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HortScience - 46 (5-12), 2011

HortScience - 46 (5), 2011


Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Identification of Citrullus lanatus Germplasm Accessions Tolerant to Clomazone Herbicide
Howard F. Harrison, Jr., Chandrasekar S. Kousik, and Amnon Levi

Variation in the Breeding System of Prunella vulgaris L.
Luping Qu and Mark P. Widrlechner

Identification of Markers Linked to Seedlessness in Citrus kinokuni hort. ex Tanaka and Its Progeny Using Bulked Segregant Analysis
Dario J. Chavez and José X. Chaparro

Changes in Endogenous Auxin Concentration in Cultivars of Tomato Seedlings under Artificial Light
Eva María Almansa, Antonio Espín, Rosa María Chica, and María Teresa Lao

Crop Production

Image Analysis of Blush Coverage Extent and Measures of Categorical Blush Intensity in ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples
H.E. Winzeler and J.R. Schupp

Productivity, Oil Content, Composition, and Bioactivity of Oil-bearing Rose Accessions
Natasha Kovatcheva, Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, and Tess Astatkie

Impact of Different Cover Crops and Types of Transplanter Mounted Subsoiler Shanks on Tomato Yield
Ted S. Kornecki and Francisco J. Arriaga

Effect of Container Color on Substrate Temperatures and Growth of Red Maple and Redbud
John W. Markham III, Dale J. Bremer, Cheryl R. Boyer, and Kenneth R. Schroeder

The Effects of Slope and Channel Nutrient Solution Gap Number on the Yield of Tomato Crops by a Nutrient Film Technique System under a Warm Climate
Roberto López-Pozos, Gabino Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez, Rafael Pérez-Pacheco, and Miguel Urrestarazu

Disease and Pest Management

Field Survey and Fungicide Screening of Fungal Pathogens of Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) Fruit Rot in Hawaii
Lisa Keith, Tracie Matsumoto, Kate Nishijima, Marisa Wall, and Mike Nagao

Marketing and Economics

Generations X and Y Attitudes toward Fresh Flowers as Gifts: Implications for the Floral Industry
Alicia L. Rihn, Chengyan Yue, Bridget Behe, and Charles Hall

People–plant Relationships in an Office Workplace: Perceived Benefits for the Workplace and Employees
Jane Dyrhauge Thomsen, Hans K.H. Sonderstrup-Andersen, and Renate Müller

Propagation and Tissue Culture

Cardinal Temperatures and Thermal Time for Seed Germination of Brunonia australis (Goodeniaceae) and Calandrinia sp. (Portulacaceae)
Robyn L. Cave, Colin J. Birch, Graeme L. Hammer, John E. Erwin, and Margaret E. Johnston

Direct Shoot Bud Differentiation and Plantlet Regeneration from Leaf and Petiole Explants of Begonia tuberhybrida
Shadia Nada, Siva Chennareddy, Stephen Goldman, Sairam Rudrabhatla, Shobha Devi Potlakayala, Puthyaparambil Josekutty, and Karelia Deepkamal

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Biodigestion of Plant Material Can Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in a Red Beet Crop Sequence
Anita Gunnarsson, Börje Lindén, and Ulla Gertsson

Nitrogen:Phosphorus:Potassium Ratios Affect Production of Two Herbaceous Perennials
H.T. Kraus, S.L. Warren, G.J. Bjorkquist, A.W. Lowder, C.M. Tchir, and K.N. Walton

Pine Bark Substrates Amended with Parboiled Rice Hulls: Physical Properties and Growth of Container-grown Spirea during Long-term Nursery Production
Celina Gómez and James Robbins

Water and Nutrient Uptake and Use Efficiency with Partial Saturation Ebb and Flow Watering
Martin P.N. Gent and Richard J. McAvoy

Fertilizer, Irrigation, and Natural Ericaceous Root and Soil Inoculum (NERS): Effects on Container-grown Ericaceous Nursery Crop Biomass, Tissue Nutrient Concentration, and Leachate Nutrient Quality
Gladis M. Zinati, John Dighton, and Arend-Jan Both

Turf Management

Modeling Carbon Sequestration in Home Lawns
Gina Zirkle, Rattan Lal, and Bruce Augustin


‘Truhart-NR’, A Root-knot Nematode-resistant, Pimento-type Pepper
Richard L. Fery and Judy A. Thies

‘Victoria Red’ Grape
James N. Moore, John R. Clark, James Kamas, Larry Stein, Friench Tarkington, and Martha Tarkington


Use of a Chlorophyll Meter to Diagnose Nitrogen Status of ‘Fuyu’ Persimmon Leaves
Seong-Tae Choi, Doo-Sang Park, Seong-Mo Kang, and Soo-Jeong Park


