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South African Journal of Botany - 75 (4), 2009

Contents [Volume 75, Issue 4, 2009]:

Editorial Board

Tribute to Prof. Johannes van Staden: in honour of his 70th birthday, 12 October 2009

Advances in the pollination biology of South African plants
Steven D. Johnson, John C. Manning, Anton Pauw

Pollination and breeding systems of selected wildflowers in a southern African grassland community
S.D. Johnson, L. Fabienne Harris, Ş. Procheş

Pollination of Plectranthus spp. (Lamiaceae) with sigmoid flowers in southern Africa
C.J. Potgieter, T.J. Edwards, J. Van Staden

The importance of flower visitors not predicted by floral syndromes
D.G. de Merxem, B. Borremans, M.L. de Jäger, T. Johnson, M. Jooste, P. Ros, R.D. Zenni, A.G. Ellis, B. Anderson

Appearances can be deceiving: Pollination in two sympatric winter-flowering Aloe species
C.T. Symes, H. Human, S.W. Nicolson

New evidence for bee-pollination systems in Aloe (Asphodelaceae: Aloideae), a predominantly bird-pollinated genus
C. Botes, P.D. Wragg, S.D. Johnson

Insect pollination in the African cycad Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi Lehm
T.N. Suinyuy, J.S. Donaldson, S.D. Johnson

New records of insect pollinators for South African asclepiads (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae)
A. Shuttleworth, S.D. Johnson

Hyper-specialization for long-billed bird pollination in a guild of South African plants: the Malachite Sunbird pollination syndrome
S. Geerts, A. Pauw

Pollination of the red hot poker Kniphofia caulescens by short-billed opportunistic avian nectarivores
M. Brown, C.T. Downs, S.D. Johnson

Mice pollinate the Pagoda Lily, Whiteheadia bifolia (Hyacinthaceae) — First field observations with photographic documentation of rodent pollination in South Africa
P. Wester, R. Stanway, A. Pauw

Rodent pollination in Protea nana
A. Biccard, J.J. Midgley

Patterns of diversity, endemism and distribution of bees (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Anthophila) in southern Africa
M. Kuhlmann

Variation in seed set amongst populations of a rodent pollinated geophyte, Colchicum coloratum
C. Kleizen, J.J. Midgley, S.D. Johnson

Confirmation of hawkmoth pollination in Habenaria epipactidea: Leg placement of pollinaria and crepuscular scent emission
C.I. Peter, G. Coombs, C.F. Huchzermeyer, N. Venter, A.C. Winkler, D. Hutton, L.A. Papier, A.P. Dold, S.D. Johnson

Do floral traits of Strelitzia reginae limit nectar theft by sunbirds?
G. Coombs, C.I. Peter

Preliminary evidence that the long-proboscid fly, Philoliche gulosa, pollinates Disa karooica and its proposed Batesian model Pelargonium stipulaceum
J.K. Combs, A. Pauw

Pollination by flower chafer beetles in Eulophia ensata and Eulophia welwitschii (Orchidaceae)
C.I. Peter, S.D. Johnson

Specificity of the signal emitted by figs to attract their pollinating wasps: Comparison of volatile organic compounds emitted by receptive syconia of Ficus sur and F. sycomorus in Southern Africa
M. Proffit, S.D. Johnson

Heterostyly and pollinators in Plumbago auriculata (Plumbaginaceae)
V. Ferrero, C. de Vega, G.I. Stafford, J. Van Staden, S.D. Johnson

A quantitative evaluation of the distylous syndrome in Sebaea grandis (Gentianaceae)
L.M. Wolfe, P.H. Massinga, S.D. Johnson

Autonomous self-pollination and pseudo-fruit set in South African species of Eulophia (Orchidaceae)
C.I. Peter, S.D. Johnson

Yeasts in floral nectar of some South African plants: Quantification and associations with pollinator type and sugar concentration
Clara de Vega, C.M. Herrera, S.D. Johnson

Anther-smut fungal infection of South African Oxalis species: Spatial distribution patterns and impacts on host fecundity
H.R. Curran, F. Roets, L.L. Dreyer

Field Guide to the Orchids of northern South Africa and Swaziland, 2008, Douglas McMurtry, Lourens Grobler, Jolisa Grobler and Shane Burns, Umdaus Press, Pretoria, Price: R340,00 Soft cover, 484 pages, full colour throughout, ISBN: 1-919766-46-4, Website:
J.C. Manning


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