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Journal of Experimental Botany - 62 (11-15), 2011


Journal of Experimental Botany - 62 (11), 2011


Food systems transition and disruptive low carbon innovation: implications for a food security research agenda
Tyfield, David

China's success in increasing per capita food production
Zhang, Jianhua

An epigenetic view of plant cells cultured in vitro: somaclonal variation and beyond
Miguel, Clia; Marum, Liliana

The role of epigenetic processes in controlling flowering time in plants exposed to stress
Yaish, Mahmoud W.; Colasanti, Joseph; Rothstein, Steven J.

Popular maintains zinc homeostasis with heavy metal genes HMA4 and PCS1
Adams, Joshua P.; Adeli, Ardeshir; Hsu, Chuan-Yu; Harkess, Richard L.; Page, Grier P.; dePamphilis, Claude W.; Schultz, Emily B.; Yuceer, Cetin

The phosphatidylcholine-hydrolysing phospholipase C NPC4 plays a role in response of Arabidopsis roots to salt stress
Kocourkov, Daniela; Krkov, Zuzana; Pejchar, Pemysl; Veselkov, tpnka; Valentov, Olga; Wimalasekera, Rinukshi; Scherer, Gnther F. E.; Martinec, Jan

Genome-wide characterization of new and drought stress responsive microRNAs in Populus euphratica
Li, Bosheng; Qin, Yurong; Duan, Hui; Yin, Weilun; Xia, Xinli

Genetic dissection of vitamin E biosynthesis in tomato
Almeida, Juliana; Quadrana, Leandro; Ass, Ramn; Setta, Nathalia; de Godoy, Fabiana; Bermdez, Luisa; Otaiza, Santiago N.; Corra da Silva, Junia V.; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Carrari, Fernando; Rossi, Magdalena

Inter-species variation in the oligomeric states of the higher plant Calvin cycle enzymes glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and phosphoribulokinase
Howard, Thomas P.; Lloyd, Julie C.; Raines, Christine A.

A comparison of the low temperature transcriptomes and CBF regulons of three plant species that differ in freezing tolerance: Solanum commersonii, Solanum tuberosum, and Arabidopsis thaliana
Carvallo, Marcela A.; Pino, Mara-Teresa; Jekni, Zoran; Zou, Cheng; Doherty, Colleen J.; Shiu, Shin-Han; Chen, Tony H. H.; Thomashow, Michael F.

Dissecting the role of climacteric ethylene in kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis) ripening using a 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase knockdown line
Atkinson, Ross G.; Gunaseelan, Kularajathevan; Wang, Mindy Y.; Luo, Luke; Wang, Tianchi; Norling, Cara L.; Johnston, Sarah L.; Maddumage, Ratnasiri; Schrder, Roswitha; Schaffer, Robert J.

Characterization of a cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 (CCR1) mutant in maize: effects on lignification, fibre development, and global gene expression
Tamasloukht, Barek; Wong Quai Lam, Mary Sarah-Jane; Martinez, Yves; Tozo, Koffi; Barbier, Odile; Jourda, Cyril; Jauneau, Alain; Borderies, Gisle; Balzergue, Sandrine; Renou, Jean-Pierre; Huguet, Stphanie; Martinant, Jean Pierre; Tatout, Christophe; Lapierre, Catherine; Barrire, Yves; Goffner, Deborah; Pichon, Magalie

Exploring the neutral invertaseoxidative stress defence connection in Arabidopsis thaliana
Xiang, Li; Le Roy, Katrien; Bolouri-Moghaddam, Mohammad-Reza; Vanhaecke, Mieke; Lammens, Willem; Rolland, Filip; Van den Ende, Wim

Response of mitochondrial thioredoxin PsTrxo1, antioxidant enzymes, and respiration to salinity in pea (Pisum sativum L.) leaves
Mart, Mara C.; Florez-Sarasa, Igor; Camejo, Daymi; Ribas-Carb, Miquel; Lzaro, Juan J.; Sevilla, Francisca; Jimnez, Ana

NO synthase-generated NO acts downstream of auxin in regulating Fe-deficiency-induced root branching that enhances Fe-deficiency tolerance in tomato plants
Jin, Chong Wei; Du, Shao Ting; Shamsi, Imran Haider; Luo, Bing Fang; Lin, Xian Yong

Diurnal cycles of embolism formation and repair in petioles of grapevine (Vitis vinifera cv. Chasselas)
Zufferey, V.; Cochard, H.; Ameglio, T.; Spring, J.-L.; Viret, O.

