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Castanea - 74 (4), 2009

Contents [Volume 74, Issue 4, 2009]:

President's Message
Conley K. McMullen

Vegetation Structure of Field Margins and Adjacent Forests in Agricultural Landscapes of the North Carolina Piedmont
J. D. Fridley, A. R. Senft, and R. K. Peet

Variation in Soil and Forest Floor Characteristics Along Gradients of Ericaceous, Evergreen Shrub Cover in the Southern Appalachians
Jonathan L. Horton, Barton D. Clinton, John F. Walker, Colin M. Beier, and Erik T. Nilsen

Dictyostelid Cellular Slime Molds of Arkansas
John C. Landolt, Steven L. Stephenson, and Adam W. Rollins

Extrafloral Nectaries in Kudzu, Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr., and Groundnut, Apios americana Medicus (Fabaceae)
Alan W. Harvey

Water Dispersal Potential of Fruits of Dirca palustris L. (Thymeleaceae)
Charles E. Williams

John Lawson's Plant Collections from North Carolina 1710–1711
Vincent Bellis

The Vascular Flora of Ledges State Park (Boone County, Iowa) Revisited: Revelations and Recommendations
Jimmie D. Thompson, William R. Norris, and Deborah Q. Lewis

Bupleurum gerardii All. (Apiaceae), an Addition to the North American Flora, With Comments on the Treatment of Aliens in Floras
Susana S. Neves, Alan S. Weakley, and Patricia B. Cox

Evan Collins and Joey Shaw

Daniel Boone and Edward W. Chester

George P. Johnson, Theo Witsell, Mark Clark, and Douglas Zollner

Brian R. Keener

Alvin R. Diamond and Michael Woods

Bee Pollination in Agricultural Ecosystems
Tammy Horn


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