styracaceae) (pages 163–164)

Li-Qun LUO and Chi LUO

Chromosome report of Lycoris Herb. (Amaryllidaceae) (page 164)

Xiang-An HUANG, Mei-Fang DONG, Xiao-Hui WANG and Fu-De SHANG


Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (3), 2011



Plant DNA barcoding in China (pages 165–168)

De-Zhu LI, Jian-Quan LIU, Zhi-Duan CHEN, Hong WANG, Xue-Jun GE, Shi-Liang ZHOU, Lian-Ming GAO, Cheng-Xin FU and Shi-Lin CHEN


High universality of matK primers for barcoding gymnosperms (pages 169–175)

Yan LI, Lian-Ming GAO, Ram C. POUDEL, De-Zhu Li and Alan FORREST

New universal matK primers for DNA barcoding angiosperms (pages 176–181)

Jing YU, Jian-Hua XUE and Shi-Liang ZHOU

Are nuclear loci ideal for barcoding plants? A case study of genetic delimitation of two sister species using multiple loci and multiple intraspecific individuals (pages 182–188)

Qian WANG, Qiu-Shi YU and Jian-Quan LIU

Efficiency of DNA barcodes for species delimitation: A case in Pterygiella Oliv. (Orobanchaceae) (pages 189–202)

Li-Na DONG, Alexandra H. WORTLEY, Hong WANG, De-Zhu LI and Lu LU

Application of DNA barcodes in Hedyotis L. (Spermacoceae, Rubiaceae) (pages 203–212)

Xing GUO, Mark P. SIMMONS, Paul Pui-Hay BUT, Pang-Chui SHAW and Rui-Jiang WANG

Testing four proposed barcoding markers for the identification of species within Ligustrum L. (Oleaceae) (pages 213–224)

Jing GU, Jun-Xia SU, Ruo-Zhu LIN, Rui-Qi LI and Pei-Gen XIAO

DNA barcoding in closely related species: A case study of Primula L. sect. Proliferae Pax (Primulaceae) in China (pages 225–236)

Hai-Fei YAN, Gang HAO, Chi-Ming HU and Xue-Jun GE

Identification of species within Tetrastigma (Miq.) Planch. (Vitaceae) based on DNA barcoding techniques (pages 237–245)

Yuan-Miao FU, Wei-Mei JIANG and Cheng-Xin FU

Testing four barcoding markers for species identification of Potamogetonaceae (pages 246–251)

Zhi-Yuan DU, Alitong QIMIKE, Chun-Feng YANG, Jin-Ming CHEN and Qing-Feng WANG

Molecular identification of species in Juglandaceae: A tiered method (pages 252–260)

Xiao-Guo XIANG, Jing-Bo ZHANG, An-Ming LU and Rui-Qi LI

Testing the potential of proposed DNA barcodes for species identification of Zingiberaceae (pages 261–266)

Lin-Chun SHI, Jin ZHANG, Jian-Ping HAN, Jing-Yuan SONG, Hui YAO, Ying-Jie ZHU, Jia-Chun LI, Zhen-Zhong WANG, Wei XIAO, Yu-Lin LIN, Cai-Xiang XIE, Zhong-Zhi QIAN and Shi-Lin CHEN

Use of DNA barcode sensu lato to identify traditional Tibetan medicinal plant Gentianopsis paludosa (Gentianaceae) (pages 267–270)

Chun-Ying XUE and De-Zhu LI


Identification of herbal medicinal materials using DNA barcodes (pages 271–283)

Ming LI, Hui CAO, Paul Pui-Hay BUT and Pang-Chui SHAW


Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (4), 2011



A revision of Gynura (Asteraceae: Senecioneae) (pages 285–314)

Ongkarn VANIJAJIVA and Joachim W. KADEREIT

Revisiting taxonomy, morphological evolution, and fossil calibration strategies in Chloranthaceae (pages 315–329)

Qiang ZHANG, Alexandre ANTONELLI, Taylor S. FEILD and Hong-Zhi KONG

Pollination systems, biogeography, and divergence times of three allopatric species of Schisandra in North America, China, and Japan (pages 330–338)

Jian-Hua FAN, Leonard B. THIEN and Yi-Bo LUO

Chromosome counts and karyotypes in Chaetoseris and Stenoseris (Asteraceae-Cichorieae) from the Hengduan Mountains of SW China (pages 339–346)

Tao DENG, Ying MENG, Hang SUN and Ze-Long NIE

Physical mapping of repetitive sequences and genome analysis in six Elymus species by in situ hybridization (pages 347–352)

Quan-Wen DOU, Tong-Lin ZHANG and Hisashi TSUJIMOTO

An embryological study and systematic significance of the primitive gymnosperm Ginkgo biloba (pages 353–361)

Li WANG, Di WANG, Ming-Ming LIN, Yan LU, Xiao-Xue JIANG and Biao JIN

Pollen morphology of the family Cistaceae in Egypt and its systematic significance (pages 362–371)


A neotype for Colpodexylon gracilentum Dou (Lycopsida) from the Middle Devonian of North Xinjiang, China (pages 372–378)

Hong-He XU and Yi WANG


Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (5), 2011



Production of male flowers does not decrease with plant size in insect-pollinated Sagittaria trifolia, contrary to predictions of size-dependent sex allocation (pages 379–385)