The genetic architecture of branched-chain amino acid accumulation in tomato fruits
Kochevenko, Andrej; Fernie, Alisdair R.

Regulation of expression of starch synthesis genes by ethylene and ABA in relation to the development of rice inferior and superior spikelets
Zhu, Guohui; Ye, Nenghui; Yang, Jianchang; Peng, Xinxiang; Zhang, Jianhua

Dwarf alleles differentially affect barley root traits influencing nitrogen acquisition under low nutrient supply
Karley, A. J.; Valentine, T. A.; Squire, G. R.

New insights into globoids of protein storage vacuoles in wheat aleurone using synchrotron soft X-ray microscopy
Regvar, Marjana; Eichert, Diane; Kaulich, Burkhard; Gianoncelli, Alessandra; Pongrac, Paula; Vogel-Miku, Katarina; Kreft, Ivan

A costbenefit analysis of acclimation to low irradiance in tropical rainforest tree seedlings: leaf life span and payback time for leaf deployment
Coste, Sabrina; Roggy, Jean-Christophe; Schimann, Heidy; Epron, Daniel; Dreyer, Erwin

Does ear C sink strength contribute to overcoming photosynthetic acclimation of wheat plants exposed to elevated CO2?
Aranjuelo, Iker; Cabrera-Bosquet, Lloren; Morcuende, Rosa; Avice, Jean Christophe; Nogus, Salvador; Araus, Jos Luis; Martnez-Carrasco, Rafael; Prez, Pilar

Accumulation of the transcription factor ABA-insensitive (ABI)4 is tightly regulated post-transcriptionally
Finkelstein, Ruth; Lynch, Tim; Reeves, Wendy; Petitfils, Michelle; Mostachetti, Mike

YUCCA6 over-expression demonstrates auxin function in delaying leaf senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kim, Jeong Im; Murphy, Angus S.; Baek, Dongwon; Lee, Shin-Woo; Yun, Dae-Jin; Bressan, Ray A.; Narasimhan, Meena L.

Calculated activity of Mn2 at the outer surface of the root cell plasma membrane governs Mn nutrition of cowpea seedlings
Kopittke, Peter M.; Blamey, F. Pax C.; Wang, Peng; Menzies, Neal W.

Structural determinants crucial to the RNA chaperone activity of glycine-rich RNA-binding proteins 4 and 7 in Arabidopsis thaliana during the cold adaptation process
Kwak, Kyung Jin; Park, Su Jung; Han, Ji Hoon; Kim, Min Kyung; Oh, Seung Han; Han, Yeon Soo; Kang, Hunseung

Abscisic acid effects on activity and expression of barley (Hordeum vulgare) plastidial glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
Cardi, Manuela; Chibani, Kamel; Cafasso, Donata; Rouhier, Nicolas; Jacquot, Jean-Pierre; Esposito, Sergio

The RNA-mediated silencing of one of the Pin genes in allohexaploid wheat simultaneously decreases the expression of the other, and increases grain hardness
Gasparis, Sebastian; Orczyk, Waclaw; Zalewski, Wojciech; Nadolska-Orczyk, Anna

Drought-stress-induced up-regulation of CAM in seedlings of a tropical cactus, Opuntia elatior, operating predominantly in the C3 mode
Winter, Klaus; Garcia, Milton; Holtum, Joseph A. M.

A comparative study of melting and non-melting flesh peach cultivars reveals that during fruit ripening endo-polygalacturonase (endo-PG) is mainly involved in pericarp textural changes, not in firmness reduction
Ghiani, A.; Onelli, E.; Aina, R.; Cocucci, M.; Citterio, S.

Ntann12 annexin expression is induced by auxin in tobacco roots
Baucher, Marie; Oukouomi Lowe, Yves; Vandeputte, Olivier M.; Mukoko Bopopi, Johnny; Moussawi, Jihad; Vermeersch, Marjorie; Mol, Adeline; El Jaziri, Mondher; Hombl, Fabrice; Prez-Morga, David

Hydraulic conductance as well as nitrogen accumulation plays a role in the higher rate of leaf photosynthesis of the most productive variety of rice in Japan
Taylaran, Renante D.; Adachi, Shunsuke; Ookawa, Taiichiro; Usuda, Hideaki; Hirasawa, Tadashi


Journal of Experimental Botany - 62 (12), 2011


Reflections on food security under water scarcity
Fereres, Elas; Orgaz, Francisco; Gonzalez-Dugo, Victoria

The interplay between light and jasmonate signalling during defence and development
Kazan, Kemal; Manners, John M.