Allen V. Barker

Book Review
Douglas A. Cox


HortScience - 46 (6), 2011


Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Select this article
Rain Damage to Strawberries Grown in Southeast Queensland: Evaluation and Genetic Control
Mark E. Herrington, Craig Hardner, Malcolm Wegener, Louella L. Woolcock, and Mark J. Dieters

Inheritance of Resistance in Melon PI 313970 to Cucurbit Powdery Mildew Incited by Podosphaera xanthii Race S
James D. McCreight and Michael D. Coffey

Physicochemical Fruit Characteristics of Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas L.) Genotypes from Serbia
Sandra M. Bijelić, Branislava R. Gološin, Jelena I. Ninić Todorović, Slobodan B. Cerović, and Boris M. Popović

Levels of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and Xanthomonas citri in Diverse Citrus Genotypes and Relevance to Potential Transmission from Pollinations
E.W. Stover and T.G. McCollum

Evaluation of Experimental Broccoli Hybrids Developed for Summer Production in the Eastern United States
Mark W. Farnham and Thomas Björkman

Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm resources

Rootstocks Affect Tree Growth, Yield, and Juice Quality of ‘Marsh’ Grapefruit
William S. Castle, Kim D. Bowman, James C. Baldwin, Jude W. Grosser, and Frederick G. Gmitter, Jr.

Crop Production

Substrate Amendment Effects on Potted Plant Production and Dry Weight Partition of Lantana camara
Panayiotis A. Nektarios, Serafim Kastritsis, Nikolaos Ntoulas, and Panayiota Tsiotsiopoulou

Influence of Plant Bioregulators on Pecan Flowering and Implications for Regulation of Pistillate Flower Initiation
Bruce W. Wood

Screening Ornamental Pepper Cultivars for Temperature Tolerance Using Pollen and Physiological Parameters
Bandara Gajanayake, Brian W. Trader, K. Raja Reddy, and Richard L. Harkess

Native Bees, Honeybees, and Pollination in Oregon Cranberries
Melissa Broussard, Sujaya Rao, William P. Stephen, and Linda White

A Calibrated Time Domain Transmissometry Soil Moisture Sensor Can Be Used for Precise Automated Irrigation of Container-grown Plants
Julián Miralles-Crespo and Marc W. van Iersel

Determining Freezing Injury from Changes in Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Potted Oleander Plants
Julián Miralles-Crespo, Juan Antonio Martínez-López, José Antonio Franco-Leemhuis, and Sebastián Banón-Arias

A Significant Loss in Photosynthetic Activity Associated with the Yellow Vine Syndrome of Cranberry
Fan Zhang, Zi Wei, Peter Jeranyama, Carolyn DeMoranville, and Harvey J.M. Hou

Characterization of Attributes Related to Fruit Size in Pomegranate
Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Zibin Zhang, Nadav Ravid, and Michael E. Wetzstein

Disease and Pest Management

In Vitro Fungicidal Activity of Calcium and Potassium Salts on Several Commercially Significant Plant Pathogens
Clive Kaiser, Philip B. Hamm, Stacy Gieck, Nicholas David, Lynn Long, Mekjell Meland, and J. Mark Christensen

Postharvest Biology and Technology

Influence of Packaging on Quality Retention of Longans (Dimocarpus longan) Under Constant and Fluctuating Postharvest Temperatures
Marisa M. Wall, Kate A. Nishijima, Lisa M. Keith, and Mike A. Nagao

Estimation of Certain Physical and Chemical Fruit Characteristics of Various Cherry Laurel (Laurocerasus officinalis Roem.) Genotypes
Ferit Celik, Sezai Ercisli, Suzan O. Yilmaz, and Attila Hegedus

Propagation and Tissue Culture

In Vitro Propagation of HS314 Rootstock (Prunus amygdalus × P. persica)
Jalil Dejampour, Islam Majidi, Solmaz Khosravi, Sevil Farhadi, and Atena Shadmehr

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Growth, Nutrient Uptake, and Yield Promotion of Broccoli by Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria with Manure
Ertan Yildirim, Huseyin Karlidag, Metin Turan, Atilla Dursun, and Fahrettin Goktepe

Turf Management

Evaluation of Olive Mill Waste Compost as a Soil Amendment for Cynodon dactylon Turf Establishment, Growth, and Anchorage
Nikolaos Ntoulas, Panayiotis A. Nektarios, and Glykeria Gogoula

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

PA-560, a Southern Root-knot Nematode-resistant, Yellow-fruited, Habanero-type Pepper
Richard L. Fery and Judy A. Thies

‘Bonita’ Sweetpotato
Don R. La Bonte, Christopher A. Clark, Tara P. Smith, and Arthur Q. Villordon

‘Leprechaun’ Aglaonema
Richard J. Henny and J. Chen

‘Smaragd’ Apple
V. Ognjanov

‘Ntoulia 1’ and ‘Ntoulia 2’ Cornelian Cherries (Cornus mas L.)
Thomas Sotiropoulos, Antonios Petridis, Nikolaos Koutinas, and Ioannis Therios

