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Pakistan Journal of Botany - 41 (4), 2009

Contents [Volume 41, Number 4, August, 2009]:

1. Obituary – Dr. Abdul Kafi
Abdul Ghaffar

2. Pollen flora of Pakistan – LXII: Saxifragaceae
Anjum Perveen and M. Qaiser

3. Pollen morphology of rare taxa Laggera alata and its related species Pluchea lanceolata of tribe plucheeae (Asteraceae)
Akbar Ali Meo and Mir Ajab Khan

4. Comparative morphological and phytochemical characterization of Salvia cadmica and S. smyrnaea
Kemal Hüsnü Can Başer, Betül Demirci, Mine Kürkçüoglu, Fatih Satil and Gülendam Tümen

5. The seed atlas of Pakistan-I. Aizoaceae
Durdana Kanwal, Rubina Abid and M. Qaiser

6. Folklore uses of Amaranthaceae family from Nara desert, Pakistan
Rahmatullah Qureshi and G.R. Bhatti

7. Established forms of Fritillaria imperialis L. - A naturally growing species in Turkey
Şevket Alp, Neşet Arslan and Mehmet Koyuncu

8. A molecular phylogenetic study of red buds (Cercis L., Fabaceae) based on its nrDNA sequences
Fatih Coşkun and Clifford R. Parks

9. A molecular phylogeny of Cercis L., (Fabaceae) using the chloroplast trnL-F DNA sequences
Fatih Coşkun and Clifford R. Parks

10. Altitudinal variation in the content of protein, proline, sugar and abscisic acid (ABA) in the alpine herbs from Hunza valley, Pakistan
Asghari Bano, Abdul Rehman and Matthias Winiger

11. Availability of nutritional minerals (cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc) in pastures of central Punjab for farm livestock
Zafar Iqbal Khan, Muhammad Ashraf, Nazir Ahmad, Kafeel Ahmad and Ehsan Elahi Valeem

12. Effects of kanamycin on growth and development of Arabidopsis thaliana seedling, cotyledon and leaf
Hongying Duan, Xiaosheng Ding, Jianying Song, Zhikun Duan, Yanqing Zhou and Chune Zhou

13. Effect of encapsulated calcium carbide on growth, yield and n use efficiency of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Muhammad Yaseen, Syed Azher Hussain, Saif-ur-Rehman Kashif and Muhammad Arshad

14. Development of genetic linkage map of leaf hairiness in Gossypium hirsutum (cotton) using molecular markers
Iftikhar Ali, Abida Kausar, Mehboob-ur-Rehman, Yusuf Zafar, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Ashraf, Sana Riaz, Sara Zafar, Abdul Wahid, Sobia Maqsood, Mubashir Niaz and Syed Qaiser Abbas

15. Growth potential of two species of basil in sandy soil of Karachi
Kanwal Nazim, Moinuddin Ahmed and Muhammad Uzair Khan

16. Callus induction and regeneration in elite sugarcane cultivar HSF-240
Hamid Rashid, Sabaz Ali Khan, Muhammad Zia, M. Fayyaz Chaudhary, Z. Hanif and Zubeda Chaudary

17. Effect of cytokinins on shoot multiplication in three elite sugarcane varieties
Sabaz Ali Khan, Hamid Rashid, M. Fayyaz Chaudhary, Zubeda Chaudhry, Zarrin Fatima, Sadar Uddin Siddiqui and Muhammad Zia

18. Effect of industrial waste on seed bank and growth of wild plants in Dhabeji area, Karachi, Pakistan
Muhammad Uzair, Moinuddin Ahmed and Kanwal Nazim

19.In vitro regeneration of ginger using leaf, shoot tip and root explants
Afruza Sultana, Lutful Hassan, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmad, A.H. Shah, Farhat Batool, M.A. Islam, R. Rahman and S. Moonmoon

20. Possible allelopathic effects of three different weeds on germination and growth of maize (Zea mays) cultivars
Nasira Jabeen and Moinuddin Ahmed