Quantifying immunogold localization on electron microscopic thin sections: a compendium of new approaches for plant cell biologists
Mayhew, Terry M.

Aquaporin-facilitated water uptake in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) roots
Knipfer, Thorsten; Besse, Matthieu; Verdeil, Jean-Luc; Fricke, Wieland

Developmental pattern of aquaporin expression in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) leaves
Besse, Matthieu; Knipfer, Thorsten; Miller, Anthony J.; Verdeil, Jean-Luc; Jahn, Thomas P.; Fricke, Wieland

Variation in carbon isotope discrimination in Cleistogenes squarrosa (Trin.) Keng: patterns and drivers at tiller, local, catchment, and regional scales
Yang, Hao; Auerswald, Karl; Bai, Yongfei; Wittmer, Maximilian H. O. M.; Schnyder, Hans

Differential drought-induced modulation of ozone tolerance in winter wheat species
Biswas, D. K.; Jiang, G. M.

Effects of partial root-zone irrigation on hydraulic conductivity in the soilroot system of maize plants
Hu, Tiantian; Kang, Shaozhong; Li, Fusheng; Zhang, Jianhua

Rubisco mutagenesis provides new insight into limitations on photosynthesis and growth in Synechocystis PCC6803
Marcus, Yehouda; Altman-Gueta, Hagit; Wolff, Yael; Gurevitz, Michael

Inflorescence of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.): a high ability to distribute its own assimilates
Vaillant-Gaveau, Nathalie; Maillard, Pascale; Wojnarowiez, Genevive; Gross, Patrick; Clment, Christophe; Fontaine, Florence

Regulation of L-ascorbic acid content in strawberry fruits
Cruz-Rus, Eduardo; Amaya, Iraida; Snchez-Sevilla, Jos F.; Botella, Miguel A.; Valpuesta, Victoriano

Suppression of gliadins results in altered protein body morphology in wheat
Gil-Humanes, Javier; Pistn, Fernando; Shewry, Peter R.; Tosi, Paola; Barro, Francisco

Root apoplastic barriers block Na+ transport to shoots in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Krishnamurthy, Pannaga; Ranathunge, Kosala; Nayak, Shraddha; Schreiber, Lukas; Mathew, M. K.

Overexpression of a Harpin-encoding gene hrf1 in rice enhances drought tolerance
Zhang, Lei; Xiao, Shanshan; Li, Wenqi; Feng, Wei; Li, Juan; Wu, Zhidan; Gao, Xuewen; Liu, Fengquan; Shao, Min

A conservative pattern of water use, rather than deep or profuse rooting, is critical for the terminal drought tolerance of chickpea
Zaman-Allah, Mainassara; Jenkinson, David M.; Vadez, Vincent

Interactive effects of elevated CO2, warming, and drought on photosynthesis of Deschampsia flexuosa in a temperate heath ecosystem
Albert, K. R.; Ro-Poulsen, H.; Mikkelsen, T. N.; Michelsen, A.; van der Linden, L.; Beier, C.

Acyl substrate preferences of an IAA-amido synthetase account for variations in grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berry ripening caused by different auxinic compounds indicating the importance of auxin conjugation in plant development
Buettcher, Christine; Boss, Paul K.; Davies, Christopher

Plants contain two SCO proteins that are differentially involved in cytochrome c oxidase function and copper and redox homeostasis
Attallah, Carolina V.; Welchen, Elina; Martin, Ana Paula; Spinelli, Silvana V.; Bonnard, Geraldine; Palatnik, Javier F.; Gonzalez, Daniel H.

Separating foliar physiology from morphology reveals the relative roles of vertically structured transpiration factors within red maple crowns and limitations of larger scale models
Bauerle, William L.; Bowden, Joseph D.

Identification of a novel -L-arabinofuranosidase gene associated with mealiness in apple
Nobile, Paula Macedo; Wattebled, Fabrice; Quecini, Vera; Girardi, Csar Luis; Lormeau, Maryline; Laurens, Franois

Resource partitioning to male and female flowers of Spinacia oleracea L. in relation to whole-plant monocarpic senescence
Sklensky, Diane E.; Davies, Peter J.

Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 maintains carbon delivery to Fusarium graminearum-infected roots and prevents reduction in biomass of barley shoots through systemic interactions
Henkes, Gunnar J.; Jousset, Alexandre; Bonkowski, Michael; Thorpe, Michael R.; Scheu, Stefan; Lanoue, Arnaud; Schurr, Ulrich; Rse, Ursula S. R.

Fruit ripening in Vitis vinifera: spatiotemporal relationships among turgor, sugar accumulation, and anthocyanin biosynthesis
Castellarin, Simone D.; Gambetta, Greg A.; Wada, Hiroshi; Shackel, Ken A.; Matthews, Mark A.

Two mitogen-activated protein kinase kinases, MKK1 and MEK2, are involved in wounding- and specialist lepidopteran herbivore Manduca sexta-induced responses in Nicotiana attenuata
Heinrich, Maria; Baldwin, Ian T.; Wu, Jianqiang

HYL1 regulates the balance between adaxial and abaxial identity for leaf flattening via miRNA-mediated pathways
Liu, Zhongyuan; Jia, Liguo; Wang, Han; He, Yuke

The hydraulic conductivity of the xylem in conifer needles (Picea abies and Pinus mugo)
Charra-Vaskou, Katline; Mayr, Stefan

The aromatic/arginine selectivity filter of NIP aquaporins plays a critical role in substrate selectivity for silicon, boron, and arsenic
Mitani-Ueno, Namiki; Yamaji, Naoki; Zhao, Fang-Jie; Ma, Jian Feng


Journal of Experimental Botany - 62 (13), 2011


Long-distance regulation of flowering time
Turnbull, Colin

Reproductive competence from an annual and a perennial perspective
Bergonzi, Sara; Albani, Maria C.

Increased glutamine in leaves of poplar transgenic with pine GS1a caused greater anthranilate synthetase -subunit (ASA1) transcript and protein abundances: an auxin-related mechanism for enhanced growth in GS transgenics?
Man, Huimin; Pollmann, Stephan; Weiler, Elmar W.; Kirby, Edward G.

Allelic interaction of F1 pollen sterility loci and abnormal chromosome behaviour caused pollen sterility in intersubspecific autotetraploid rice hybrids
He, J. H.; Shahid, M. Q.; Li, Y. J.; Guo, H. B.; Cheng, X. A.; Liu, X. D.; Lu, Y. G.

Polyamine-induced modulation of genes involved in ethylene biosynthesis and signalling pathways and nitric oxide production during olive mature fruit abscission
Parra-Lobato, Maria C.; Gomez-Jimenez, Maria C.

Functional characterization of BjCET3 and BjCET4, two new cation-efflux transporters from Brassica juncea L.
Lang, Minglin; Hao, Mengyu; Fan, Qiangwang; Wang, Wei; Mo, Shaojing; Zhao, Weicheng; Zhou, Jie

Hydrogen sulphide enhances photosynthesis through promoting chloroplast biogenesis, photosynthetic enzyme expression, and thiol redox modification in Spinacia oleracea seedlings
Chen, Juan; Wu, Fei-Hua; Wang, Wen-Hua; Zheng, Chen-Juan; Lin, Guang-Hui; Dong, Xue-Jun; He, Jun-Xian; Pei, Zhen-Ming; Zheng, Hai-Lei

Brassinosteroids can regulate cellulose biosynthesis by controlling the expression of CESA genes in Arabidopsis
Xie, Liqiong; Yang, Cangjing; Wang, Xuelu

Dynamic trafficking of wheat -gliadin and of its structural domains in tobacco cells, studied with fluorescent protein fusions
Francin-Allami, Mathilde; Saumonneau, Amlie; Lavenant, Laurence; Bouder, Axelle; Sparkes, Imogen; Hawes, Chris; Popineau, Yves

Induced epidermal permeability modulates resistance and susceptibility of wheat seedlings to herbivory by Hessian fly larvae
Williams, Christie E.; Nemacheck, Jill A.; Shukle, John T.; Subramanyam, Subhashree; Saltzmann, Kurt D.; Shukle, Richard H.