‘WA 5’ Apple
Kate M. Evans, Bruce H. Barritt, Bonnie S. Konishi, Marc A. Dilley, Lisa J. Brutcher, and Cameron P. Peace

Reported Deaths

Marvin C. Carbonneau



HortScience - 46 (7), 2011


Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Diversity Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh Ecotypes for Glucosinolates in Shoots and Seeds
Dilip R. Panthee, Dean A. Kopsell, and Carl E. Sams

Generation and Characterization of Transgenic Plum Lines Expressing gafp-1 with the bul409 Promoter
Hetal M. Kalariya, Guido Schnabel, Cesar Petri, and Ralph Scorza

In Vitro Mutation Induction of Saintpaulia Using Ethyl Methanesulfonate
Jong-Yi Fang and Siguina Traore

Crop Production

Influence of Summer Cover Crops and Mycorrhizal Fungi on Strawberry Production in the Southeastern United States
Benjamin C. Garland, Michelle S. Schroeder-Moreno, Gina E. Fernandez, and Nancy G. Creamer

Physiological Advantages of Grafted Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Seedlings under Low-temperature Storage in Darkness
Ming Ding, Beibei Bie, Wu Jiang, Qingqing Duan, Hongmei Du, and Danfeng Huang

Disease and Pest Management

Colonization of Citrus and Citrus-related Germplasm by Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)
Catherine J. Westbrook, David G. Hall, Ed Stover, Yong Ping Duan, and Richard F. Lee

Growth Regulators

Application of the Abscission Agent 5-Chloro-3-methyl-4-nitro-1H-pyrazole Does Not Affect Peel Integrity or Postharvest Decay of Mechanically Harvested Late-season Fruit of ‘Valencia’ Orange during the Normal Commercial Harvest-to-processing Period
Timothy M. Spann, Luis V. Pozo, Igor Kostenyuk, and Jacqueline K. Burns

Propagation and Tissue Culture

Micropropagation of Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’
Todd J. Rounsaville, Darren H. Touchell, Thomas G. Ranney, and Frank A. Blazich

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Foliar Applications of Urea Affect Nitrogen Reserves and Cold Acclimation of Sweet Cherries (Prunus avium L.) on Dwarfing Rootstocks
Theoharis Ouzounis and Gregory A. Lang

The Acidification of Sphagnum Moss Substrate during Phalaenopsis Cultivation
Wan-Yi Yen, Yao-Chien Alex Chang, and Yin-Tung Wang

Turf Management

Drought Tolerance Associated with Proline and Hormone Metabolism in Two Tall Fescue Cultivars
Da Man, Yong-Xia Bao, Lie-Bao Han, and Xunzhong Zhang

Low-input Performance of Zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.) Cultivars Maintained under Dense Tree Shade
B.G. Wherley, P. Skulkaew, A. Chandra, A.D. Genovesi, and M.C. Engelke

Evaluation of Salinity Tolerance of Prairie Junegrass, a Potential Low-maintenance Turfgrass Species
Sheng Wang, Qi Zhang, and Eric Watkins

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

‘Zhizun Qianban’: A Recognition of an Obscure Lotus (Nelumbo) Cultivar with an Interesting Legend
Daike Tian and Ken Tilt

‘Stolo’ Strawberry
Chaim Kempler, Hugh A. Daubeny, Brian Harding, Lisa Frey, Tom E. Baumann, Chad E. Finn, Shahrokh Khanizadeh, Andrew R. Jamieson, Kenna MacKenzie, Patrick P. Moore, and Mark Sweeney

UF 44-4: A Dwarf Red Lance-leaved Caladium Cultivar
Zhanao Deng and Brent K. Harbaugh

‘Bakirtzeika’: A Greek Sweet Cherry Cultivar
Ioannis Chatzicharissis, Konstantinos Kazantzis, Thomas Sotiropoulos, and Nikolaos Koutinas

UMH 1200, a Breeding Line within the Muchamiel Tomato Type Resistant to Three Viruses
Santiago García-Martínez, Adrián Grau, Aranzazu Alonso, Fernando Rubio, Manuel Valero, and Juan J. Ruiz


Interactive Effects of Light and Chilling on Peach Flower and Leaf Budbreak
William R. Okie and Bryan Blackburn


HortScience - 46 (8), 2011



Improvement of Horticultural Crops for Abiotic Stress Tolerance: An Introduction
Beiquan Mou

Physiological Research on Winter-hardiness: Deacclimation Resistance, Reacclimation Ability, Photoprotection Strategies, and a Cold Acclimation Protocol Design
Rajeev Arora and Lisa J. Rowland

Characterizing Water Use Efficiency and Water Deficit Responses in Apple (Malus ×domestica Borkh. and Malus sieversii Ledeb.) M. Roem.
Carole L. Bassett, D. Michael Glenn, Philip L. Forsline, Michael E. Wisniewski, and Robert E. Farrell, Jr

