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Journal of Ecology - 100 (1), 2012


Tansley's vision for Journal of Ecology, and a Centenary Celebration
Hutchings, Michael J.; Gibson, David J.; Bardgett, Richard D.; Rees, Mark; Newton, Erika; Baier, Andrea; Sandhu, Lauren

Root responses to nutrients and soil biota: drivers of species coexistence and ecosystem productivity
de Kroon, Hans; Hendriks, Marloes; van Ruijven, Jasper; Ravenek, Janneke; Padilla, Francisco M.; Jongejans, Eelke; Visser, Eric J. W.; Mommer, Liesje

Linking vegetation change, carbon sequestration and biodiversity: insights from island ecosystems in a long-term natural experiment
Wardle, David A.; Jonsson, Micael; Bansal, Sheel; Bardgett, Richard D.; Gundale, Michael J.; Metcalfe, Daniel B.

Ecosystem CO2 starvation and terrestrial silicate weathering: mechanisms and global-scale quantification during the late Miocene
Beerling, David J.; Taylor, Lyla L.; Bradshaw, Catherine D. C.; Lunt, Daniel J.; Valdes, Paul J.; Banwart, Steven A.; Pagani, Mark; Leake, Jonathan R.

A general integrative framework for modelling woody biomass production and carbon sequestration rates in forests
Coomes, David A.; Holdaway, Robert J.; Kobe, Richard K.; Lines, Emily R.; Allen, Robert B.

The productivity, metabolism and carbon cycle of tropical forest vegetation
Malhi, Yadvinder

Evolutionary changes in plant reproductive traits following habitat fragmentation and their consequences for population fitness
Jacquemyn, Hans; De Meester, Luc; Jongejans, Eelke; Honnay, Olivier

Metapopulations and metacommunities: combining spatial and temporal perspectives in plant ecology
Alexander, Helen M.; Foster, Bryan L.; Ballantyne, Ford; Collins, Cathy D.; Antonovics, Janis; Holt, Robert D.

Modelling spread of British wind-dispersed plants under future wind speeds in a changing climate
Bullock, James M.; White, Steven M.; Prudhomme, Christel; Tansey, Christine; Perea, Ramón; Hooftman, Danny A. P.

Invasions: the trail behind, the path ahead, and a test of a disturbing idea
Moles, Angela T.; Flores-Moreno, Habacuc; Bonser, Stephen P.; Warton, David I.; Helm, Aveliina; Warman, Laura; Eldridge, David J.; Jurado, Enrique; Hemmings, Frank A.; Reich, Peter B.; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Seabloom, Eric W.; Mayfield, Margaret M.; Sheil, Douglas; Djietror, Jonathan C.; Peri, Pablo L.; Enrico, Lucas; Cabido, Marcelo R.; Setterfield, Samantha A.; Lehmann, Caroline E. R.; Thomson, Fiona J.

How fundamental plant functional trait relationships scale-up to trade-offs and synergies in ecosystem services
Lavorel, Sandra; Grigulis, Karl

Journal of Ecology News
Hutchings, Michael J.; Gibson, David J.; Bardgett, Richard D.; Rees, Mark; Newton, Erika; Baier, Andrea; Sandhu, Lauren

Plasticity in leaf and stem nutrient resorption proficiency potentially reinforces plant-soil feedbacks and microscale heterogeneity in a semi-arid grassland
Lü, Xiao-Tao; Freschet, Grégoire T.; Flynn, Dan F. B.; Han, Xing-Guo

454-sequencing reveals stochastic local reassembly and high disturbance tolerance within arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities
Lekberg, Ylva; Schnoor, Tim; Kjoller, Rasmus; Gibbons, Sean M.; Hansen, Lars H.; Al-Soud, Waleed A.; Sorensen, Soren J.; Rosendahl, Soren

Interspecific differences in wood decay rates: insights from a new short-term method to study long-term wood decomposition
Freschet, Grégoire T.; Weedon, James T.; Aerts, Rien; van Hal, Jurgen R.; Cornelissen, Johannes H. C.

The more stems the merrier: advantages of multi-stemmed architecture for the demography of understorey trees in a temperate broadleaf woodland
Tanentzap, Andrew J.; Mountford, Edward P.; Cooke, Arnold S.; Coomes, David A.

Variable offspring size as an adaptation to environmental heterogeneity in a clonal plant species: integrating experimental and modelling approaches
Charpentier, Anne; Anand, Madhur; Bauch, Chris T.

Structure, composition and dynamics of a calcareous grassland metacommunity over a 70-year interval
Newton, Adrian C.; Walls, Robin M.; Golicher, Duncan; Keith, Sally A.; Diaz, Anita; Bullock, James M.

Evidence for assembly rules: limiting similarity within a saltmarsh
Wilson, J. Bastow; Stubbs, Wendy J.

Species traits and their non-additive interactions control the water economy of bryophyte cushions
Michel, Pascale; Lee, William G.; During, Heinjo J.; Cornelissen, Johannes H. C.

Termite activity, not grazing, is the main determinant of spatial variation in savanna herbaceous vegetation
Okullo, Paul; Moe, Stein R.

Context-dependent benefits from ant-plant mutualism in three sympatric varieties of Chamaecrista desvauxii
Baker-Méio, Beatriz; Marquis, Robert J.

Distribution patterns of tropical woody species in response to climatic and edaphic gradients
Toledo, Marisol; Pena-Claros, Marielos; Bongers, Frans; Alarcón, Alfredo; Balcázar, Julio; Chuvina, José; Leano, Claudio; Licona, Juan Carlos; Poorter, Lourens

Marked point pattern analysis on genetic paternity data for uncertainty assessment of pollen dispersal kernels
Niggemann, Marc; Wiegand, Thorsten; Robledo-Arnuncio, Juan J.; Bialozyt, Ronald

On the reliability of visual communication in vertebrate-dispersed fruits
Cazetta, Eliana; Galetti, Mauro; Rezende, Enrico L.; Schaefer, Hinrich Martin

Joint consequences of dispersal and niche overlap on local diversity and resource use
Gilbert, Benjamin


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