Allelochemical stress inhibits growth, leaf water relations, PSII photochemistry, non-photochemical fluorescence quenching, and heat energy dissipation in three C3 perennial species
Hussain, M. Iftikhar; Reigosa, Manuel J.

Integrated functions among multiple starch synthases determine both amylopectin chain length and branch linkage location in Arabidopsis leaf starch
Szydlowski, Nicolas; Ragel, Paula; Hennen-Bierwagen, Tracie A.; Planchot, Vronique; Myers, Alan M.; Mrida, Angel; d'Hulst, Christophe; Wattebled, Fabrice

A mobile signal transported over a long distance induces systemic transcriptional gene silencing in a grafted partner
Bai, Songling; Kasai, Atsushi; Yamada, Kaori; Li, Tianzhong; Harada, Takeo

Overexpression of EVE1, a novel ubiquitin family protein, arrests inflorescence stem development in Arabidopsis
Hwang, Hyun-Ju; Kim, Hoyeun; Jeong, Young-Min; Choi, Monica Y.; Lee, So-Young; Kim, Sang-Gu

Effect of mechanical stress on Zea root apex. I. Mechanical stress leads to the switch from closed to open meristem organization
Potocka, Izabela; Szymanowska-Puka, Joanna; Karczewski, Jerzy; Nakielski, Jerzy

Reduced expression of a gene encoding a Golgi localized monosaccharide transporter (OsGMST1) confers hypersensitivity to salt in rice (Oryza sativa)
Cao, Hong; Guo, Siyi; Xu, Yunyuan; Jiang, Kun; Jones, Alan M.; Chong, Kang

S-Nitrosoglutathione reductase (GSNOR) mediates the biosynthesis of jasmonic acid and ethylene induced by feeding of the insect herbivore Manduca sexta and is important for jasmonate-elicited responses in Nicotiana attenuata
Wuensche, Hendrik; Baldwin, Ian T.; Wu, Jianqiang

Roles of xanthophylls and exogenous ABA in protection against NaCl-induced photodamage in rice (Oryza sativa L) and cabbage (Brassica campestris)
Zhu, Su-Qin; Chen, Ming-Wei; Ji, Ben-Hua; Jiao, De-Mao; Liang, Jian-Sheng

Equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (ENT1) is critical for pollen germination and vegetative growth in Arabidopsis
Bernard, Carsten; Traub, Michaela; Kunz, H-Henning; Hach, Stefanie; Trentmann, Oliver; Mhlmann, Torsten

Functional characterization of a class III acid endochitinase from the traps of the carnivorous pitcher plant genus, Nepenthes
Rottloff, Sandy; Stieber, Regina; Maischak, Heiko; Turini, Florian G.; Heubl, Gnther; Mithfer, Axel

Border sequences of Medicago truncatula CLE36 are specifically cleaved by endoproteases common to the extracellular fluids of Medicago and soybean
Djordjevic, Michael A.; Oakes, Marie; Wong, Chui E.; Singh, Mohan; Bhalla, Prem; Kusumawati, Lucia; Imin, Nijat

Role of HSP101 in the stimulation of nodal root development from the coleoptilar node by light and temperature in maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings
Lopez-Fras, Guillermo; Martnez, Luz Mara; Ponce, Georgina; Cassab, Gladys I.; Nieto-Sotelo, Jorge

BnHO1, a haem oxygenase-1 gene from Brassica napus, is required for salinity and osmotic stress-induced lateral root formation
Cao, Zeyu; Geng, Beibei; Xu, Sheng; Xuan, Wei; Nie, Li; Shen, Wenbiao; Liang, Yongchao; Guan, Rongzhan

In situ O2 dynamics in submerged Isoetes australis: varied leaf gas permeability influences underwater photosynthesis and internal O2
Pedersen, Ole; Pulido, Cristina; Rich, Sarah Meghan; Colmer, Timothy David


Journal of Experimental Botany - 62 (14), 2011


More than just a vulnerable pipeline: xylem physiology in the light of ion-mediated regulation of plant water transport
Nardini, Andrea; Salleo, Sebastiano; Jansen, Steven

Flower development in rice
Yoshida, Hitoshi; Nagato, Yasuo

Role of DREBs in regulation of abiotic stress responses in plants
Lata, Charu; Prasad, Manoj

Classes of programmed cell death in plants, compared to those in animals
van Doorn, Wouter G.