Options for Developing Salt-tolerant Crops
Wayne Loescher, Zhulong Chan, and Rebecca Grumet

Breeding Vegetables Adapted to High Temperatures: A Case Study with Broccoli
Mark W. Farnham and Thomas Bjorkman

Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Practical Breeding of Red-fleshed Apple: Cultivar Combination for Efficient Red-fleshed Progeny Production
Hitomi Umemura, Katsuhiro Shiratake, Shogo Matsumoto, Tsutomu Maejima, and Hiromitsu Komatsu

Mapping Genes Governing Flower and Seedcoat Color in Asparagus Bean (Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis) Based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and Simple Sequence Repeat Markers
Pei Xu, Tingting Hu, Yuejian Yang, Xiaohua Wu, Baogen Wang, Yonghua Liu, Dehui Qin, Jeffrey Ehlers, Timothy Close, Zhongfu Lu, and Guojing Li

Crop Production

Growth Responses to Wind Differ among Papaya Roots, Leaves, and Stems
Thomas E. Marler

Fertilizer Composition, Concentration, and Irrigation Method Affect Growth and Development of Oxalis regnellii and O. triangularis
Chad T. Miller, Neil S. Mattson, and William B. Miller

Differential Effects of Nitrogen Supply on Skin Pigmentation and Flesh Starch Breakdown of ‘Gala’ Apple
Huicong Wang and Lailiang Cheng

Frost Dehardening and Rehardening of Hydrangea macrophylla Stems and Buds
Majken Pagter and Michelle Williams

Postharvest Biology and Technology

Sensitivity of Potted Foliage Plant Genotypes to Ethylene and 1-Methylcyclopropene
Andrew J. Macnish, Ria T. Leonard, and Terril A. Nell

Propagation and Tissue Culture

In Vitro Regeneration through Direct Organogenesis from Protocorms of Oncidium tigrinum Llave & Lex. (Orchidaceae), an Endemic and Threatened Mexican Species
Martín Mata-Rosas, Rosario Julieta Baltazar-García, and Victor Manuel Chávez-Avila

Growth Characteristics and Ginsenosides Production of In Vitro Tissues of American Ginseng, Panax quinquefolius L.
Samuel G. Obae, Hillar Klandorf, and Todd P. West

In Vitro Regeneration of Triploid Plants of Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’ (Burning Bush) from Endosperm Tissues
Chandra Thammina, Mingyang He, Litang Lu, Kaishuang Cao, Hao Yu, Yongqin Chen, Liangtao Tian, Junmei Chen, Richard McAvoy, Donna Ellis, Degang Zhao, Yuejin Wang, Xian Zhang, and Yi Li

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Iron-[S,S']-EDDS (FeEDDS) Chelate as an Iron Source for Horticultural Crop Production: Marigold Growth and Nutrition, Spectral Properties, and Photodegradation
Joseph P. Albano

Nitrogen Contribution of Legume/Cereal Mixed Cover Crops and Organic Fertilizers to an Organic Broccoli Crop
Joji Muramoto, Richard F. Smith, Carol Shennan, Karen M. Klonsky, James Leap, Miriam Silva Ruiz, and Stephen R. Gliessman

Early Navel Orange Fruit Yield, Quality, and Maturity in Response to Late-season Water Stress
Craig E. Kallsen, Blake Sanden, and Mary Lu Arpaia

Differential Nutrient Uptake and Its Transport in Tomato Plants on Different Fertilizer Regimens
Takafumi Kinoshita and Masaharu Masuda

Long-term Effects of Four Groundcover Management Systems in an Apple Orchard
Amaya Atucha, Ian A. Merwin, and Michael G. Brown

Nitrogen Dynamics and Nutrient Budgets in Four Orchard Groundcover Management Systems
Amaya Atucha, Ian A. Merwin, Chandra K. Purohit, and Michael G. Brown

Turf Management

Effect of Genotype, Planting Date, and Spacing on Zoysiagrass Establishment from Vegetative Plugs
Bradley S. Sladek, Gerald M. Henry, and Dick L. Auld

Correlation of Three Salinity Tolerance Screening Methods for Cool-season Turfgrasses
Matthew J. Koch and Stacy A. Bonos

Irrigation Frequency and Amount Effect on Root Extension during Sod Establishment of Warm-season Grasses
Thomas R. Sinclair, Andrew Schreffler, Benjamin Wherley, and Michael D. Dukes

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

‘Lady Bird Johnson Royal Blue’ Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis Hook.)
Larry A. Stein, Jerry M. Parsons, and R. Daniel Lineberger


Green Roof Substrate Type and Depth Affect the Growth of the Native Species Dianthus fruticosus Under Reduced Irrigation Regimens
Panayiotis A. Nektarios, Ioannis Amountzias, Iro Kokkinou, and Nikolaos Ntoulas