21. Reproductive allocation of Corispermum elongatum in two typical sandy habitats
Yu-Hui He,? Ha-Lin Zhao, Xin-Ping Liu, Xue-Yong Zhao, Tong-Hui Zhang and Sam Drake

22. Genetic variability and heritability in upland cotton
Naqib Ullah Khan, Gul Hassan, Khan Bahadar Marwat, Farhatullah, Sundus Batool, Khadijah Makhdoom, Imtiaz Khan, Ijaz Ahmad Khan and Waqas Ahmad

23. Eco-morphic variation for salt tolerance in some grasses from Cholistan desert, Pakistan
Nargis Naz, Mansoor Hameed, Muhammad Ashraf, Rashid Ahmad and Muhammad Arshad

24. Effect of water stress on yield and yield components of semi-dwarf bread wheat (Triticum aestivum, L.)
Mahboob Ali Sial, M.U. Dahot, M.A. Arain, Ghulam Sarwar Markhand, S.M. Mangrio, Mazhar H. Naqvi, Khalil A Laghari and Ameer Ahmed Mirbahar

25. Multivariate analysis of selected roadside plants (Dalbergia sissoo and Cannabis sativa) for lead pollution monitoring
Huma Pirzada, Sheikh Saeed Ahmad, Audil Rashid and Tahir Shah

26. Biological screening of different root extracts of Euphorbia wallichii
Irshad Ali, Rubina Naz, Wahib Noor Khan, Rukhsana Gul and M. Iqbal Choudhary

27. Fourier transform infrared spectometry study on early stage of cadmium stress in clover leaves
Z.L.Wei, L. Dong and Z.H. Tian

28. Avoidance of sodium accumulation in the shoot confers tolerance to salt stress in cultivated barley
Hee Sun Kook, Tae Il Park, Amana Khatoon, Shafiq Rehman and Song Joong Yun

29. Genetic diversity of indigenous fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) germplasm in Pakistan assessed by RAPD markers
N.Y. Zahid, N.A. Abbasi, I.A. Hafiz and Z. Ahmad

30. Combining ability and heterosis for yield contributing traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Saifullah Abro, M.M. Kandhro, S. Laghari, M.A. Arain and Z.A. Deho

31. Interactive effect of genotype and environment on the paddy yield in Sindh province
M.A. Asad, H.R. Bughio, I.A. Odhano, M.A. Arain and M.S. Bughio

32. In vitro shoot proliferation competence of apple rootstocks M. 9 and M. 26 on different carbon sources
Mehwish Yaseen, Touqeer Ahmed, Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi and Ishfaq Ahmed Hafiz

33. Evaluation of different growth and physiological traits as indices of salt tolerance in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Khurram Ziaf, Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Aslam Pervez, Qumer Iqbal, Ishtiaq Ahmad Rajwana and Muhammad Ayyub

34. Effect of Thidiazuron (TDZ) on in vitro micropropagation of Solanum tuberosum L. cvs. Desiree and Cardinal
Zahoor Ahmad Sajid and Faheem Aftab

35. Combining ability studies for physiological and grain yield traits in maize at two temperature regimes
Muhammad Akbar, Muhammad Saleem, M. Yasin Ashraf, Amer Husain, F.M. Azhar and Rashid Ahmad

36. Effect of short-term exposure to two different carbon dioxide concentrations on growth and some biochemical parameters of edible beans (Vigna radiata and Vigna unguiculata)
Neelofer Hamid, Faiza Jawaid and Deenaz Amin

37. Relationships between sodium ion accumulation and physiological characteristics in rice (Oryza sativa L. spp. indica) seedlings grown under iso-osmotic salinity stress
Kongake Siringam, Niran Juntawong, Suriyan Cha-um and Chalermpol Kirdmanee

38. Water retention ratios of mulching material consisting primarily of pine bark over different soil types
Zeki Demir, Oktay Yildiz and Bülent Toprak