Identification and validation of rice reference proteins for western blotting
Li, Xiaoming; Bai, Hui; Wang, Xianyun; Li, Liyun; Cao, Yinghao; Wei, Jian; Liu, Yumeng; Liu, Lijuan; Gong, Xiaodong; Wu, Lin; Liu, Siqi; Liu, Guozhen

Molecular and genetic characterization of the gene family encoding the voltage-dependent anion channel in Arabidopsis
Tateda, Chika; Watanabe, Kanako; Kusano, Tomonobu; Takahashi, Yoshihiro

Global gene expression analysis of transgenic, mannitol-producing, and salt-tolerant Arabidopsis thaliana indicates widespread changes in abiotic and biotic stress-related genes
Chan, Zhulong; Grumet, Rebecca; Loescher, Wayne

PwHAP5, a CCAAT-binding transcription factor, interacts with PwFKBP12 and plays a role in pollen tube growth orientation in Picea wilsonii
Yu, Yanli; Li, Yanze; Huang, Guixue; Meng, Zhaodong; Zhang, Dun; Wei, Jing; Yan, Kang; Zheng, Chengchao; Zhang, Lingyun

Starch biosynthesis in rice endosperm requires the presence of either starch synthase I or IIIa
Fujita, Naoko; Satoh, Rui; Hayashi, Aki; Kodama, Momoko; Itoh, Rumiko; Aihara, Satomi; Nakamura, Yasunori

ZCN8 encodes a potential orthologue of Arabidopsis FT florigen that integrates both endogenous and photoperiod flowering signals in maize
Lazakis, Chlo M.; Coneva, Viktoriya; Colasanti, Joseph

The OsNRAMP1 iron transporter is involved in Cd accumulation in rice
Takahashi, Ryuichi; Ishimaru, Yasuhiro; Senoura, Takeshi; Shimo, Hugo; Ishikawa, Satoru; Arao, Tomohito; Nakanishi, Hiromi; Nishizawa, Naoko K.

Expression profiles of differentially regulated genes during the early stages of apple flower infection with Erwinia amylovora
Sarowar, Sujon; Zhao, Youfu; Soria-Guerra, Ruth Elena; Ali, Shahjahan; Zheng, Danman; Wang, Dongping; Korban, Schuyler S.

OsWRKY45 alleles play different roles in abscisic acid signalling and salt stress tolerance but similar roles in drought and cold tolerance in rice
Tao, Zeng; Kou, Yanjun; Liu, Hongbo; Li, Xianghua; Xiao, Jinghua; Wang, Shiping

Loss of ACS7 confers abiotic stress tolerance by modulating ABA sensitivity and accumulation in Arabidopsis
Dong, Hui; Zhen, Zhiqin; Peng, Jinying; Chang, Li; Gong, Qingqiu; Wang, Ning Ning

Wheat floret survival as related to pre-anthesis spike growth
Gonzlez, Fernanda G.; Miralles, Daniel J.; Slafer, Gustavo A.

Comparative study of the active cadmium efflux systems operating at the plasma membrane and tonoplast of cucumber root cells
Migocka, Magdalena; Papierniak, Anna; Kosatka, Ewelina; Kobus, Grażyna

Evidence for the involvement of the Arabidopsis SEC24A in male transmission
Conger, Renata; Chen, Yani; Fornaciari, Silvia; Faso, Carmen; Held, Michael A.; Renna, Luciana; Brandizzi, Federica

Impact of down-regulation of starch branching enzyme IIb in rice by artificial microRNA- and hairpin RNA-mediated RNA silencing
Butardo, Vito M.; Fitzgerald, Melissa A.; Bird, Anthony R.; Gidley, Michael J.; Flanagan, Bernadine M.; Larroque, Oscar; Resurreccion, Adoracion P.; Laidlaw, Hunter K. C.; Jobling, Stephen A.; Morell, Matthew K.; Rahman, Sadequr

Differential expression of the microRNAs in superior and inferior spikelets in rice (Oryza sativa)
Peng, Ting; Lv, Qiang; Zhang, Jing; Li, Junzhou; Du, Yanxiu; Zhao, Quanzhi

Exogenously-sourced ethylene increases stomatal conductance, photosynthesis, and growth under optimal and deficient nitrogen fertilization in mustard
Iqbal, Noushina; Nazar, Rahat; Syeed, Shabina; Masood, Asim; Khan, Nafees A.