Book Review

Book Review
Allen V. Barker


HortScience - 46 (9), 2011


Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Evaluating Winter-sown Onion Entries for Iris yellow spot virus Susceptibility
Mohsen Mohseni-Moghadam, Christopher S. Cramer, Robert L. Steiner, and Rebecca Creamer

Effect of Geographical Location, Year, and Cultivar on Survival of Malus sp. Dormant Buds Stored in Vapors of Liquid Nitrogen
Maria M. Jenderek, Phil Forsline, Joseph Postman, Ed Stover, and David Ellis

Genotypic and Phenotypic Variation among Pepper Accessions Resistant to Phytophthora capsici
Cecilia McGregor, Vickie Waters, Savithri Nambeesan, Dan MacLean, Byron L. Candole, and Patrick Conner

May Soil Solarization Reduce the Juvenile Period in Olive?
Milad El Riachy, Luis Rallo, Raúl de la Rosa, and Lorenzo León

Screening the USDA Watermelon Germplasm Collection for Drought Tolerance at the Seedling Stage
Haiying Zhang, Guoyi Gong, Shaogui Guo, Yi Ren, Yong Xu, and Kai-Shu Ling

Crop Production

Growth, Gas Exchange, Foliar Nitrogen Content, and Water Use of Subirrigated and Overhead-irrigated Populus tremuloides Michx. Seedlings
Anthony S. Davis, Matthew M. Aghai, Jeremiah R. Pinto, and Kent G. Apostol

Disease and Pest Management

Alternative Organic Fungicides for Apple Scab Management and Their Non-target Effects
Morgan L. Cromwell, Lorraine P. Berkett, Heather M. Darby, and Takamaru Ashikaga

Abundance of Citrus Leafminer Larvae on Citrus and Citrus-related Germplasm
Matthew L. Richardson, Catherine J. Westbrook, David G. Hall, Ed Stover, Yong Ping Duan, and Richard F. Lee

Growth Regulators

Height Control in Three Pepper Types Treated with Drench-applied Abscisic Acid
Christopher J. Biai, José G. Garzon, Jason A. Osborne, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Ronald J. Gehl, and Christopher C. Gunter

Foliar Application of Abscisic Acid Induces Dormancy Responses in Greenhouse-grown Grapevines
Yi Zhang, Tracey Mechlin, and Imed Dami

Postharvest Biology and Technology

Rabbiteye Blueberry Postharvest Fruit Quality and Stimulation of Ethylene Production by 1-Methylcyclopropene
Dan D. MacLean and D. Scott NeSmith

Hot Water Treatment and Pre-processing Storage Reduce Browning Development in Fresh-cut Potato Slices
Pavlos Tsouvaltzis, Angelos Deltsidis, and Jeffrey K. Brecht

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Estimating Daily Water Use of Two Petunia Cultivars Based on Plant and Environmental Factors
Jongyun Kim, Marc W. van Iersel, and Stephanie E. Burnett

Nitrogen Availability in Pecan Orchard Soil: Implications for Pecan Fertilizer Management
M. Lenny Wells

A Laboratory Device for Continual Measurement of Water Retention and Shrink/Swell Properties during Drying/Wetting Cycles
Guifang Qi, Jean-Charles Michel, Pascal Boivin, and Sylvain Charpentier

Response of Sophora secundiflora to Nitrogen Form and Rate
Genhua Niu, Denise Rodriguez, and Mengmeng Gu

Turf Management

Effects of Wastewater Sludge Topdressing on Color, Quality, and Clipping Yield of a Turfgrass Mixture
Ugur Bilgili, F. Olcay Topac-Sagban, Irfan Surer, Nejla Caliskan, Pervin Uzun, and Esvet Acikgoz

Zoysiagrass Genotypes Differ in Susceptibility to the Bluegrass Billbug, Sphenophorus parvulus
Jack D. Fry and Raymond A. Cloyd

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

USDA, ARS European Long Greenhouse Cucumber Inbred Backcross Line Population
Jack E. Staub and Isabelle Y. Delannay

‘Mountain Majesty’: A Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus-resistant Fresh-market Hybrid Tomato and Its Parents NC 714 and NC 1CS
Dilip R. Panthee and Randy G. Gardner

Green Leaf Lettuce Breeding Lines with Resistance to Corky Root, 06-831 and 06-833
Beiquan Mou

‘UF 85-5’: A Spotted Caladium Cultivar for Use in Containers and Sunny Landscapes
Zhanao Deng and Brent K. Harbaugh

‘Purple Haze’, ‘Miss Molly’, and ‘Ice Chip’ Buddleja
Dennis J. Werner and Layne K. Snelling


Models to Describe Cycas micronesica Leaf and Strobili Development
Thomas E. Marler and Nirmala Dongol

Book Review

Book Review
Marietta M. Loehrlein


HortScience - 46 (10), 2011


Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Incidence and Severity of Huanglongbing and Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus Titer among Field-infected Citrus Cultivars
Ed Stover and Greg McCollum