39. Growth analysis of kochia (Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad) irrigated with saline water in summer cropping
Masoume Salehi, Mohammad Kafi and Alireza Kiani

40. Effect of nickel on seed germinability of some elite sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cultivars
Muhammad Sajid Aqeel Ahmad, Mumtaz Hussain, Muhammad Ashraf, Rashid Ahmad and Muhammad Yasin Ashraf

41. Genotype x environment interaction for seed yield in Kabuli chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes developed through mutation breeding
Babar Manzoor Atta, Tariq Mahmud Shah, Ghulam Abbas and Muhammad Ahsanul Haq

42. Effects of different mulch materials on plant growth, some quality parameters and yield in melon (Cucumis melo L.) cultivars in high altitude environmental condition
Melek Ekinci and Atilla Dursun

43. Limnological study of Baghsar lake district Bhimber Azad Kashmir
M.Y. Khuhawar, M. Aslam Mirza, S.M. Leghari and Rafee Arain

44. Occurrence of the genus Bachelotia (Ectocarpales, Phaeophycota) in the coastal waters of Pakistan
K. Aisha and Mustafa Shameel

45. Anatomical studies on Colpomenia sinuosa (Phaeophycota) from Karachi coast of Pakistan
Alia Abbas and Mustafa Shameel

46. Seaweed as a new source of flavone, scutellarein 4'-methyl ether
H. Sabina and R. Aliya

47. Virus indexation of In vitro regenerated sugarcane plants
Shagufta Naz, Fayyaz Ahmad Siddiqui, Aamir Ali and Javed Iqbal

48. Antifungal activities of Vitex negundo Linn.
Shaukat Mahmud, Huma Shareef, Umbreen Farrukh, Arfa Kamil and Ghazala H. Rizwani

49. Screening of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) induced mutants against Fusarium wilt
Tariq Mahmud Shah, Babar Manzoor Atta, Javed Iqbal Mirza and Muhammad Ahsanul Haq

50. Virulence analysis of Puccinia triticinia cause of leaf rust of wheat
A.R. Rattu, I. Ahmad, M. Fayyaz, M. A. Akhtar, Irfan-ul-Haque, M. Zakria and Syed Nadeem Afzal

51. Role of temperature, moisture and Trichoderma species on the survival of Fusarium oxysporum ciceri in the rainfed areas of Pakistan
M. Inam-ul-Haq, N. Javed, M. Ahsan Khan, M.J. Jaskani, M.M. Khan, H.U. Khan, G. Irshad and S.R. Gowen

52. Some studies on vertical profile of air borne mycoflora of Lahore
Asad Shabbir, Fatima Ahmed and Mohammad Osman Yousaf

53. Analysis of pesticides residues of Rawal and Simly lakes
Shazia Iram, Iftikhar Ahmad, Karam Ahad, Ashiq Muhammad and Sobia Anjum

54. In vitro screening of synthetic hexaploid wheat lines against Bipolaris sorokiniana in Pakistan
Shamim Iftikhar, Shahzad Asad, Abdul Mujeeb Kazi and Iftikhar Ahmad

55. Epidemic outbreaks of stripe rust caused by Puccinia striiformis on natural population of Lolium perenne in Turkey
H. Kavak

56. The ethnobotany of Chitral valley, Pakistan with particular reference to medicinal plants
Haidar Ali And M. Qaiser

57. Optimized selection and regeneration conditions for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of chickpea cotyledonary nodes
M.T. Öz, F. Eyidogan, M. Yücel and H.A. Öktem

58. Split role of plasmid genes in the degradation of chlorpyrifos by indigenously isolated Pseudomonas putida MAS-1
Munazza Ajaz, Nusrat Jabeen, Tasneem Adam Ali and Sheikh Ajaz Rasool

59. A novel DNA sequence of Bacillus thuringiensis d-endotoxin receptor in Helicoverpa armigera
Kausar Malik and Sheikh Riazuddin

60. Antimicrobial activities of extracts of some plants
Sevda Kirbag, Fikriye Zengin and Murat Kursat



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