Bing HAN, Xiao-Fan WANG and Shuang-Quan HUANG

Phylogeny and species delimitation of the C-genome diploid species in Oryza (pages 386–395)

Li-Li ZANG, Xin-Hui ZOU, Fu-Min ZHANG, Ziheng YANG and Song GE

Investigation of genome structure of a cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase locus in a basal angiosperm hardwood species, Liriodendron tulipifera L., reveals low synteny (pages 396–405)

Yi XU, Scott E. SCHLARBAUM and Haiying LIANG

Syncytes during male meiosis resulting in 2n pollen grain formation in Lindelofia longiflora var. falconeri (pages 406–410)

Vijay Kumar SINGHAL, Pawan Kumar RANA and Puneet KUMAR

DNA barcoding of Gaultheria L. in China (Ericaceae: Vaccinioideae) (pages 411–424)

He REN, Lu LU, Hong WANG and De-Zhu LI

DNA barcoding of Pedicularis L. (Orobanchaceae): Evaluating four universal barcode loci in a large and hemiparasitic genus (pages 425–437)

Wen-Bin YU, Pan-Hui HUANG, Richard H. REE, Min-Lu LIU, De-Zhu LI and Hong WANG

Natural hybridization and introgression in sympatric Ligularia species (Asteraceae, Senecioneae) (pages 438–448)

Jiao-Jun YU, Chiaki KURODA and Xun GONG

Confirmation of a natural hybrid species in Petrocosmea (Gesneriaceae) based on molecular and morphological evidence (pages 449–463)

Zhi-Jing QIU, Zu-Li YUAN, Zhen-Yu LI and Yin-Zheng WANG

Paeonia rotundiloba (D. Y. Hong) D. Y. Hong: A new status in tree peonies (Paeoniaceae) (pages 464–467)

De-Yuan HONG

Piper protrusum (Piperaceae), a new species from southern Thailand based on morphological and molecular evidence (pages 468–475)

Runglawan SUDMOON, Tawatchai TANEE and Arunrat CHAVEERACH

Durinskia baltica (Dinophyceae), a newly recorded species and genus from China, and its systematics (pages 476–485)

Qi ZHANG, Guo-Xiang LIU and Zheng-Yu HU

Internal valves in populations of Meridion circulare from the A’er Mountain region of northeastern China: Implications for taxonomy and systematics (pages 486–494)

J.P. KOCIOLEK, Yan LIU and Quanxi WANG

Taxonomic revision of the Calamagrostis epigeios complex with particular reference to China (pages 495–504)

Beata PASZKO and Haiying MA


A new species of Lathyrus L. (Fabaceae) from Turkey (page 505)

Hasan GENÇ and Ahmet ŞAHIN

Aspidistra hezhouensis (Ruscaceae s.l.), a new species from Guangxi, China (page 506)

Qi GAO and Yan LIU

A new synonym of Pedicularis cyathophylla (Orobanchaceae) (page 507)

Wen-Bin YU, Pan-Hui HUANG and Hong WANG

Validation of the name Callicarpa bodinieri var. iteophylla (Lamiaceae) (page 508)

Xiao-Ming PENG, Nan JIANG and Wen-Bin YU


Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 49 (6), 2011



Genetic differentiation of Wolffia globosa in China (pages 509–517)

Jun-Xia YUAN, Jin PAN, Bao-Sheng WANG and Da-Ming ZHANG

Genome differentiation in Magonoliaceae as revealed from meiotic pairing in interspecific and intergeneric hybrids (pages 518–527)

Shou-Zhou ZHANG, Ya-Ling WANG, Zi-Can HE and Erland EJDER

Evolutionary pattern of the regulatory network for flower development: Insights gained from a comparison of two Arabidopsis species (pages 528–538)

Yang LIU, Chun-Ce GUO, Gui-Xia XU, Hong-Yan SHAN and Hong-Zhi KONG

Pollen limitation and variation in floral longevity in gynodioecious Potentilla tanacetifolia (pages 539–545)

Hong YAO and Yi-Bo LUO

New insight into the phylogenetic and biogeographic history of genus Ficus: Vicariance played a relatively minor role compared with ecological opportunity and dispersal (pages 546–557)

Lei XU, Rhett D. HARRISON, Pei YANG and Da-Rong YANG

A taxonomic re-assessment in the Chinese Bupleurum (Apiaceae): Insights from morphology, nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer, and chloroplast (trnH-psbA, matK) sequences (pages 558–589)

Chang-Bao WANG, Xiang-Guang MA and Xing-Jin HE

Anatomical reinvestigation of Archaeopteris macilenta from the Upper Devonian (Frasnian) of South China (pages 590–597)

Yun GUO and De-Ming WANG

Low genetic diversity of symbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium) in scleractinian corals from tropical reefs in southern Hainan Island, China (pages 598–605)

Guo-Wei ZHOU and Hui HUANG

Morphology, phylogenetic position, and ecophysiology of Alexandrium ostenfeldii (Dinophyceae) from the Bohai Sea, China (pages 606–616)

Haifeng GU


Flora of the Pan-Himalayas: General guidelines (pages 617–624)


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