Sources of Resistance to Race 2WF Powdery Mildew in U.S. Watermelon Plant Introductions
Haiying Zhang, Shaogui Guo, Guoyi Gong, Yi Ren, Angela R. Davis, and Yong Xu

Fertility and Reproductive Pathways in Diploid and Triploid Miscanthus sinensis
Todd J. Rounsaville, Darren H. Touchell, and Thomas G. Ranney

Crop Production

Influence of Root Zone Calcium on Shoot Tip Necrosis and Apical Dominance of Potato Shoot: Simulation of This Disorder by Ethylene Glycol Tetra Acetic Acid and Prevention by Strontium
Senay Ozgen, James S. Busse, and Jiwan P. Palta

Rotation with Cover Crops Suppresses Weeds and Increases Plant Density and Yield of Strawberry
Dennis N. Portz and Gail R. Nonnecke

Application of Composted Poultry Litter as a Fertilizer for Landscape Bedding Plants
S. Christopher Marble, Jeff L. Sibley, Charles H. Gilliam, and H. Allen Torbert

Analysis of the Impact of Climatic Conditions on Floral Transformation in Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Leuchtfeuer’
Gilles Galopin, Laurent Crespel, Jean C. Mauget, and Philippe Morel

Disease and Pest Management

Susceptibility of Hazelnut Cultivars to Filbertworm, Cydia latiferreana
Ute Chambers, Vaughn M. Walton, and Shawn A. Mehlenbacher

Growth Regulators

Apple Fruitlet Ethylene Evolution and MdACO1, MdACS5A, and MdACS5B Expression after Application of Naphthaleneacetic Acid, 6-Benzyladenine, Ethephon, or Shading
Jure Kolarič, Irena Mavrič Pleško, Stanislav Tojnko, and Matej Stopar

Propagation and Tissue Culture

Substrates, Wounding, and Growth Regulator Concentrations Alter Adventitious Rooting of Baldcypress Cuttings
Andrew R. King, Michael A. Arnold, Douglas F. Welsh, and W. Todd Watson

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Impact of Root Growth on the Physical Properties of Peat Substrate under a Constant Water Regimen
Patrice Cannavo, Houda Hafdhi, and Jean-Charles Michel

Turf Management

Response of ‘Captiva’ St. Augustinegrass to Shade and Potassium
Xiaoya Cai, Laurie E. Trenholm, Jason Kruse, and Jerry B. Sartain

The Use of Soil Amendments to Improve Survival of Roadside Grasses
Rebecca Nelson Brown and Josef H. Gorres

Root Distribution and Tiller Densities of Creeping Bentgrass Cultivars and Greens-type Annual Bluegrass Cultivars in a Putting Green
Eric M. Lyons, Peter J. Landschoot, and David R. Huff

Stolon Growth and Tillering of Experimental Zoysiagrasses in Shade
David O. Okeyo, Jack D. Fry, Dale J. Bremer, Ambika Chandra, A. Dennis Genovesi, and Milton C. Engelke

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

USDA 846-1 Fractal Melon and Derived Recombinant Inbred Lines
Jack E. Staub, James D. McCreight, and Juan E. Zalapa

USDA, ARS EOM 402-10 High ß-Carotene Cucumber
Jack E. Staub, Philipp W. Simon, and Hugo E. Cuevas

USDA, ARS Cucumis hystrix-derived U.S. Processing Cucumber Inbred Backcross Line Population
Jack E. Staub, Isabelle Y. Delannay, and Jin-Feng Chen

Book Reviews

Book Reviews
Ashby Leavell

Book Reviews
Margie L. Stratton


HortScience - 46 (11), 2011



Horticultural Value of Wild Genetic Resources—Introduction to the Workshop
Gayle M. Volk and Christopher M. Richards

Collecting in Central Asia and the Caucasus: U.S. National Plant Germplasm System Plant Explorations
Barbara C. Hellier

From Villous Strawberry Shams to Hairy Huckleberries: The Wild Side of Berry Exploration
Kim E. Hummer

Use of Native Potatoes for Research and Breeding
John Bamberg and Alfonso del Rio

Integration of Georeferencing, Habitat, Sampling, and Genetic Data for Documentation of Wild Plant Genetic Resources
Gayle M. Volk and Christopher M. Richards

Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

Evaluation of a Subset of the Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme Core Collection for Horticultural Quality and Fruit Phenolic Content
Peter Boches, Brooke Peterschmidt, and James R. Myers

Screening and Characterization of 11 Novel Microsatellite Markers from Viburnum dilatatum
Deborah Dean, Phillip A. Wadl, Xinwang Wang, William E. Klingeman, Bonnie H. Ownley, Timothy A. Rinehart, Brian E. Scheffler, and Robert N. Trigiano

Cold Temperature Tolerance of Trunk and Root Tissues in One- or Two-year-old Apple Rootstocks
Renae E. Moran, Youping Sun, Fang Geng, Donglin Zhang, and Gennaro Fazio