Initial water deficit effects on Lupinus albus photosynthetic performance, carbon metabolism, and hormonal balance: metabolic reorganization prior to early stress responses
Pinheiro, Carla; Antnio, Carla; Ortuo, Maria Fernanda; Dobrev, Petre I.; Hartung, Wolfram; Thomas-Oates, Jane; Ricardo, Cndido Pinto; Vankov, Radomira; Chaves, M. Manuela; Wilson, Julie C.

Oilseed rape seeds with ablated defence cells of the glucosinolatemyrosinase system. Production and characteristics of double haploid MINELESS plants of Brassica napus L.
Ahuja, Ishita; Borgen, Birgit Hafeld; Hansen, Magnor; Honne, Bjrn Ivar; Mller, Caroline; Rohloff, Jens; Rossiter, John Trevor; Bones, Atle Magnar

CRFs form proteinprotein interactions with each other and with members of the cytokinin signalling pathway in Arabidopsis via the CRF domain
Cutcliffe, James W.; Hellmann, Eva; Heyl, Alexander; Rashotte, Aaron M.

DNA alteration and programmed cell death during ageing of sunflower seed
El-Maarouf-Bouteau, Hayat; Mazuy, Claire; Corbineau, Franoise; Bailly, Christophe

Is the 6 kDa tobacco etch viral protein a bona fide ERES marker?
Lerich, Alexander; Langhans, Markus; Sturm, Silke; Robinson, David G.

Functional interconnections of Arabidopsis exon junction complex proteins and genes at multiple steps of gene expression
Mufarrege, Eduardo F.; Gonzalez, Daniel H.; Curi, Graciela C.

Nitrogen nutrient status induces sexual differences in responses to cadmium in Populus yunnanensis
Chen, Lianghua; Han, Ying; Jiang, Hao; Korpelainen, Helena; Li, Chunyang

Genetic analysis of wheat domestication and evolution under domestication
Peleg, Zvi; Fahima, Tzion; Korol, Abraham B.; Abbo, Shahal; Saranga, Yehoshua

QUASIMODO 3 (QUA3) is a putative homogalacturonan methyltransferase regulating cell wall biosynthesis in Arabidopsis suspension-cultured cells
Miao, Yansong; Li, Hong-Ye; Shen, Jinbo; Wang, Junqi; Jiang, Liwen

FaPYR1 is involved in strawberry fruit ripening
Chai, Ye-mao; Jia, Hai-feng; Li, Chun-li; Dong, Qing-hua; Shen, Yuan-yue

Petal abscission in rose is associated with the differential expression of two ethylene-responsive xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase genes, RbXTH1 and RbXTH2
Singh, Amar Pal; Tripathi, Siddharth Kaushal; Nath, Pravendra; Sane, Aniruddha P.

A bHLH transcription factor, DvIVS, is involved in regulation of anthocyanin synthesis in dahlia (Dahlia variabilis)
Ohno, Sho; Hosokawa, Munetaka; Hoshino, Atsushi; Kitamura, Yoshikuni; Morita, Yasumasa; Park, Kyeung-II; Nakashima, Akiko; Deguchi, Ayumi; Tatsuzawa, Fumi; Doi, Motoaki; Iida, Shigeru; Yazawa, Susumu

Integration of physical and genetic maps in apple confirms whole-genome and segmental duplications in the apple genome
Han, Yuepeng; Zheng, Danman; Vimolmangkang, Sornkanok; Khan, Muhammad A.; Beever, Jonathan E.; Korban, Schuyler S.

Members of the gibberellin receptor gene family GID1 (GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF1) play distinct roles during Lepidium sativum and Arabidopsis thaliana seed germination
Voegele, Antje; Linkies, Ada; Mller, Kerstin; Leubner-Metzger, Gerhard

Ligand-binding properties and subcellular localization of maize cytokinin receptors
Lomin, Sergey N.; Yonekura-Sakakibara, Keiko; Romanov, Georgy A.; Sakakibara, Hitoshi

Arabidopsis CSLD1 and CSLD4 are required for cellulose deposition and normal growth of pollen tubes
Wang, Wei; Wang, Li; Chen, Chen; Xiong, Guangyan; Tan, Xiao-Yun; Yang, Ke-Zhen; Wang, Zi-Chen; Zhou, Yihua; Ye, De; Chen, Li-Qun

The glycolytic enzyme, phosphoglycerate mutase, has critical roles in stomatal movement, vegetative growth, and pollen production in Arabidopsis thaliana
Zhao, Zhixin; Assmann, Sarah M.