Differences in Winter Browning among Japanese-cedar Cultivars Are Not Due to Variation in Ploidy Levels
Ryan N. Contreras, Ron Determann, and Mara Friddle

Pollination of ‘Hortblue Petite’ Blueberry: Evidence of Metaxenia in a New Ornamental Home-garden Cultivar
Shirley Miller, Peter Alspach, Jessica Scalzo, and John Meekings

Crop Production

Effects of Mycorrhizal Colonization on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching from Nursery Containers
Lea Corkidi, Donald J. Merhaut, Edith B. Allen, James Downer, Jeff Bohn, and Mike Evans

Late-season Strawberry Production Using Day-neutral Cultivars in High-elevation High Tunnels
Daniel Rowley, Brent L. Black, Dan Drost, and Dillon Feuz

Peach Blossom String Thinner Performance Improved with Selective Pruning
James R. Schupp and T. Auxt Baugher

Study on Shrimp Waste Water and Vermicompost as a Nutrient Source for Bell Peppers
Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Thomas E. Horgan, Tess Astatkie, Dolores Fratesi, and Charles C. Mischke

Phenology, Canopy Composition, and Fruit Quality of Yellow Pitaya in Tropical Taiwan
Yi-Lu Jiang, Tzong-Shyan Lin, Ching-Lung Lee, Chung-Ruey Yen, and Wen-Ju Yang

Disease and Pest Management

Screening Bermudagrass Germplasm Accessions for Tolerance to Sting Nematodes
Wenjing Pang, John E. Luc, William T. Crow, Kevin E. Kenworthy, Robert McSorley, and Robin M. Giblin-Davis

Common Smut Reduces Sweet Corn Yield and Ear Processing Quality
George H. Clough, Sarah Blatchford, and Philip B. Hamm

Growth Regulators

Determining the Effects of Abscisic Acid Drenches on Evapotranspiration and Leaf Gas Exchange of Tomato
Manuel G. Astacio and Marc W. van Iersel

Marketing and Economics

Investigating Factors Affecting the U.S. National Nursery Trade: The Implications of a Gravity Model
Xiaofang Guo, Chengyan Yue, and Charles R. Hall

Postharvest Biology and Technology

Storage Temperature and Moisture Content Affect Respiration and Survival of Ranunculus asiaticus Dry Tuberous Roots
Christopher B. Cerveny, William B. Miller, and Alan G. Taylor

Propagation and Tissue Culture

In Vitro Culture of Immature Zygotic Mango Embryos and Plantlet Development
Juan Bernardo Pérez-Hernández and María José Grajal-Martín

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Carbon, Nitrogen, and Orthophosphate Leaching from Soil under Single- and Mixed-species Landscapes
Tim R. Pannkuk, Jacqueline A. Aitkenhead-Peterson, Kurt Steinke, James C. Thomas, David R. Chalmers, and Richard H. White


Environmental Variance Components of Fruit Ripening Date as Used in Both Phenotypic and Marker-assisted Selection in Japanese Pear Breeding
Sogo Nishio, Masahiko Yamada, Yutaka Sawamura, Norio Takada, and Toshihiro Saito

Turf Management

Low-temperature Nitrogen Uptake and Use of Three Cool-season Turfgrasses under Controlled Environments
Daniel T. Lloyd, Douglas J. Soldat, and John C. Stier

Tolerance of Three Warm-season Turfgrasses to Increasing and Prolonged Soil Water Deficit
Sarah E. Cathey, Jason K. Kruse, Thomas R. Sinclair, and Michael D. Dukes

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

USDA, ARS Beit Alpha Cucumber Inbred Backcross Line Population
Jack E. Staub and Isabelle Y. Delannay

‘Summer Sunset™’: A New Ornamental Blueberry
D. Scott NeSmith and Mark K. Ehlenfeldt


The Role of Temperature in the Late-season Decline in Soluble Solids Content of Strawberry Fruit in a Subtropical Production System
Steven J. MacKenzie, Craig K. Chandler, Tomas Hasing, and Vance M. Whitaker

Reported Deaths

Robert E. “Dr. Bob” Gough (1949–2011)
William James Lamont, Jr.



HortScience - 46 (12), 2011


Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources

L-Citrulline Levels in Watermelon Cultigens Tested in Two Environments
Angela R. Davis, Charles L. Webber III, Wayne W. Fish, Todd C. Wehner, Stephen King, and Penelope Perkins-Veazie

Impact of Environments on the Accumulation of Capsaicinoids in Capsicum spp.
Tulsi Gurung, Suchila Techawongstien, Bhalang Suriharn, and Sungcom Techawongstien

Genetic Resistance in Melon PI 313970 to Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus
James D. McCreight and William M. Wintermantel

Crop Production

Development of Simple Bayesian Belief and Decision Networks as Interactive Visualization Tools for Determining Optimal In-row Spacing for ‘Beauregard’ Sweetpotato
Arthur Villordon, Ron Sheffield, Jose Rojas, and Yin-Lin Chiu

Effects of Irrigation Frequency and Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate on Water Stress, Nitrogen Uptake, and Plant Growth of Container-grown Rhododendron
Carolyn F. Scagel, Guihong Bi, Leslie H. Fuchigami, and Richard P. Regan

Effect of Plant Species and Benomyl on Lead Concentration and Removal from Lead-enriched Soil
Valtcho D. Zheljazkov and Tess Astatkie

Seasonal Variation in Glucosinolate Accumulation in Turnip Cultivars Grown with Colored Plastic Mulches
Veronica L. Justen, Jerry D. Cohen, Gary Gardner, and Vincent A. Fritz

Seedling Geranium Response to Nitrogen Deprivation and Subsequent Recovery in Hydroponic Culture
James C. Locke, James E. Altland, and Deanna M. Bobak

The Effect of Growth Medium Temperature on Corn Salad [Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr] Baby Leaf Yield and Quality
Luisa Dalla Costa, Nicola Tomasi, Stefano Gottardi, Francesco Iacuzzo, Giovanni Cortella, Lara Manzocco, Roberto Pinton, Tanja Mimmo, and Stefano Cesco

Disease and Pest Management

Host Plant Resistance to Tomato spotted wilt virus (Bunyaviridae: Tospovirus) in Tomato
David G. Riley, Shimat V. Joseph, W. Terry Kelley, Steve Olson, and John Scott

Acetic Acid Fumigation of Fruit Storage Bins to Control Diapausing Codling Moth Larvae
Paul Randall, Peter Sholberg, Gary Judd, and Joan Cossentine

Growth Regulators

Concentrated Exogenous Abscisic Acid Drenches Reduce Root Hydraulic Conductance and Cause Wilting in Tomato
Manuel G. Astacio and Marc W. van Iersel

Postharvest Biology and Technology

Changes in the Phytoremediation Potential of Indoor Plants with Exposure to Toluene
Kwang Jin Kim, Eun Ha Yoo, Myeong Il Jeong, Jeong Seob Song, Seung Youn Lee, and Stanley J. Kays

Propagation and Tissue Culture

Stimulation of Short-term Plant Growth by Glycerol Applied as Foliar Sprays and Drenches under Greenhouse Conditions
Brent Tisserat and Amy Stuff

A Simple and Efficient Protocol for Plant Regeneration and Genetic Transformation of Tomato cv. Micro-Tom from Leaf Explants
Abraham Cruz-Mendívil, Javier Rivera-López, Lourdes J. Germán-Báez, Melina López-Meyer, Sergio Hernández-Verdugo, José A. López-Valenzuela, Cuauhtémoc Reyes-Moreno, and Angel Valdez-Ortiz

Effects of Auxin and Cytokinin on In Vivo Adventitious Shoot Regeneration from Decapitated Tomato Plants
Takahiro Tezuka, Masashi Harada, Masahumi Johkan, Satoshi Yamasaki, Hideyuki Tanaka, and Masayuki Oda

In Vitro Selection of a Salt-tolerant Embryogenic Line in Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacq.)
Daniela Solís-Marroquín, Carlos Alberto Lecona-Guzmán, Adriana Canto-Flick, Jericó Jabín Bello-Bello, Nancy Santana-Buzzy, and Lourdes Iglesias-Andreu

Overcoming Dormancy and Enhancing Germination of Sphaeralcea munroana Seeds
Olga A. Kildisheva, R. Kasten Dumroese, and Anthony S. Davis

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

A Large-volume Rhizotron for Evaluating Root Growth Under Natural-like Soil Moisture Conditions
Dilma Daniela Silva and Richard C. Beeson, Jr.

Uptake and Distribution of Boron in Coconut and Paurotis Palms
Timothy K. Broschat

Soil Carbon Pools, Nitrogen Supply, and Tree Performance under Several Groundcovers and Compost Rates in a Newly Planted Apple Orchard
Dan TerAvest, Jeffrey L. Smith, Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, David Granatstein, Lori Hoagland, and John P. Reganold

Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

‘US Early Pride’, a Very Low-seeded, Early-maturing Mandarin Hybrid
T. Gregory McCollum and C. Jack Hearn

‘Puget Crimson’ Strawberry
Patrick P. Moore, Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt, Chad E. Finn, and Chaim Kempler

‘Sweet Bliss’ Strawberry
Chad E. Finn, Chaim Kempler, Patrick P. Moore, Bernadine C. Strik, Brian M. Yorgey, Robert R. Martin, and Gene J. Galletta


Determining Exercise Intensities of Gardening Tasks as a Physical Activity Using Metabolic Equivalents in Older Adults
Sin-Ae Park, Kwan-Suk Lee, and Ki-Cheol Son


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