Cloning and molecular characterization of a mitogen-activated protein kinase gene from Poncirus trifoliata whose ectopic expression confers dehydration/drought tolerance in transgenic tobacco
Huang, Xiao-San; Luo, Tao; Fu, Xing-Zheng; Fan, Qi-Jun; Liu, Ji-Hong

The Mediterranean evergreen Quercus ilex and the semi-deciduous Cistus albidus differ in their leaf gas exchange regulation and acclimation to repeated drought and re-watering cycles
Galle, Alexander; Florez-Sarasa, Igor; Aououad, Hanan El; Flexas, Jaume

The barley amo1 locus is tightly linked to the starch synthase IIIa gene and negatively regulates expression of granule-bound starch synthetic genes
Li, Zhongyi; Li, Dehong; Du, Xihua; Wang, Hong; Larroque, Oscar; Jenkins, Colin L. D.; Jobling, Stephen A.; Morell, Matthew K.


Journal of Experimental Botany - 62 (15), 2011


Feeding nine billion: the challenge to sustainable crop production
Gregory, Peter J.; George, Timothy S.

Genetic and management approaches to boost UK wheat yields by ameliorating water deficits
Dodd, Ian C.; Whalley, W. R.; Ober, Eric S.; Parry, M. A. J.

The cytoskeleton in plasmodesmata: a role in intercellular transport?
White, Rosemary G.; Barton, Deborah A.

Pollen and seed desiccation tolerance in relation to degree of developmental arrest, dispersal, and survival
Franchi, G. G.; Piotto, B.; Nepi, M.; Baskin, C. C.; Baskin, J. M.; Pacini, E.

Deciphering the developmental plasticity of walnut saplings in relation to climatic factors and light environment
Taugourdeau, Olivier; Chaubert-Pereira, Florence; Sabatier, Sylvie; Gudon, Yann

A proteomic analysis of the chromoplasts isolated from sweet orange fruits [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck]
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Protein accumulation in leaves and roots associated with improved drought tolerance in creeping bentgrass expressing an ipt gene for cytokinin synthesis
Merewitz, Emily B.; Gianfagna, Thomas; Huang, Bingru

Mesophyll conductance to CO2, assessed from online TDL-AS records of 13CO2 discrimination, displays small but significant short-term responses to CO2 and irradiance in Eucalyptus seedlings
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Structural and biochemical characterization of the C3C4 intermediate Brassica gravinae and relatives, with particular reference to cellular distribution of Rubisco
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Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in cherry (Prunus avium L.) fruit during development
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Label-free shotgun proteomics and metabolite analysis reveal a significant metabolic shift during citrus fruit development
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Temperature rather than photoperiod controls growth cessation and dormancy in Sorbus species
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Distribution of naphthoquinones, plumbagin, droserone, and 5-O-methyl droserone in chitin-induced and uninduced Nepenthes khasiana: molecular events in prey capture
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Effects of abscisic acid on ethylene biosynthesis and perception in Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. flower development
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Co-expression of Pennisetum glaucum vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter and Arabidopsis H+-pyrophosphatase enhances salt tolerance in transgenic tomato
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Characterization of a dual-affinity nitrate transporter MtNRT1.3 in the model legume Medicago truncatula
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Lignin metabolism has a central role in the resistance of cotton to the wilt fungus Verticillium dahliae as revealed by RNA-Seq-dependent transcriptional analysis and histochemistry
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Pyrimidine degradation influences germination seedling growth and production of Arabidopsis seeds
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Flowering time variation in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) is associated with allelic variation in the FRIGIDA homologue BnaA.FRI.a
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VpRFP1, a novel C4C4-type RING finger protein gene from Chinese wild Vitis pseudoreticulata, functions as a transcriptional activator in defence response of grapevine
Yu, Yihe; Xu, Weirong; Wang, Shengyi; Xu, Yan; Li, Hui'e; Wang, Yuejin; Li, Shuxiu

The Arabidopsis sn-1-specific mitochondrial acylhydrolase AtDLAH is positively correlated with seed viability
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Acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase regulates the mevalonate pathway during abiotic stress adaptation
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Corrigenda for Adams and Turner (2010) J. Exp Bot 61: 43734386
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